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Mid - Late
August 2023


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Collections, Lots, Packets & Mixtures

CMAU1) SG Album of GB fresh MUH 1971 to late 80s. Values to £2. Stanley Gibbons black leathergrain stock album, (Retail $50) with nice range of GB Decimal collection Post Office fresh and formed in the UK as New Issues. The FACE VALUE alone is over £300 = close to $A600, and I'd guess SG Cat is over £1,000=$A2,000. Quite a few of the GB REGIONAL Machins in corner block 6 MUH inc. some control blocks etc. These are cat often 5 or 6 times FACE value, as they were overlooked at the time, and are always very saleable, especially as matched blocks for the Regions, in the same face value. Stuffed in pretty tight and no chance for you to see them all that that easily, as many hidden - Many of these are cat TEN times face! Commences early Decimal issues right from the first issue, Most of the early Decimals sets are also cat many times face in SG. Clean, fresh and attractive lot, at not much above face value and at around a third of catalogue. Even less when you factor in our generous discounts! Must be 1000 plus stamps. Price $749

CMAU2) Two Hagners of GB 1880’s on piece, with full duplex postmarks. Mostly 6d Grey-Brown with large coloured corner letters. Also 6d on 6d overprint x 2 one with the ”Slanting dots” variety cat. from £450! and some 3d Rose in pairs. Mainly London NW, SW different types, also Brighton & Brixton. Huge catalogue of £3400 plus as simply used stamps. Great research material, 36 pieces, 39 stamps in all. Priced at around 10% of catalogue for the stamps alone. Price $675

CMMY10) Papua New Guinea FDC collection 1958 – 76, mostly  official un-addressed, plus some Pope John Paul II covers. Housed in 2 bulging red Gibbons Pioneer Cover Albums. Spotted many better inc. 1961 Legislative Council, 1964 Birds Defins. to 10/-  plus 1966 Butterflies Defins., Shells & Panorama Defins. Looks compete for the period. Very clean and attractive lot. 114 items all up, has to be worth well over $2 each, price $225

CMMY12) Australis Post’s fabulous collections of die proofs, posthumously reproduced from the original plates and presented in lavishly illustrated albums with interleaving, brass corners and slipcases. This is the first lot for these we have handled as a complete group for a decade or more! About 80 in all, these are each fully listed in the Specialist Catalogues for $20 to $30 each and often sell for more than this for the more popular stamps. So around $2000 catalogue value here not including the lavish albums. As a group we can offer these at well under a half,  $875

WWF1) Australia World Wildlife Fund Collection including 1998 Birds, 2006 Whales, 2009 Dolphins and 2011 Mammals in a WWF padded black stockbook with matching slipcase. Each set includes stamps, m/sheets, FDCs and fact sheets. Price $200

WWF2) Australian Antarctic Territory World Wildlife Fund Collection including 2001 Leopard Seals & 2007 Royal Penguins in a WWF padded black stockbook with matching slipcase. Each set includes stamps, m/sheets, FDCs and fact sheets. Price $150

CMF1) Germany 2000 – 2014 FDC collection mainly official un- addresssed, very clean and almost impossible to source era. 60 different, many of these sell individually at $5 - $8 each. Price under $3 each, $179

CMF2) East Germany stack of Maximum Cards, with stamps affixed, and special cancels. All very clean un-addressed with many full sets, and nearly all nice thematics. 93 here, mainly all different. Retail at around $20 for a set of 4. These are mid to late 1980’s towards the end of the Soviet Block era. Well priced at $3 each, $279

CMF3) Canada 1976 Montreal Olympics, set of official un-addressed covers, each for a different event, stored in heavy duty cover pages. 24 in all, each with own envelope. Cheap lot for an Olympics fan. $69

CMF6) Australia 1988 Expo, official collection of Pavilion Postmark Covers in near new black folder on 14 double sided Hagners, alone cost $65. 31 covers, 1 aerogramme  & 6 postcards. Seldom seen. Price $115

CMF7) Australia 1966 – 87 in dark blue “Royal” springback album on leaves, near complete mostly fine used, some mint. Includes 1970 Cook Minisheet & 1971 Xmas block of 7 both mint & used, plus 100’s more. Previous well known dealer had price at $130. Very cheap at $97.50
CMF8) Australia 1913 – 1970 in small blue stockbook, mostly fine used, a few mint unhinged. Noted Kangaroos x 32 to 5/-, KGV Heads x 50  to 5d inc. 1913 1d engraved both mint & used, 1d Red Die II Smooth paper, 1d Green no watermark perf OS, 1/- Vic. Cent perf. 11.5 fine used, 1/- Anzac fine used, Arms set to £2 fine used, Navigators 10/- & £1 and 5/- Cattle in both cream & white papers, also fine used. About 550 all up and appears nearly all different. A great buy at 90c per stamp. $495

CMF14) BMA 1947/48 ovpt. on Straits Settlements small covers from 31st Company Royal Engineers Captain to his parents in Sussex. Various frankings inc. multiples of 2c 3c, 6c, & 10c. Also one unstamped sent from Kirkee, India. These are not easy to find nowadays, and this group could certainly make the start of a collection or display. 9 covers, price $135

CMF16) Australia & AAT 1994 – end of 1999 Complete MUH in New Seven Seas Dark Blue Hingeless Album with matching Slipcase. Includes all mint sets, gutter pairs, Peel & Stick, Framas & Minisheets as issued and includes the scarce AAT Whales & Dolphin ovpt. Singapore& Capex together retail $100 plus. The retail for the entire collection is $225 for the AAT plus  $1215 for the Australia. The very nice New Album and Slipcase is an additional $295, so a total retail value here of $1735. Our price saves you $460, at $1275

CMF19) Germany earlier on paper mix, late 1940’s – about 1970 with a few later. Includes Allied occupation issues & West Germany. Many better noted inc. Posthorns to 90pf, Pres. Heuss to 2dm, Mona Lisa marginal block of 4 etc, etc. 1500 to 2000 here, weighing 400g. Total unpicked, from retired school teacher. Around 15c a stamp, price $259

CMF20) Germany, West. Off paper mixture mostly large commems, values to 3DM, mostly 1960’s to 2000. Very wide ranging colourful lot. About 10,000 to the kg. Around 6c per stamp. Price per 100g $69, 250g $159, 500g $295

CMF22) Germany mostly West & a few Berlin off paper 1950’s to around 2007 Mixture of large & small. About 15,000 per kg. Around 2c per stamp! 100g for $29.50, 250g $69, 500g $129

CMF23) Hong Kong amazing on paper mix from parcels & letters  to the UK, very modern, noted up to 2020 issues here. Mostly large commems. in blocks of 4, minisheets and sheetlets, with many top values. Usages appear to be from 2013 right through to mid. 2022 all well trimmed and mainly on light weight white single paper, some on thin card. You will never see this again!  Remember the old Bank Packets sold in the 1950’s and ‘60s? Well this is it! A sample 100 grams yielded 260 stamps. Not a lot of duplication either. If there is anyone who is not THRILLED I will be amazed! Absolute money back guarantee on this lot. Priced from around 40c per stamp, per 100g $129, per 250g $295, per 500g $579, per kg $1100.

CMN5) Australia Decimals used, 1983 – 1986 duplicated dealer stock in bulging near new European Black 48 black page stockbook, alone worth $80 new. Many better inc. booklet stamps, Framas etc. 2000 plus stamps, all appear clean many with light cancels. Under 10c each plus the very nice stockbook is free! Many complete sets here.  $179 the lot.

CMN11) Papua New Guinea dealer stock of complete sets mint unhinged 1966 – 1983 mostly 5 of each in date order contained in Burgundy “Alligator” Leatherbound 64 page stockbook weighing in at near 2kg. Includes many definitive sets like Shells, Panorama, Head Dresses etc. Probably 300 plus sets here, retail would be huge! Originally priced at $675, our knockdown price $435

CMN13) Worldwide Balloon flown covers & cards. Amazing collection of 130 flown covers & cards, 1965 -1995. Most of these sell for $5 to $10 each maybe more. Some are pilot signed. Very clean lot, some minor duplication of a few items, no more than 3of each. Countries include New Zealand, France, Czechoslovakia, Aitutaki, GB, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, USA, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Jersey and Vietnam. Wide variety of cachets & frankings. Very cheap at under $3.75 per item. Take what you want and sell off the rest!  $485

CMN14) Poland Cycling covers, nice early lot 1949 – 1971. These are Peace Cycle Race covers x 55 mostly all different a couple of East Germany included. Also includes the very scarce unaddressed FDC for the 1948 Cycling set. Most of these will sell around $5 to $10 each, very cheap at under $3.75 apiece. $199

CMN16) Channel Islands and Isle of Man, 75 different mint unhinged sets for $159, or choose 25 different sets of Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of man for $49.

CMN17) Australia 25 different complete mint unhinged issues, all pre-decimal. Includes values to 2/3d. Great starter lot, Price $49

CMN20) Brisbane Lions Club Christmas Seals, 8 different mint sheets of 20 or 25 issued 1984 – 1991. Very colourful, and even good to use today on parcels and presents. We sell these individually at $10 each, but as a lot under half price $39, 5 lots for $175.

CMAU1) AUSTRALIA, AAT, COCOS, XMAS IS  a rather large 6 volume collection of FDC’s covering the period—AAT 1979-2013, Xmas Island 1996-2013, Cocos 2011-2013—some base cancels AAT, the lot contains Mini sheets, sheetlets. Australia covers the period 1994 -2013 plus some earlier issues starting 1971 Xmas. Housed beautifully mostly on very expensive Vario pages and in ring binders—includes peel and stick issues, miniature sheets, Internationals—looks most comprehensive if not complete for the periods mentioned.  The face value alone for the 6 large folders is almost $1,950 and for anyone who is prepared to even soak the stamps off the covers (which are in fact perfect!) still a bargain lot and also brilliant for a reseller. 600 + + covers for just $1625

CMY14) CANADA: PRIVATE COURIER STAMPS & LOCAL: 1960s-1990s in mostly unused assortment in Lighthouse Vario Pages inc. many Juan De Fuca Despatch 1965-1987 issues, all with specialised catalogue references, many issues in sheetlets or strips, also 1981-89 'British Columbia/Private Courier' issues, plus Canada Strike post, Kaulbach Island and Winnipeg-Pembina Courier emissions etc. etc. Suit specialist or re-seller. 750 or so. Very cheap at around $1 per stamp. $749

CMF3) French Polynesia, 1954 – 2000 Complete Mint Unhinged on as new Lighthouse hingeless pages in Burgundy Album & slipcase. (1st two pages are lightly hinged) Album alone cost $500 plus! Retail of stamps approx. $3400. $3900 replacement value here for just $2575.
CMF5) British Commonwealth Minisheets, mint unhinged. All different inc. some better countries like Australia, Great Britain, Channel islands, Malaysia, Pitcairn Is., Norfolk Is., Papua New Guinea, South Africa, South West Africa etc. 25 different for $49, 50 different with great variety for $119.
CMF8) New Zealand used collections 1900 to 1980 x 2 in Tasman & Seven Seas both only partially filled, would be good to combine. Good degree of completion in KGVI & QEII pre-decimals. Noted £1 Magenta Geyser horizontal pair, $2 Multicoloured Geyser very fine used. Many 100s, price $195
CEN1) French Colonies pre-independence issues. Collection of 500 different mint & postally used with a brand new $52 Prinz Dark Blue 32 black page stockbook. Very hard to fine nowadays. Price $325

CMJ12) Australia Yearbook: 1987/88 Bicentennial edition with grey cover (Sydney retail listed price $325) Not in stock anywhere. We rarely see these, maybe 1 every 5 years. Price $375.
CMJL18) Worldwide Junk lots, anything could be tossed in here, schoolboy collections, album leaves, Hagners of stamps, stamps on and off paper, odd packets, first day covers, modern new issues, accessories, outdated catalogues, our own incoming mail etc. any or all of this could be in there. Really do not know what you might get!  Not really that bad, but too small to list as individual lots. 1kg for $95, 2 kg for $179, 5kg for $395.
CMJL20) India FDC's as above, smaller lot of 40 going to 1977 for $29.
CMAP4) Australia High Values, both commems. & defins. Build your collection for under 50c per stamp. Fine used most with cds cancels. Pre-Decimal to £2, Decimal to $10 or $20. All above letter rate at time of issue. 100 different for $49
CMAP5) Australia High Values, both commems. & defins. Decimals only. Fine used most with cds cancels. Values to $10 or $20. All above letter rate at time of issue. Only values $1 and above. $400 face value for $49, expect duplication 2 to 5 of each.
CEJ1) World cover accumulation predominantly 1970s-2000s some earlier including 1930’s flight cover, Ross Dependency 1959 Scott Base illustrated and 1963 regal visit covers, Christmas is 1959 set on FDC; Also, Australia pre-decimal FDCS (foxing), special event covers, and other FDCS from AAT, NZ and PNG; few stamps seen incl. MUH NZ Health M/S. Great lot for re-seller/eBayer etc. All housed in 13 as new/near new quality FDC albums Inc. Lighthouse, Gibbons, Lindner. Cost of albums alone to buy now around $325 (many 100s of covers) Price $449
CEJ2) Australia - first day & commemorative covers: 1970S- early 2000S FDCS array in kiwi fruit carton, ALL appear unaddressed, many of the 1990s-2000s covers still in their Australia Post display packs, a few internationals also a few PSES; generally, very fine. (FEW 100s) Great re-seller lot. Price $285
CEJ3) Australia - first day & commemorative covers: 1970S-2000S decimal array with earlies including 1971 Christmas 7c BLOCK OF 7, plus many others early sets on non-generic APO covers; noughties era with M/S to $10, sheetlets etc, all in very fine unaddressed condition. Huge retail potential! (About 1250) very cheap at around 50 cents each. Price $645
CEJ4) Australia. Deceased New Issue Dealer’s FDC new issue stock. 1971 – 2007 all unaddressed Post Office covers. Quantities vary from 1 to 5 or more of each. Very clean re-saleable stock. Around 3000 covers. Price under 60c each, $1795
MOC22) Germany WW1 Feldpost Postcards, inc. Real Photographic, many groups of soldiers, cavalryman with horse and sweetheart etc. Many clear date readable cds postmarks and various Feldpost markings. As usual for these, no stamps, as not available in the field. 92 items in way better than usual condition for these. $1150 the lot.
CF6) Papua New Guinea Big lot of 1000 mint unhinged, 1952 - 2000 values to 5K. Includes blocks, minisheets etc. Many, many complete sets. Price $495
CF6a) As above, but lot of 500. Price $259
CJL9) KGV Heads C of A wmk. Extensive collection mint & used on Hagner Pages inc. plate blocks, imprint pairs and blocks, large positional blocks, annotated varieties etc. 2093 stamps inc. well over 100 x 1/4d value. Price $9895
CMA4) Great Britain Mint Unhinged Collection 1989 -1999 in near new Red Lighthouse 48 Page Stockbook. Includes Definitives, Commemoratives, Regionals and Booklet panes. Retail approx. $1150. Also includes a fair bit of used in blocks which has not been valued. Around 1200 stamps. Price $595
CS29) France. Substantial 99% complete used collection to 2001 in 3 Lighthouse Illustrated Hingeless Albums, with slipcases. Huge catalogue/resale value, persons interested in a purchase into 5 figures which could be split into several payments should contact us. Price is negotiable.
MJL5) Mystery or Clearance boxes, seems every dealer has these, we are no exception! Stamps, Covers, Collections, Packets, huge variety & value. Better than the average clearance lot. Ask for Australia, Worldwide or Mixed. 2kg lot for $169, 5kg for $395, Best value lot 10kg for $695
MJL9) Olympics and Sports, 1924 – Modern Collection in Brown Leather-look 32 page stockbook. Includes both mint & used sets, and is a bit disorganised, but I managed to count at least 175 complete sets. Most are Olympics but there are other sports issues and some bits and pieces of other countries/topics which are not counted in the value. Has to be easily worth $1.50 a set across the board. Price $259
MJL24) Papua New Guinea mint unhinged stock 1952 – 2002 in 2 x Brown Davo 64 page stockbooks. Massive lot ideal re-seller, Ebayer or hoarder! Pre-decimals are sparse, but then later sets up to 20 of each. I guestimate there would be 2500 sets total her if not more, with the average retail per set around $5. So that is around $12,500 retail. This is a real steal for someone at ONLY 20% OF RETAIL $2495 FOR THE LOT!
CO10) Australia Post 2006 Commonwealth Games folder, containing 17 sheetlets and 5 stamps released for the Commonwealth Games. The stamps are selling fine commercially used for around $2.50 each, which gives you a vast retail of $325, and these are mint unhinged. My price for the lot of 130 plus stamps is $195

NM60) Japan modern mission mix, about 50% Commems by weight. Very well trimmed single   paper and around 6000 per kg. Around 7c per stamp. $44.50 per 100g, $105 per 250g

NM62) Australia off paper, widest possible range. Mostly decimal with recent, up to 2000 different this mix mostly large and with many better values. So cheap at about 2c per stamp! Around 12,500 to 15,000 per kg, 250g for $82.50, 500g for $155, 1kg for $295

MN49) Japan Commems. on paper. Large modern mix, in high demand. Modern mix on very well trimmed single paper, we only get about 1kg of this every 2 to 3 months. About 3750 – 4000 per kg. $59 Per 100g, $145 per 250g.

MN50) World & Australia on & off paper, wide ranging ex deceased estate. Last time we had some of this about 3 – 4 years ago we were inundated with repeat orders. We only have about 3kg currently, and believe me it will sell fast. Wide range or early to modern, large and small. Count would be around 4500 per kg.  Price $119 per kg, 500g for $62.50
PM105) Australia High Values, both Commems. & Defins. (No internationals) We have just a small amount of this. About 4000 stamps on single well-trimmed paper. Values to $10, $325 per kg, 500g for $169, 250g for $89, 100g for $37.50
PM106) Australia Mostly International High Values on paper. Nice range. 500g for $375, 250g for $195, 100g for $82.50
PM81) Papua New Guinea, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49
PM82) Norfolk Is., 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49
PM83) Samoa, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49
PM84) Nauru, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49

please contact Kevin Morgan on:
Phone:  0425 795 693

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101 - $250 deduct 10%, $251 - $500 deduct 15%, $501 - $1000 deduct 20%

Orders over $1000 deduct 25%

Orders over $2500 deduct 30%

All discounts can be applied to items from previous lists in order to achieve a higher discount level.
No discounts apply to items purchased on Layby terms.

Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual stamps, covers or sets are available on request.

Many smaller items, including a lot that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions

Postage and insurance extra, Free Within Australia above $500. We accept all cards and PayPal at no fee. Hours generally 9am – 4.30 Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours.
All of our items carry our guarantee that if significantly mis-described, they may be returned to us within 7 days of your receipt.

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