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 CFE1) Australia used Decimals 1974 – 2000 in 3 bulging 64 page Lighthouse stockbooks. Would be 15,000 – 20, 000 stamps with many 100s of complete sets and high values to $10. All ordered chronologically. Great for the postmark collector, hoarder, packet maker. Re-seller etc. Fabulous value at around 2c per stamp, price $349
CFE2) Malaysia 1963-96 collection in 4 albums, mainly mint unhinged but some of the earlier issues used and later issues are both mint unhinged and used, plus many extra sets and part-sets of the 1965 Birds, 1970 Butterflies, 1979 Flowers & Animals, and 1986 Fruits. (Qty 1000s) Very good value at $1350

CFE3) Worldwide commercial mails, large & small envelopes, many with high values & airmails, inc. a lot from Stamp Auction Houses to a Melbourne Doctor. Only about 10% or so Australian. Mostly from the year 2000 to very recent. $95 Per kg.  (6kg available)

CFE4) New Zealand commercial mails, small and medium envelopes, mainly pre-decimal KGVI & QEII to Australia. Good variety of postmarks plus some higher values. Price $95 per kg (5kg available)
CFE5) New South Wales plus a few ACT 1980’s – 1990’s commercial mails, mainly stamped small envelopes with a wide variety of cds cancels, many smaller towns noted. Pretty well all clear strikes. Could be some rarer items here. We just do not have time to check. Price $95 per kg. (8kg available)
CFE6) 1974 UPU Worldwide Omnibus complete in superb Official UPU Blue & Gold Cloth Bound Album with Slipcase. Celebrating 100 years of UPU, Exclusive and rare. Only given to Delegates and VIP’s. Contains a complete mint unhinged collection with all of the higher catalogued issues. E.g. Saudi Arabia, Mi 554/6, 190 Euros. Many 100s of stamps/minisheets in complete sets. Rarely seen, and the 1st we have handled. Price $575

CFE7) Great Britain 1969 Tokyo UPU Delegates Black Presentation Box, with Royal Cypher in Gold. Contains 14 folders with mint stamps issued 1963 – 1969 inc. 1969 Machin High Values & Regionals. Superb! Only around 100 issued, and very few in private hands. Rarely seen, and the 1st we have handled. Price $995

CFE8) New Zealand Queen Victoria to 1990 used in large blue stockbook, chronologically ordered. Victoria to 6d, KEVII to 1/-, KGV to 9d etc. Decimals include nicely sed $2 multicoloured Geyser. Also range of Lighthouses and Officials. Nice clean lot of about 400 stamps with only minor duplication. Price $169

CFE9) World on leaves in Red Binder, mint & used all in clear mounts with much earlier. Strength in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latin America, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey & USA. About 1500 stamp, a good lot. Price $210

CFE9) Australia plain FDC’s 1951 – 1972, appears mostly complete for the period, all nice clean typewritten covers. Weighs nearly 1kg. Duplication up to 5 of each. Great source for fine used sets, with values to 2/3d or 25c in decimals. Priced well under $1 each. About 300 for $249

CFE10) Spain. Used collection early imperfs to 1970’s in as new Red Prinz 32 page stockbook. Good representation of the numerous imperf issues including some better values, pickings in the later 19th Century, heavily duplicated array from the Franco era, etc, condition generally fine to very fine with some postmark interest. Also some Civil War issues and forgeries. Well over £1000 catalogue on the first page. (1000s) Price $1095

CFE11) USA 1984 Golden Moments Olympic Album with slipcase. De-luxe Executive edition in Gold & Blue. Rarely seen, the standard edition sell for about $45. Rarely seen, and the 1st we have handled. Price $89

CFE12) USA 1974 UPU 100th Anniv. Delegates presentation album in brown leather with slipcase. Pristine as issued, rarely seen and the 1st we have handled. Price $95 (2 available) 

CFE13) Canada 1978 Christmas UPU Delegates presentation folder. Large maroon leather folder containing mint sheet corner blocks of 4 of all three values mint plus FDC. Rarely seen, and the 1st we have handled. CMO3) USA 1984 Los Angeles Summer & 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics superb Fleetwood FDC collection. Deluxe Red Padded USA made 'Fleetwood' FDC album with 36 x Different USA FDC and also the 20 x Diff Sarajevo Yugoslavia WINTER Olympic FDC's. All superb colour cacheted unadressed. Each has detailed write ups on event etc. In superb Lighthouse type album ... a $50 type book when new. These 56 covers cost original buyer $300 - 37 years back! Priced around $2 each, with a free album. $119 the lot.

CFE14) Australia 2000 – 2018 Postally used collection in quality Dark Blue 32 page stockbook. Covers 50c - $1 letter rate period with a very high degree of completion. Very hard to assemble. Most with circular cancels. 1000 plus different here. Price $295

CFE15) Australia very clean mint & used collection 1913 – 2000 in dark blue Norman post fitting album. Commences Kangaroos ½d to 5/- (11), KGV ½d to 1/4d (34) Also noted 1/- 1934 Vic. Cent. With Alice Springs cds, SA Cent. Set to 1/- fine used, KGVI Robes & Arms sets complete to £1 & £2, and /- Arms Imprint Block mint. Also many mint blocks of 4 both Decimal & Pre-decimal etc, etc. About 1,000 mostly different. Cheap at $189.

CFE17) Commonwealth KGV 1935 Jubilee Omnibus, fresh mint once lightly hinged in Blue & Silver illustrated Springback Album. Complete except for the scarce Egypt Seal. 249 values cat. £1420 = approx. $2700 as a group, much more as single sets. Sydney retail as a set $2500. No other dealers Worldwide appear to have this set, not even on eBay. Priced very keenly at $1825

CFE18) Commonwealth QEII 1953 Coronation, fresh once lightly hinged in Blue & Gold illustrated Springback Album. Cat. £160 = $300 for unhinged. Sydney retail $275 for MUH, $249 for used. Very cheap price $129

CFE19) Iceland 1984 – 1993 Complete fresh mint unhinged in Lighthouse Black Hingeless Illustrated Album and Slipcase, as new. Cost $239. Stamps retail $360 plus. Total retail here of $599 for $329, $270 below replacement cost!

CFE20) Solomon Is. 1977 – 1996 Complete fresh Mint Unhinged in as new Brown Ka-Be leather grain Illustrated Hingeless Album, new price $319. Stamps retail $960 plus. Total retail $1279. Price $849, save $430 on replacement cost! 

CFE21) Samoa 1969 – 1996 Complete fresh Mint Unhinged in as new Brown Ka-Be leather grain Illustrated Hingeless Album, new price $395. Stamps retail $1000 plus. Total retail $1395. Price $945, save $450 on replacement cost! 

CFE22) RUSSIA: 1951-62 mint & used stock on Hagners in two ring binders with handy sets and singles including 1951 October Revolution mint, 1951 40k Peace conference used, 1951 Czech Friendship mint, 1952 40k Kovalevsky mint, 1952 Stalin Constitution mint, 1952 40k Sedov used, 1952 35th Anniv of Revolution mint, 1954 Ukraine Reunion mint; miniature sheets with 1955 Savitsky, 1955 Agricultural Exhib. (3), 1956 University (2); lots other useful sets including imperforates; heaps of thematic appeal, condition generally fine. Many 100s. Price $795



CFE25) FRANCE: 1849-2007 mint or used collection in six hingeless Lighthouse albums (retail $1000+) with imperfs to 1fr in very mixed condition, 1863 5f used (creasing, filled thin), 1876-1900 Peace & Commerce to 5r, 1917 Orphans 35c+25c used, 1922 Surcharged Orphans set incl. 5fr + 1fr mint, 1927 5fr + 1fr mint, pre-stamp 'POSTES/PARIS' 1921 5c green mint and 1922 5c orange unused, 1927 2f & 5fr Air overprints mint, 1927-31 Sinking Fund overprint sets complete mint or used, late 1920s-40s era reasonably complete inc. 1928 Sinking Fund 1Fr & 8.5Fr used, 1931 1.5Fr & 3.5Fr mint, 1937 PEXIP m/sheet with exhibition h/stamp, with full gum, 1950’s – 2007 largely complete with many MUH sets & m/sheets plus back of book with dues, officials, pre-stamp covers etc. Some of the earlies are mixed condition, 1930s onward generally fine. Huge cat./retail. Many 1000s. Price $7495
CMO4) To complement the above, a luxury blue padded official 1980 US Olympic Committee cover album with 12 covers commemorating Olympics from 1932 to 1980, with mint stamps from each year attached with a stamp mount to the cover. Superb lot for the Olympics Afficionado. Just $39
CJL1) ROYAL FAMILY: ex-dealer's stock on Hagners in two binders, mostly 1960s-90s era (few earlier) with sets, part-sets, M/Ss and few booklets, items previously priced up to $15 including Isle of Man 1983 £5 QEII (3) & Jersey 1981 QEII £5 (2) all MUH, also omnibus issues, 1981 Royal Wedding $10 booklets for Kiribati, Montserrat, St Vincent & Grenadines; also second volume with small quantity of 'Vacation' & 'Waterfalls' thematics; range of countries represented, majority mint with good proportion MUH, mostly fine. (few 100s) Price $215
CJL17) Great Britain 1952-1978 mint unhinged collection in KA-BE Hingeless album; includes all five Castles printings, (1st De La Rue etc) a range of phosphor-graphites, ordinary and phosphor commemorative sets, etc. Extensive, but not complete. Superb condition and an ideal project. (100s). Album aloine cost several $100's Cat.£1800++. Price $1795
CJL25) South Africa. 1961 to early 2000s ex-dealer's mint stock on Hagners in three display books with many complete sets, 1990s-2000s era with sheetlets & M/Ss, some duplicated. Lots of thematic appeal with many stamps featuring Birds or Wildlife; predominantly MUH. (many 100s) Price $659 
HK587) Hong Kong 1912-1962 duplicated remainder collection, mainly used with KGV Mult Crown CA wmk 6c (4), 20c & 30c (2 each), 50c various papers/backs (5), $1, 1921-37 Script wmk 8c perfin, 12c (2), 25c (3), 50c & $1 (3 each) all used, 20c, 25c & 30c Mint, 1935 20c Jubilee Used, 1937 Coronation set (2) Mint, 1938-52 KGVI definitives values to $1 Mint & $5 Green & violet Used, 1941 Centenary $1 (2), 1949 UPU set Used, few 1954-62 QE II definitives to $2 (2), condition a little mixed, still an attractive lot with plenty of pickings, Cat £570+, Price $449
CMJ4) Tuvalu 1970’s – 1980’s Mint Unhinged Specimens Older Green Padded Lighthouse 48 black page stockbook. Mostly complete sets with a little duplication. Is somewhat disorganised, so needs sorting out a bit. Odd toning here and there but largely ok. Must be 400 – 450 all up. Good value at under 50c a stamp, price $195
CMJ11) Omnibus issues, 1972 Silver Wedding & 1973 Royal Wedding mint unhinged plus some Halley’s Comet 1986 all mint unhinged sets/minisheets in an as new Lighthouse Blue 32 page stockbook $35 retail. Plus some used GB Machins values to £5. 1972 SW & RW appears Crown Agents complete with some extras. 100 plus complete sets/minisheets. Selling at cost price (Was a trade in from a customer) $250
CMJ12) India 40 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1974 – 1978. Very clean lot, now becoming very popular. Price $79
CMY10) United Nations, New York & Geneva 1961 - 76 mint unhinged in as new Gibbons $100 plus "Philatelic" Burgundy Springback Album, complete with as new Gibbons United Nations Catalogue, retail $60.  Comprises single sets & corner blocks of 4, plus a few FDC's & Souvenir Cards.  Appears complete 1967 - 1976. Around 325 sets, 3 minisheets, 5 fdc's & 9 souvenir cards. Very cheap at about $1.30 per set, and the very useful Album & Catalogue are free!  $429
CMY15) Australia 1956 Olympics, complete set of 52 "Royal" covers with pictorial cancellation for each event. Each bears either a 4d Green Koala, or 4d Olympics stamp, as some handstamps were authorised for use before the stamps were! Also 1 cover with the full set of stamps. Many different events pictured on the different coloured and varied cachets. Rarely seen these days, a few are a bit aged. All neat typewritten address. A very scarce assembly, price $795
CMY19) Australia 1947 - 52 range of KGVI era. Illustrated FDC's plus 3 x 1950 National Philatelic Exhibition covers, 1 with large exhibition label in red-brown attached. Priced up to sell at over $350 based on Rod Perry's website price list. includes 3 registered items, two of which are from the exhibition. Issues included at Scouts, Stamp Centenary, UPU, Federation 50th anniv. etc. 14 covers. Price under a half, $149
CMY27) Scouting 1938 - 1968 approx. mostly complete Mint Unhinged sets in near new Maroon Springback Album. Noted several imperf. sets and minisheets from places like Togo, Burundi & Bhutan. Other countries represented include Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, Greece, Great Britain, Belgium, Taiwan etc. 55 complete issues, Cat. £325 plus. Album alone to buy today would be around $100. Price for the lot just $5 per issue $275
MF2) Worldwide picture postcards, some used, unused, earlies moderns and in betweens. Mostly street scenes & architecture. 100 different for $89
CAU6) Fiji Collection from 1953-2000 on Seven Seas hingeless pages, MUH, in 2 Green padded slipcases & binder. Albums alone new cost approx. $650! Missing only 8 stamps form the 1986-90 Definitive reprints. Sydney retail $2375 plus $650 for the albums = $3025 Price well under 45% $1275
CAU11) Samoa: 1962-Feb 2000 complete MUH on Seven Seas hingeless, in 2 Blue padded slipcases & binders. Albums alone new cost $550! Sydney retail for stamps = $1635 plus so a total retail here of $2185, priced very cheaply at around 50%, $1125
AP17) Nice little starter collection of 50 different Australian States. On our list at $56, special price $49


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