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Early February 2020


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Collections & Lots

IMPORTANT! When buying collections and lots you are buying at a fraction of retail for the individual stamps. There are times when some stamps may not be perfect; we simply do not have time to check every item. We regret that we are not able to accept individual stamps or sets for return from these lots. Our 14 day guarantee covers return of complete lots for credit only against future purchases, not for a refund.

CF1) Globe Southern Cross Fastbound Album with Worldwide collection. Australia has been raided, but everything else appears mostly intact. 192 pages and looks like about 2000 mostly postally used different. Definitely a few nice pickings, particularly in China, Egypt, Germany, GB 2/6d Seahorse with private perfin., Greece, New Zealand & USA. Pretty much nothing after about 1956.  Price $75

 CF2) 60 page black leather, black page LIGHTHOUSE stockbook (new price $75) of modern JAPAN Mint & Used. Has a pretty handy collection of modern Japan, mint unhinged and used. Some very good looking large mini sheets, and very many 100s of used. The FACE of that MUH and sheetlets is over $A50 alone - retail double that. Plus some early bits & pieces too. Must be EASILY worth $295 the book. Several of the different 1000¥ super high values etc. noted.  Also 10 pages of GB .. many high cat modern commems, and Defins hi-vals to £5.  There is also a superb 1954 “HOUSE OF COMMONS” cds on QE2 Wilding – on part cover with crested backflap as well. Also some handy looking Postage Dues to 2 x 5/- and a 10/- and a fresh MUH 2/6d. Did not check any watermarks. Very clean lot, $295 

CF3) Australia 1913 – 1974 as new Seven Seas Illustrated Album, with original plastic dust jacket. Contains modest range of Kangaroos and KGV heads with values to 2/- used, then KGV & VI period with 2d & 3d Jubilee MUH, QEII pre-decimal MUH plus some used about 75% complete, decimals to $4 King, again about 75% complete, many MUH. Good buy at $79

CF4) Carton lot of New Zealand. Wide range of MUH full sets, FDC, PO special Packs, stamp booklets, many annual year sets, and 1984 Yearbook in hard slipcase in perfect condition etc., in a binder and 2 x stockbooks as well. Arrangement is a bit haphazard, a few condition issues seen here and there, but the great bulk seemed fine MUH, and retail will be MANY $100’s maybe up to $1,000 here. Most seems to be 1980s and 1990s  but some earlier here and there, and a smattering of used mixed amongst it all. A goldmine lot for an eBayer/re-seller  Probably a 100 + saleable lots here. Pick what you want for your own collection and trade on the rest. Weighs about 3kg. Price $239

CF5) As new Prinz Blue 64 Black Page stockbook with GB Collection, mostly used 1850’s- Mid 2000’s. Noted a few 1d red plates/stars, 1934 Seahorses 2/6d – 10/-. Commems. 1963 on would be near complete, and from 1999 many are mint unhinged, counted about 35 complete such sets. 1250 – 1500 stamps, mostly all different. A good lot. Price $325.

CF6) Br. Commonwealth 1949 UPU Omnibus complete mint lightly hinged (some are unhinged) on Hagner pages, in Brown Hagner padded binder. Cat. £325. Good value at $289

CF7) Prinz Blue 64 black page stockbook, virtually as new with collection 500 diff. cto used Vietnam. Mainly modern, inc. 14 minisheets. New price for the stockbook $75, good value at $89

CF8) 4 x  absolutely as new Lighthouse Leather Bound 64 black page stockbooks. These retail at $99.95 each! 2 x black & 2 x Burgundy. Inside you find a well organised collection/accumulation of Australian Used Decimals 1966 - 2007, up to 6 of each. Probably 4000 to 5000 stamps here, but these come free! We are selling at well under the cost of the stockbooks alone…$295 the lot!

CF9) Bermuda & Fiji accumulation, mainly QEII mint & used in big green stockbook. Duplicated array with values to 10/-. About 650, some toning here and there. Cheap lot at $49

CF10) Black binder containing Australia pre-decimal mint  unhinged on Hagners. Noted many plate and imprint blocks inc. 1½d Swan plate 1,  1935 Jubilee 2d plate 6, 2½d Cable plate 1, 1938 NSW Sesqui in MUH blocks of 4, 1956 Olympics MUH Blocks of 4, 1959 Animals and QEII set  MUH Blocks of 4, 2/3d Flight x 2 blocks of 4, 2/3d ICY the same, Cable block of 4, Anzac x 8 sets in blocks of 4,etc, etc. a good lot. About 600. Price $279 

CF11) Australian States, mint & used collection in as new $75 Lighthouse Green 64 block pages padded stockbook. Decent lot in mixed condition, with some nice pickings. Includes NSW to 9d mint, inc. 5d Diadem plus ½d Postage Due Specimen Overprint, Queensland 2/6d Vermilion large Chalon mint, South Australia with mint Postage long types, 4d & 6d, W.A. with 3d IR Official used. Some nice shade variants too. Unchecked for watermarks & perfs. About 300. Priced at a little over $2 a stamp. $625

CF12) Papua New Guinea & Pitcairn Is. Early - 2005 Collection in near new $75 Lighthouse Maroon 64 block pages padded stockbook.  Mainly mint unhinged, with some used and some mint hinged in the earlier sets. Strength in moderns. Pitcairn 1st set KGVI defins. complete with extras, QEII 1st defin. set is unhinged. No 1948 Silver Wedding. PNG looks mainly complete to 1993 from 1966 Butterflies defins. Counted roughly 250 complete sets, inc. 12 long defin. sets.  A really lovely clean lot. Priced at $2.50 a set and the very nice stockbook comes free!   $625

CF13) British West Indies & a few other bits of British Empire Queen Victoria – Early QEII in Blue Posthorn 16 page stockbook. Noted Trinidad & Tobago 1935 Jubilee, 1949 Silver Wedding and QEII 1953 set, Turks & Caicos KGV to 3/-, 1935 Jubilee & KGVI 1938 Defins.  Complete set to 10/-  cat. £130, St. Lucia 1938 Defins. Complete set to 10/-  cat, £80, all lightly hinged. A very nice lot, about 350 stamps. Well priced at a $1.20 per stamp, price $425

CF14) Stamps on Stamps. Worldwide Stamp Centenaries collection in burgundy binder on Hagner sheets. Wide variety of mostly Mint Unhinged complete sets.  Around 175 sets plus 15 minisheets, 2 booklets and 1 cover. Fascinating lot. Price $579

CF15) British Commonwealth Queen Victoria to modern, mint, used and covers. Amazing lot in near new Lighthouse $65 Red 64 page stockbook. Many 100s of mint & used, mint unhinged sets & minisheets, plus some covers organised alphabetically . Noted  Ceylon 1d QV Imperf, Hong Kong KGVI Mint to 80c, Eire Buildings Definitives to £5, BMA Malaya to $5 used, etc, etc. Counted 40 complete sets, 59 minisheets, 2 booklets plus numerous single stamps and covers, mainly FDC’s. Good value at $359

CF16) Our own incoming correspondence, plus maybe a bit of other people’s. This always sells well, collected over about the past 3 to 6 month. Plenty of recent and better values here. Australia only, 1kg for $95 (1 only available, be quick!)

CF17) As above, but Worldwide, 1kg for $95 (1 only available, be quick!)

CF18) USA Commercial covers lot, 1930’s – 1960’s all to Switzerland. Many interesting frankings with Airmails & better values, incl. 6  registered mail and censored items. Also some nice  blocks of 4 and 6. 14 items, price $69
CD2) AAT on leaves, 1954 – 2017 mainly postally used collection. Commences pre-decimals with 4 different 1954 Expedition labels, then fairly complete to early 2017. Noted Singapore Ovpt. On 1995 Whales minisheet. 250 plus mostly all different. Very cheap at $75

CD3) Lighthouse Blue Padded album with modern mint 1979 to 1983 unhinged British Commonwealth collection on Lighthouse Vario Black stock pages. Most fine mint unhinged, a very few with some toning. Commences Seychelles/Zyl Eloigne Sesel, about 35 sets, Tristan da Cunha about 50 sets, Pitcairn about 25 sets, Jersey about 20 sets, British Antarctic Territory 10 plus sets, Tokelau about 15 sets, St. Vincent 10 plus sets, Kiribati about 10 sets, Guernsey about 20 sets, Alderney 6 sets, Isle of Man about 25 sets,  Kiribati 10 plus sets. (sets will include minisheets) Most countries have 1 long definitive set. Values to £5. A very attractive lot with many nice thematics. 235 plus sets and minisheets. Price $469

CD4) QEII 1977 Jubilee Omnibus mint unhinged collection in ($35 new) Lighthouse Red Padded 32 Block page stockbook. Aitutaki – Seychelles. 80 plus complete sets & minisheets with very minor duplication. Purchased on new issue from Urch Harris UK  for some £350 (approx $600) said to include some inverted wmks. Also a small Lighthouse stockbook with duplicates,  another 21 sets (toning to some of these), and 7 booklets. A very nice lot overall, very cheap at $165 the lot.

CD5) QEII 1977 Jubilee Omnibus mint unhinged collection in Blue & Silver WHITE ACE HINGELESS ALBUM cost $100 alone.  Aitutaki – Turks & Caicos. Missing Cook Is. & Maldives, also Br. New Hebrides (French is there)  90 sets, minisheets & booklets (6). New issue cost around $600. Price $145 

CD6) Animals, Insects & Butterflies, mostly used in large old blue stockbook. About 675 different plus maybe 100 oddments of GB & NZ etc at back. Got to be worth 10c a stamp, price $67.50

CD7) Ethiopia modern collection on stockcards, mostly postally used. Rare lot seldom seen. Approx. 300 nearly all different. Where there is duplication it is usually a mint unhinged and used of the same stamp. Cheapest price we could find on eBay for a 300 different packet was $679 inc. postage and GST from the UK. Price for this lot, which is way better, $649.

CD9) Br. Commonwealth Anguilla – Turks & Caicos 1977 Royal Visit overprints on  Hagner pages. Approx 28 mint unhinged sets & minisheets. Very cheap at $1.50 per set. Price $42

CD10)French Colonies, Cameroun – Tchad in 32 page Green Lighthouse Stockbook. Mixture of pre & post-Independence issues. Most postally used, which is unusual, as most seen are cto these days. Few oddments of other countries at back. 1150 – 1200 stamps here for $235

CD12) Fish & Marine life, collection on stock pages. Most postally used, with some multiples. Counted 269 stamps, should yield at least 250 different. Price $59

CD13) Nigeria on stock pages, KGV – 1988 approx. Most postally used, a few mint, also a few multiples., values to £1. Counted 247 stamps, ought to yield around 225 different. 200 different is on our packets list at $100, so good value here at $75

CD14) Flowers, collection of mostly postally used on stock sheets. 400 plus, appear all different. Noted $10 Australia fine used. Price $49

CD15) Transport, collection on stock sheets. Most postally used, early – modern. Noted Ross Dependency set of 6 mint unhinged. About 250 pretty well all different. Price $45

CD16) Worldwide collection remainders in stockbooks, on stock sheets, in packets, covers, booklets etc. Strength in New Zealand, noting many nice mint unhinged blocks, block of 4 $10 Kiwi commercially used, about 20 modern FDC’s unaddressed (These alone worth about $100) Also some sheetlets mint unhinged from various countries inc. St. Vincent London 1980 stamps on stamps and National Trust. A good lot, weighs near 3kg. Priced very cheaply at $189

CD18) Olympics & Sports in multicoloured stockbook and in glassine packet 1956 – 1980. Nice lot, mostly cto. 200 plus appear all different. Next year is Olympics year. Good clean lot, only $29 

CD19) New Zealand 1975 – 2010 mainly used, some mint collection on album leaves, appears all different. About 600 stamps with many top values and complete sets, values to $10. Nice clean lot, well worth 15c per stamp average. Price $89

CD21) Used stock of Australia 1930’s – 1990’s in red stockbook. Very clean lot with values to $5. Noted 2/5d Blue Wren x about 100 with some cream papers, 2/6d Robin x 15, 3/- Waratah x about 75, etc, etc. plus heaps of better values in decimals. Postmark & variety potential here. Guesstimate 1500 plus stamps here for around 6c a stamp. Price $89 

CD22) Pitcairn Is. MUH colln/accumulation in large green stockbook. Many blocks of 4 and definitive sets like Fish, Ships etc, blocks of 4, gutter blocks and the like. 1970’s – late 1980’s. 7 definitive sets, 17 minisheets & 64 commem. sets. Values to $5. Great lot at $229 

CD24) South Arabia Federation, complete country Mint Unhinged inc. Red Cross, Churchill, 1966 World Cup etc. Cat. approx. £42. 1 lot only, $47.50

CD28) Germany (West) range of minisheets 1960’s-1980’s inc. 1972 & 1976 Olympics. All but one are mint unhinged. Minor duplication. 13 sheets, very cheap at $29 

CD30) Austria 1961 – 1980. Wide range of covers to Germany, most with Pictorial Cancels. Inc. Trains, Concorde, Christmas, Flight Covers, Ferries etc. Nice clean lot of 52 items, some duplication. Cheap at under $1 each, price $49 

CD31) Norway, commercial mail 1977 – 84. 40 covers with a variety of frankings & postmarks. Mostly to Stavanger and including some advertising covers. Also includes 4 covers to Switzerland bearing 3.50 Lighthouse stamp, each from a different town. Neat lot at under $1 each, $35 

COCT1) Amazing carton lot of mainly Australia Slogans on piece, 1929-1967, plus some Meter marks. Frankings range from 1d Green KGV – 5c Blue QEII. Also some USA and a few GB Metermarks/Slogans. Must be 4000 – 5000 total with a huge variety of slogans and postmarks. Has to be worth 10c and item. Price $449

COCT4) United States Forces in New Guinea, 1943 – 45. 15 covers & 1 front, most bear Australia 3d Brown KGVI postmarked Townsville Qld, but emanating from New Guinea. Most have boxed US Army Examiner censor marking, and with name & number of servicemen. Included are 2 x American Red Cross covers. Deployments include Milne Bay, Port Moresby, Admiralty Is., Goodenough Is., Finschhafen, Nadzab, Oro Bay, Dreyer Harbour & Dobodura. The Battle of Finschhafen was part of the Huon Peninsula campaign during World War II and was fought between Australian and Japanese forces. The fighting took place between 22 September and 24 October 1943 following the landing at Scarlet Beach, which was followed by a two-pronged advance on Finschhafen as the Australian 20th Infantry Brigade advanced on the town from the north, while the 22nd Infantry Battalion drove from the south, having advanced from the landing beaches east of Lae. After the capture of Finschhafen, the Japanese forces in the area withdrew towards Sattelberg where they sought to hold the Australians before launching a counteroffensive, which subsequently threatened the landing beach. This attack was repelled by American and Australian forces, with heavy casualties being inflicted on the Japanese. In the aftermath, the Australians went on the offensive, capturing Sattelberg, and then advancing towards the Wareo plateau. Dreger Harbour was used by Allied forces after the capture of Finschhafen in October 1943. Very good lot at $479

COCT5) Australian Forces in New Guinea WWII 1943 – 45. Collection of 39 covers, expertly described with FPO details etc. Includes 19 registered covers. Most bear 3d Brown KGVI. Deployments include Bougainville, Torokina, Motpena Point, Milne Bay, Port Moresby, Wau, Salamua, Nadzab, Jacquinot Bay, Rabaul, Dobodura, Goodenough Is.,Emirau Is., NGF Training area, Siwai District, Madang, HQ NGF, Yakamul - Aitape area, Lae, Wewak etc. A fine lot, priced to sell at $1389 30 years ago! Price $1100   

COCT8) Australia Decimal very fine corner used cto quality collection 95% complete 1966-1988 in Blue Padded near new Seven Seas Hingeless Album, currently $209 on their website. Includes Navigators to $4, 1971 Christmas Block of 7, and pretty well most other stamps. (Excludes booklet panes & Gutter Pairs) Very cheap at $7 per year for album and stamps, price $154.

COCT10) Norfolk Is. 1953 – 2002 90% plus complete in near new $65 Lighthouse green padded 64 black page stockbook. Around $1200 retail for the stamps alone. Odd earlier stamp is a little aged, otherwise Post Office Fresh. Norfolk Is. In in great demand right now. Great price, $695 the lot.

CAU1) Massive lots of Australia KGV to modern-ish ex deceased estates. On Hagners, in stockbooks, albums, pages, loose off paper etc, must be over 20,000 stamps, mostly used but some mint. No stamps on paper! Noted KGV to 1/4d, Kangaroos to 10/-, Decimals to $10 etc. Condition very mixed, but will repay sorting…weeks of fun here! Weighs 20kg! Great value at $595. (Half lot for $325 with Kangaroos to 5/- at $325)

CAU2) Similar to the above but Worldwide as above (no Australia) 20kg for $595, 10kg for $325.

CAU3) GB Modest used collection on leaves and in glassine envelope 1841 – 1953. Commences 1841 2d Red Brown imperf. Lettered R A, nice 4 margin example, also 2/6d & 5/- Seahorses, duplicated KGVI Square High Values inc. 10/- Dark Blue & £1 Brown x 3, 1948 Silver Wedding £1 plus 1951 Festival £ x 3. Nice little lot for $59.

CJU1) Iceland new collection of 300 different mint unhinged, just arrived. Wide range of issues covering many years, mainly large pictorials. Price $98

CJU2) Iceland new collection of 100 mint unhinged blocks of 4. Wide range of issues, covering many years. Hard to repeat, price $98

CJU3) Greenland, 300 different, very wide ranging. Seen on another dealer’s list from the UK for $745 Save $500! Our price just $245

CJU4) Greenland 200 different Mint Unhinged. Great starter collection, price $145

CJU5) As above, but 100 different, price $69.50

CJU8) The 1983 Commonwealth Collection. As new Sumptuous Dark Blue & Gold Blocked Leather bound album with slipcase, for-word by HM Queen Elizabeth II. Contains full mint unhinged sets from 57 countries, plus Black Prints from Cana and Falkland Islands. Originally marketed at $625 in the 1st ever TV promotion of a stamp collection Worldwide. Price just 20% of the original price! $125 (2 available)

CJU13) West Berlin in Dark Blue as new Lighthouse padded springback album and slipcase 1971 – 1990. 99.5% complete, mint unhinged except for a few specialised definitives, and with the added bonus of 2 booklets, some Framas & a Cars minisheet. The album & slipcase alone cost near $350 Stamps retail around $200, so a total value here of $550 for under 40%, just $219

CJU15) Norfolk Is. cto used collection on stocksheets, 1947 – 1990. Appears complete except for 1947 Ball Bay white papers & 1974 UPU minisheets. A few of the minisheets are mint unhinged. Nice clean lot. Cto of Norfolk Is. Is not easy to find, especially in collection form. Retail approx. $865, price $625

CJU16) Australia Pre-Decimal mint unhinged collection in Seven Seas Green Padded Album & Slipcase as new. Commences 1914 6d Kookaburra and is NEAR complete (less Kangaroos & KGV Heads & perf OS issues) to 1965 ICY. Missing only 3d KGVI Die 1a & KGVI £1 Robes thin paper. 3 stamps have faults, the 6d Kookaburra and 3d Kookaburra Minisheet are creased. The Kookaburra minisheet is hinged in the margin and the 5/- Harbour Bridge is lightly hinged, with some light gum toning. The Kingsford Smith OS Overprints are cto. Other than that, here we have a very nice clean collection. The as new binder & slipcase retail at $50 and the Sydney Retail for the Stamps is $3925. So a total retail value here excluding the Album Leaves, which are little aged in places is $3975, Price $2625

CJU17) Norfolk Is. Decimals 1966-2002 compete mint unhinged, housed in as new Seven Seas Hingeless Album, with pages 1947 – 2002. Album new cost approx. $425. Stamps retail at $1695. Total value $2120. Price $1275

CJU18) West Germany 1950 – 1974 in as new Lighthouse Hingeless Album with Slipcase. Would be 95% complete, either postally used or mint unhinged with just the odd gap from 1954, and all mint unhinged from 1969. 1949 – 1953 is 75% complete used. A very nice lot. Album alone retails at $400 plus the stamps cat. very high. So we figure it at $575, that is around $15 a year for the stamps and half price for the nearly new album. $575 the lot

CJU25) BMA Malaya 1945 on album page, complete set fine used to $5 ex. SG 12 & 16, cheap & easy stamps to replace. In addition a horiz. Strip of 3 of the $1, SG 15. 23 stamps, cat. circa £170. Price $195

CJU27) Western Australia 1882 - 1897 Internal revenue stamps, nice lot of mint & postally used on album pages. Comprises various printings inc. 1d x 7 used, 3 mint, 3d x 7 used, 6d x 2 used & 1/- x 1 MNG. 20 stamps in total cat. £492 = $925. Price $595

CJU29) Australia West-East Air Service 1929 - 1931. Range of 11 flight covers priced to sell at $860. Includes inwards mail from UK, with airmail advert. from booklet pane, Germany 1R Red Zeppelin on cover to Adelaide etc. Very clean lot extensively written up. Price $675

CJU30) Cocos (Keeling) Is. 50 different unaddressed official FDC’s issued between 1987 – 2004. Great source for fine used sets if you do not collect covers. Price well under $2 each. $89

CJU31) Similar to above, but ranging from 1988 – 2013, price $95

CMAP1) Fiji, 25 different complete mint unhinged sets just $49

CMAP2) Papua New Guinea, 25 different complete mint unhinged sets just $49

CMAP3) Western Samoa, 25 different complete mint unhinged sets & minisheets, price $49

CMAP4) Nauru, 25 different complete mint unhinged sets & minisheets, price $49

CMAP5) Norfolk Is. 25 different complete mint unhinged sets & minisheets, price $49

CMAP6) 125 different complete mint unhinged sets as above only $225, save $20

CMAP7) 250 different complete mint unhinged sets from the countries above, also including some Pitcairn Island. Normally $99, now save $50, Price $449

CMAP11) As new Prinz $55 black 48 black pages padded stockbook. Contains varied world collection early to modern. Noted Papua New Guinea mint unhinged sets, inc. Australia 1999 Sailing Ships minisheets & Philex France set x 3. Decent range of Scandinavia used, early Japan, good range of Czechoslovakia & Romania, Austria, some mint unhinged 3rd Reich etc, etc. 1800 – 2000 stamps here, mostly all different. Have to be worth 10c each, and the very nice $55 stockbook comes free! Price $189

CMAP17) Commercial Mails from all over the World. Most if not all Airmailed Covers. All Very nice range of covers 1980’s to recent that sell for up to $3 each. Price per lot of 100 all different covers $98

CMAP18) Worldwide First Day Covers, all in nice clean condition. Many of these sell for up to $4 each. Price for lot of 100 all different $98

CM3) South West Africa early – modern on 6 Hagners, mint /mint unhinged & used in black binder. Ex part time dealer stock, priced up to sell years ago at around $150, inc. 1973 Definitives cancelled FDI in official folder and 2001 Universal Suffrage overprints in corner blocks of nine. 130 plus stamps. Price $115

CM10) Japan approx 500 different all large with $30 Blue German made 32 Page stockbook, as new. Nice lot, price $98

CM13) Prinz “Princess” red 64 black page padded stockbook near new. Retail $65, housing Hungary early to modern used collection neatly laid out in chronological order. Roughly 1150 – 1250 stamps all different. Very nice lot. Cheapest we could find for 1200 a different packet on eBay/dealers lists was $110. Our price including the very nice stockbook $105

CM19) Worldwide earlies to about 1990 in 4 large heavy stockbooks, near 7 kg in weight. Contains World collection organised alphabetically. Most are postally used, condition a bit mixed here & there, and appear mostly all different. About 2500 stamps at an educated guess, price $235.

CMF5) Great Britain 1957 – 1965 Commemorative sets in fresh mint unhinged blocks of 4. Commences 1957 Scouts and includes scarcer sets such as Lifeboat, Botanical, Red Cross also ITU Phosphor. Missing the odd low value, which are easy to pick up. 14 sets with a total catalogue of 173 pounds. Price under a half cat. $149

CMF12) Great Britain QEII 1952 – 1980 in Blue Padded Lighthouse 32 black page stockbook, mint & used.  Noted Phosphor Commemoratives, inc. Lifeboat, Red Cross, FFH, Cable etc. Wilding Definitives inc. Graphites with Inv. Wmks.  Commem. Sets from 1953 Coronation with most sets represented in Mint & used, then HV Castles and pre-decimal Wildings mint & used sets to One Pound (approx. 20 sets total) then Machin Definitives to 5 pounds & Britannia 10 pound x 5. Also Jersey War Time issues, Regionals, Locals of Lundy, Herm & Alderney etc. A great lot! Must be 1500 plus stamps. Price $595

CJ8) Europa 1981 – 1986 complete mint unhinged collection on Lighthouse Hingeless pages. Includes sheetlets. Cat. £1735 plus = $3050 at time of writing. Very cheap at less than 25%. $749

CJ9) Sweden Booklet Collection 1978 – 1988, plus panes and single booklet stamps. Most mint unhinged, a few of the single stamps are used. Counted 36 complete booklets plus many panes and singles. High retail. Housed in as new $40 Ka-Be Brown Leather Look 32 black page stockbook. $245

CJ12) Australia 1950 – 2009 Dealer’s fine used stock in 14 x 16 page plus 4 x 32 page near new Lighthouse German Made black page stockbooks. Stockbooks alone new cost near $500! Appears all selected examples mostly with cds cancels, all neatly organised from 1 to 10 of each with many complete sets, top values, se-tenant strips etc. Must be close to 20,000 stamps. Ideal re-seller, immediate Stamp Show or eBay stock! Noted pre-decimal Navigators to £1 both papers with several each of the 10/-, also $4 decimal Navigator x 10. Assume the stockbooks are free and the stamps at 5c each, then it is well worth $995

CJ16) GB Soccer. 28 x Official FA, EUFA & League Cup illustrated covers 1981 – 1988, plus Edinburgh Tattoo covers & a few other FDC’s Inc. Trains, Birds etc. All contained in as new $50 Brown Padded FDC album. 39 covers in all. Have to be worth $1.50 each, price $59

CJ35) GB & Br. Commonwealth useful mostly used early – modern in large green stockbook. Noted GB KGVI Square HV’s with 10/- Dark Blue and £1 Brown, good ranges Machin heads and Commemorative sets with some mint unhinged, values to £5. Also Br. Commonwealth with good range of countries, mainly KGVI – QEII. About 1000 mostly all different. Well worth 10c a stamp. Price $98

CJ36) Czechoslovakia mainly used collection 1918 – 1976 with some mint & minisheets in older pale blue post fitting album. Appears 75% complete. Useful lot with 750 – 800 different stamps. Post 1955 is mainly cto. Price $65

CJ42) Australia Packet maker’s stock 1927 – 2005. Sorted neatly in envelopes, way better than the average similar lot. Weighs 14.3kg overall. Guestimate close to 150,000 stamps here, with many hundreds of high values spotted. No Kangaroos or KGV Heads. Must go at around 1c per stamp! Big opportunity here for someone. $1495 the lot.

CMN2) Finland 1970 - 1998, not far off complete mint unhinged for the period 1980 - 1998 in as new Ka-Be Hingeless Illustrated pages. Lovely lot, retail approx $700, plus the pages must have cost near $150. $850 retail value here, only $349

CMN9) West Germany mint unhinged collection 1977 – 1989 in $40 Luxury Red Padded Ka-Be 32 black page stockbook as new. Has a few earlier used at front but then appears pretty well complete for the period. 600 + stamps, 1 booklet & 9 minisheets. Very reasonably priced at $189

CMN11) Dominica. $40 Black Padded Ka-Be Deluxe 32 black pages stockbook, as new containing neatly organised mint unhinged Malta Collection 1977 -1989.  Appears pretty well complete for the period. Highly thematic content with approx. 115 stamp & 24 minisheets. Lovely clean lot priced cheaply at only $75

CMA1) Vast lot of World and Australia! From Deceased Estates and other sources such as charities and auctions, also private purchases. We have 12 big shipping cartons which we are breaking down into smaller lots of 10 kg. Each will contain 15 – 20,000 stamps unchecked off paper plus albums, stocksheets, stockbooks, covers, minisheets etc. Virtually all is postally used with some mint, early to modern. There really is no telling what you might find in these lots. Price per 10kg lot, inc. Post and Insurance Australia Wide, around 3c per stamp $695. Supersized double lot for $1295 (post-paid) Half lot for $375 (post extra) Remember to choose World or Australia, or a mixture of both.

CMA3) Jersey Complete mint unhinged 1941-2017. Supplied in 5 Top quality German LINDNER T albums in matching slipcases. SG catalogue value £4,068 (=$A7,500) for stamps alone and albums are another $2000. Great condition - formed in Europe, so no rust. Books and stamps look almost as new. Appears 100% complete. The top quality German Lindner Albums with matching slipcases have mega thick quality pages, all stamps illustrated, and onto which is affixed a clear overlay (like a Vario sheet) with applicable pockets, into which you add the mint stamps and on the printed paper page underneath, you can then hinge on USED stamps if you want, of the same issue. i.e. the albums can house a mint AND used collection if you wish. Each book is lightly annotated in erasable soft 4B pencil with SG value alongside each set (took a full day to do it!) and we have –

1941 to 1990 SG value £385

1991 to 2002 SG value £629

2003 to 2008 SG value £827

2009 to 2013 SG value £1,092

2014 to 2017 SG value £1,133

SG total catalogue value £4,068. MASSIVE face/retail, lots of £5 stamps in here too. ANYTHING post 1990 is very tough for Jersey, and post 2000 near impossible. At 40% of cat. for the stamps and with $2000 worth of albums thrown in, this is remarkable value at just $2995

CJL5) Papua New Guinea 1990 - 1998 50 different Official First Day Covers, all clean unaddressed. Very cheap at $99

CJL6) As above, but 1990 – 2001, price $110

CJL13) China, People’s Republic. Wide ranging lot of 500 different mostly used, with brand new 64 black page padded German Made stockbook. Price $295

as above but AUSTRALIA only, same prices.

as above but 50% Australia and World, same prices.

CMMY7) Australia KGV Heads in red 16 page Lighthouse Stockbook. All 1.5d Red and Brown values, sorted by watermark. Must be some postmark interest etc. here. All good examples it looks like. Not checked by us for varieties, postmarks or shades. 1079 stamps. Price $649

CMMY10) Australia 1975 – 95 Australia Post un-addressed First Day covers, massive clearance. 100 different for $89, 250 mixed for $169, 500 mixed for $325, 1000 mixed for $595. Massive lot of 2000 mixed for $1100. (Duplication will be kept to a minimum in the mixed lots, depending upon stocks)

CMMY11) British Commonwealth, 1953 Coronation Covers, many with additional stamps & markings. Amazing lot of 65 small seamail covers virtually all to Melbourne. Wide variety of usages and cancels inc. Interbank mail, Official Mail, Registered Mail, Postage Dues, Taxed Covers, Meter Frankings, Perfins, etc. Mainly not FDCs, with a variety of cancels through 1953/54. Many better countries represented inc. Singapore, Hong Kong, North Borneo, Sarawak, Falkland Is., Gibraltar, Cayman Is., St. Helena, Tristan da Cunha, Ascension, Cyprus etc. Most are neat typed address. A superb addition to any Royalty or British Commonwealth Collection. Priced well under $6 a cover, $375 the lot.

A similar lot to the above, these all on Artcraft Cacheted covers, mostly light penciled address to Brooklyn, USA. Included GB Set of 4, plus the sets of 4 for Kuwait, Bahrein, Muscat and Tangier. Includes re-addressed and registered items. 36 covers in all again at less than $6 per cover, price $198

CMMY13) New Zealand 2001 – 2014 Collection in $60 64 Page as New Red Lighthouse Stockbook. Mostly one of each Mint Unhinged and very fine used with Circular cancel, appears complete for period. About 250 complete sets with a retail of around $3500. Priced very reasonably at 40% retail, price $1395

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