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Collections and lots

CAU1) Great Britain Decimal Collection 1971 – 1992 in as new $300 Lighthouse Red Padded Hingeless Album and Slipcase. Commemoratives are complete with minisheets & Smilers booklet panes etc. Mix of mint unhinged & used to 1979, then all fresh mint unhinged. Definitives and regionals are used and have a good degree of completion. Valuable lot with a retail of around $900 for the stamps, plus $300 for the very nice album. $1200 value here for just $595

CAU2) Sudan in 16 page Burgundy Stockbook. Appears to be 150 all different mostly postally used with a few mint. Price $89 

CAU3) Surinam 1873 – 1975 advanced collection in Davo Hingeless Album, SG cat. approx. £6,600. Noted 1873 – 1888 definitives complete mint light hinge (1g is vf cds used) 1911 overprints complete mng then virtually complete mint light hinge to 1960. From 1961 is fresh mint unhinged. A very clean collection with some present in both mint & used. Priced under 30% cat. at $3,795 (Lay by available)

CAU4) Amazing collection of Australia & Territories 1974 – 2012 very fine used. Looks to be very near if not totally complete inc. Australia, AAT, Cocos (Keeling) Is. & Christmas Is. All Australia postally valid issues including sets both domestic and international, minisheets & sheetlets. Housed in 7 large stockbooks and a thick stack of pages. All cancelled cto or by favour in either Melbourne or Cranbourne Vic. Most still with gum. Retail is HUGE! Very nearly $7000. A great opportunity to buy at well under a half…price $3250 (Lay by available)      

CMMY1) Papua New Guinea 1973 – 1992 complete mint unhinged collection in Brown Padded Seven Seas Hingeless Album & Slipcase.  Retail of stamps is $540 + and the cost of the album new is approx. $595. Total value here of $1135 for under 40% just $449

CMMY5) Papua New Guinea 1993 Year Album, stamps in place. Sydney retail $70, price $52.50 

CMM6) 10kg Carton of World Collections, ex. Estate in albums, stockbooks, packets, exchange sheets, Hagners etc. A real mishmash here, but did note some good Russia & Germany all periods, plus decent New Zealand, Norfolk Island,  Romania, Hungary, Poland etc. Pickings throughout, very little Australia. Sold as received, 1000’s of stamps, hours, nay days or weeks of fun! Price $449 

CMMY6a) A similar lot to the above, this one with very good Switzerland and Taiwan, plus a big bag of mostly USA off paper. Same price as above. $449

CMMY6b) Special deal, save $53 and take both of the above lots for only $845 

CMMY9) 1981 Royal Wedding mint unhinged collection in almost as new Blue Wessex padded binder on 32 as new Hagners. Comprises British Commonwealth letters C – S. Counted 32 compete sets, 61 sheetlets/minisheets. Binder & Hagners alone cost around $80. Priced around $1.75 per set & minisheet. The very nice album and Hagners come free. $162.50  

CMMY10) Australian Territories & Pacifics. 500 different Mint Unhinged mostly in complete sets. Will include Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Norfolk Is., Pitcairn Is, Samoa, AAT, plus possibly some Cocos (Keeling) Is.,  and Christmas Is. Very nice lot, mainly good thematics. Price $249

CMMY10A) As above 125 different blocks of 4, same price $249

CMMY13) Victoria 1901 – 1902 cto collection of 30 different ½d to 45/-, most from Official Presentation Set. Includes 6d Green SG 380 Inverted Wmk. Price $2695 

CMMY16) British Commonwealth mint unhinged collection 1980 – 1996 in large blue stockbook. Strength in Falkland Is. & Dependencies , Papua New Guinea, Fiji & Pitcairn Is.  plus much more. A very few with a little aging and a couple of sets lightly hinged. Counted 5 long definitive sets to £3 or £5 plus 70 commem. sets and 23 minisheets/sheetlets. Many good thematic sets here, ideal for expansion or even re-sale. Retail would have to be close to $600. Price under a half $295.

CMMY18) Germany all areas & periods from early Arms & Germania types to 1983. Plenty in Inflation Period & 3rd Reich Mint & used, with much fresh unhinged. Then WWII Allied Occupation issues plus decent array of West Germany & Berlin with many Charity sets mint unhinged or used. A small section of East Germany completes the picture, all housed neatly in chronological order in a $70 Black Prinz 64 Black Page Stockbook, as new. Must be close to 2000 all different stamps in generally way better than average condition. Price $495

CMMY19) Great Britain mostly used collection, Stanley Gibbons set of 3 Dark Blue padded Hingeless albums and slipcases 1840 – 1999 almost as new, cost to replace is $1001.00 I kid you not! Starts with 1854 1d plates, a complete set to No. 224, these alone worth $500 plus.  Then the 2d plates 7,8,9,12, 13 & 14. Good range of surface printed values to 1/- about 50 stamps plus the 2/6d & 5/- 1883 issue. KEVII is complete simplified to 5/- and KGV with both Wembley sets and 2/6d – 10/- Seahorses, again simplified. KGVI has all 11 high values inc. The £1 Silver Wedding. QEII pre-decimal is near complete, some of the Wilding Definitives mint unhinged, but in the wrong places. Assume all of these are the cheapest printings. A few better phosphor sets are also mint unhinged, inc. Geographical Congress. Near complete regionals complete the picture for volume 1. Vol. 2, 1971 – 1992 is very near complete with Mint Unhinged sets and Smiler booklet panes where used unavailable, many of the Machin Heads are also mint unhinged. Vol. 3, 1993 – 1999 is more sparse, and only about one third complete. Great lot, some in mixed condition but replacement cost stamp by stamp could easily be $3500 - $4000. Price $1950   

CMMY20) Great Britain used collection 1971 – 1997 in older dark blue springback album. Only Commemoratives and High Value Machins here, no small stamps. 25 plus years of GB here, pretty much complete with values to £5. Under $2 a year…$49 the lot! 

CMMY21) Great Britain 1992 – 2003 mostly complete fine used commemorative sets on stocksheets in new Blue Zip Portfolio File. Probably 500 stamps, all appear different and so would 125 different sets or so from this awkward period. A bit untidy as some have fallen out of the sheets, but great value at under $1 per set. Price $119  

CMMY23) United Nations New York 1951 – 1967 in 4 large near new black page stockbooks. These alone would cost at least $100 to replace. Most except a few very early are mint unhinged, appears complete with a single and a corner block of 4 of each, inc. scarce imperf minisheets. Comes complete with current Gibbons UN Catalogue priced at $59.50. SG Cat. £740 = close to $1500. Very cheap at $495 The lot.

CMMY24) South Africa Homelands, Bophuthatswana. 1977-89  Official Un-addressed first days cover in plastic cover pages. Wide range of themes inc. Flags, Birds, Coats of Arms, Religion, Disabled, Telephones, Scouting, Plants, Trees, Animals, Reptiles, Sports, Aircraft etc. 41 covers, very cheap at under $1.50 each, $59 the lot.   

CMMY25) Australia local and Trans-Australia railway covers, 1967 – 1969. Nice range on Hagner pages. Includes Coal Creek Vic., Zig Zag NSW, Pichi Richi SA, and Port Pirie to Kalgoorlie 50th Anniv. Most have pictorial cancels. 9 covers, price $89

CMMY26) New Zealand decimal dealer used stock in Red Leather Bound Ka-Be 32 page stockbook. Noted decimal Arms to $10, $10 Kiwi x 5 plus many other complete sets and high values. Most are clean circular cancels and may have postmark interest. Duplication from 1 to 8 of each. Guessing 1250 – 1500 stamps in all. Got to be worth 10c a stamp. Price $125

CMMY28) USA mostly mint unhinged on stock pages 1940’s to 1990’s, patriotic collection of Flags, Presidents, Wartime, Movies, Olympics, Artists & Writers, Singers, Actors etc. Also 1982 & 1984 year sets in folder & book. Very clean lot, inc. many blocks and sheetlets. High face/catalogue/retail. Counted 390 stamps. Under 50c a stamp, price $189   

CF4) Greenland, 200 different mint unhinged. Nice lot at under 60c per stamp. $119

CF5) Iceland, 300 different mint unhinged. Attractive lot, inc. imperfs. Cheap at $99

CF6) Papua New Guinea Big lot of 1000 mint unhinged, 1952 - 2000 values to 5K. Includes blocks, minisheets etc. Many, many complete sets. Price $495

CF6a) As above, but lot of 500. Price $259

CF14) Kev’s Junky box lots. Choose from World or Australia or a mixture of both. Do not expect the earth these are remnant collections/accumulations mostly in stockbooks or cover albums and will contain duplication. Never know what you might get, but great value, we just need more space on our bookshelves. 5kg lot for $139, 10kg for $249, 20kg for $449.

CEJ1) World cover accumulation predominantly 1970s-2000s some earlier including 1930’s flight cover, Ross Dependency 1959 Scott Base illustrated and 1963 regal visit covers, Christmas is 1959 set on FDC; Also Australia pre-decimal FDCS (foxing), special event covers, and other FDCS from AAT, NZ and PNG; few stamps seen incl. MUH NZ Health M/S. Great lot for re-seller/eBayer etc. All housed in 13 as new/near new quality FDC albums Inc. Lighthouse, Gibbons, Lindner. Cost of albums alone to buy now around $325 (many 100s of covers) Price $449 

CEJ2) Australia - first day & commemorative covers: 1970S- early 2000S FDCS array in kiwi fruit carton, ALL appear unaddressed, many of the 1990s-2000s covers still in their Australia Post display packs, a few internationals also a few PSES; generally very fine. (FEW 100s) Great re-seller lot. Price $285

CEJ3) Australia - first day & commemorative covers: 1970S-2000S decimal array with earlies including 1971 Christmas 7c BLOCK OF 7, plus many others early sets on non-generic APO covers; noughties era with M/S to $10, sheetlets etc, all in very fine unaddressed condition. Huge retail potential! (about 1250) very cheap at around 50 cents each. Price $645

CEJ4) Australia. Deceased New Issue Dealer’s FDC new issue stock. 1971 – 2007 all unaddressed Post Office covers. Quantities vary from 1 to 5 or more of each. Very clean re-saleable stock. Around 3000 covers. Price under 60c each, $1795

CNO4) Papua New Guinea 1989 & 1990 Year Books. Perfect as issued condition. Sydney retail $90, price $67.50 the two!

CNO11) Guernsey 1969 – 1976 FDC Collection. Noted 1969 Definitives to £1 plus 1d & 1/6d latitude changes & booklet panes, then appears complete with all commemoratives and definitives. All but 1 un-addressed and mainly official covers. A bit of minor duplication where 2 different cachets are extant. 47 covers. Very good value at under $3 each. $139

CNO12) A follow on lot from the above, 1977 – 1983. Values to £5. Noted coin s definitives, inc. booklet panes, birds, planes, Royalty etc. 44 different covers here. Very cheap at under $2 each. Price $85 

CNO13) Jersey 1969 – 73 FDC Collection. Nice clean lot commencing 1969 Definitives to £1 then looks complete to end of 1973. 31 different covers, mostly official & all un-addressed. Very clean lot, under $4 each, price $119 

CNO14) As above, follow on collection 1974 -79. 43 covers, mostly official and all un-addressed. Price $3 each, $129

CNO15) As above, 1980-84. Another follow on lot, these on unaddressed Mercury covers. Noted values to £5. 33 covers here, priced well at under $3 each. $95

CNO16) Isle of Man FDC Collection 1974 – 83. Mostly Mercury covers, all unaddressed, or small peelable label. Values to £2. Colourful and thematic lot, noting Motorcycle TT Races, Scouts, Royalty, Birds Definitives to £1 etc. 26 different covers, under $4 each, price $98

CNO17) Jersey & Guernsey Postal Stationery collection 1969 – 1980’s, fresh mint in as new Cumberland Album, worth $50 new. Noted uprated Aerogrammes, International Reply Coupons perfined JE, and uprated, plus registered envelopes in various sizes. Also Scouts and Rotary related items. 51 pieces in total, very cheap at under $3 each, $149 the lot.

CNO21) Nauru MUH & Fine used (cto) collection on leaves and Hagner 1937 - 1977 - Inc 7 complete definitive sets, with a bit of duplication. Fresh MUH and/or fresh CTO with gum etc. Current retail is $245. 40 years of stamps represented here for under $3.50 a year! Near half of retail, $139

CNO24) Malaysia & States Coll 1867-1979 SG value £2,070 = $4,000+ for under 20% cat. Housed in a large 4 ring red binder, on pages and Hagner sheets. Mint and used and bought very cheap in a large Estate, so out it goes! Supplied with a list and each page annotated with Cat. value for easy checking. Odd stamp adhered to page, but probably easily salvaged with a little care. Extensive BMA section with mint to $2, used to $5, Malacca, Negri 1949 UPU set fine used, Perak mint, near 1000 stamps in total, possibly more. Fantastic basis for a new collection of this super popular area, or to add to your existing. Price $795 

CNO27) French Territories & Colonies 1937. Exposition Internationale - Art Et Techniques. The full set of 24 IMPERF minisheets sheets – all MUH superbly presented in near new quality Black Galleon 20 pages with clear interleaving and black pages, usual few blemishes due to 82 years of age, and the curly European gum arabic used. Extra sheets of 6 as per list, making 30 sheets in all. Scott Cat $US550 = $A800 and Yvert 450 Euro. Superb recess printed intaglio steel engraved, in a range of different designs and formats, some 2 colour. Afrique sheet x 2, Cameroun sheet, Cote d'Ivore sheet, Dahomey sheet, Inde sheet x 2, Guinee sheet, Guyana sheet, Guadeloupe sheet, Indochina sheet, Inini sheet, Kouang-Tcheou Sheet x 2, Madagascar sheet, Martinique sheet, Mauritania sheet, Niger sheet, Nouvelles Calédonie sheet, Oceanic French Establishments sheet, Reunion sheet x 2, Senegal sheet Somalia sheet, St. Pierre et Miquelon sheet, Soudan sheet x 2, Togo sheet & Wallis & Futuna sheet. Full Set 24 different – plus Extras x 6 = 30 Total sheets. Price $349 

MOC22) Germany WW1 Feldpost Postcards, inc. Real Photographic, many groups of soldiers, cavalryman with horse and sweetheart  etc. Many clear date readable cds postmarks and various Feldpost markings. As usual for these, no stamps, as not available in the field. 92 items in way better than usual condition for these. $1150 the lot.

MOC28) Norfolk Is. 1960 Christmas – end 1987 complete in as new $250 Brown Seven Seas Padded Hingeless Album with Slipcase. Retail of stamps approx. $500 so $750 retail value here for $449 (1947 – 1959 could be provided for an additional $295)

CJL 1 – 9, KGV Heads Collection in Hagner Pages. All housed in Australia Post Padded Black Binders. Condition generally above average, there are some stamps with aging, but this would be less than 1% of the total stamps.

Ask about a special price for the lot! Details below:

CJL1) 4d Single wmk, Orange, Lemon shades etc. Mint & Used on Hagner pages, organised by shades. Inc. many perf OS, annotated varieties inc. Line Through Fourpence, inverted wmks etc. A very nice lot many with dated postmarks. 326 stamps, price $4650

CJL2) 4d Violet single wmk. A very good lot with many mint inc. a block of 10 mint unhinged! All on Hagner pages with annotated varieties Thin Fourpence etc. 121 stamps total. Price $4650

CJL4) 1/4d Single wmk. Collection on Hagner pages, mint & used. Includes annotated varieties inc. Thick 1 at right mint. Also perf. OS. 127 stamps total, Price $3300

CJL9) C of A wmk. Extensive collection mint & used on Hagner Pages inc. plate blocks, imprint pairs and blocks, large positional blocks, annotated varieties etc. 2093 stamps inc. well over 100 x 1/4d value. Price $9895


CJL10) Papua New Guinea Mint Unhinged Collection 1952 – 1990, 99.99% complete, missing only the scarce Postage Due SG D1a, and the few Specimen Overprint Stamps. Housed in an absolutely as new Red Padded Ka-Be Hingeless Album and slipcase, retail value $599! The Sydney Retail of the stamps is approx. $1150 so a total value here of $1749. Priced under half retail at $859

CJL11) West Germany 1975 – 1990 Complete Mint Unhinged In Brown Padded Lighthouse Hingeless Album, absolutely as new. Album cost alone $485! Stamps retail approx. $375, a total value here of $860 for less than a third $285 the lot!  

CJL13) Worldwide Christmas Stamps collection 1981-1982 in Lindner Green Hingeless Album. Comprises 68 complete issues plus 10 minisheets/sheetlets mint unhinged, also a number of FDC’s Maximum Cards and Aerogrammes. A few album leaves are a little aged, but contents are fine. Christmas is one of the most popular themes. Great value at $159

CJL19) Police Thematics. Worldwide collection on this theme. Amazing lot, early to modern in 14 large blue folders. Extremely well written up with stamps, covers, postcards & ephemera. Many 1000’s of items organised by country, must be seen to be believed! Noted Sierra Leone KGV SG 179 mint, cat. £300, Fiji 1950 KGVI £1 mint light hinge and 1954 QEII £1 MUH, these two cat. £87, France Napoleon III imperf, inc. 40c & 80c both fine used 4 margins, cat. £89, plus others cat. a few £100.  Also Papua 1932 5/- mint cat. £70, GB 1846 Free Front, signed by Sir Robert Peel, founder of the British Police Force, NSW 1895 Letter from Mudgee Gaol, 2 x 1899 Qld. Reg’d OHMS letters to Commissioner of Police, Brisbane, S A  1892 OHMS Cover from Stockade Labour Prison, with Stockade cds. About 1200 pages all up, and 90% are full.  Weighs over 20kg. Price $2695 

CJL21) Hungary substantial collection 1881 - 1967 in 4 dark blue post style albums. Very good degree of completeness with most being fresh mint lightly hinged, or unhinged from 1965. A great opportunity to obtain a fine lot in way better than average condition. Price $895

CJL22) Tuva, 1926 – 1936 fresh mint lightly hinged and cto used on album leaves.  73 stamps cat. £190, inc. the 1934 set imperf. Rarely seen in such a grouping. Price $165

CMA4) Great Britain Mint Unhinged Collection 1989 -1999 in near new Red Lighthouse 48 Page Stockbook. Includes Definitives, Commemoratives, Regionals and Booklet panes. Retail approx. $1150. Also includes a fair bit of used in blocks which has not been valued. Around 1200 stamps. Price $595

CMAP3) Cyprus. Lovely Mint Unhinged Colln. Accumulation on stockcards Queen Victoria to KGVI. Mostly Very fresh unhinged lot odd minor fault as usual with these lots. Highlights include  inc. SG 75, 17 x 4, 19, 46 x 4, 22 x 4, 92 x 2,  130 x 2 and 163. Some plate No. singles, SG 60, 74, 87  plus a good number of blocks of 4, some with sheet Nos. Total SG 2017 Catalogue value, and remember prices for pre. 1937 are for hinged, which are worth at least double, is 2827.50 pounds. Nice lot for research or resale. Current AUD$4800 plus at 10/4/17. Priced at under a third $1595.

CD3) Nauru from 1954 complete to beginning of 2000, plus a couple of later 2000 sets Mint Unhinged in Seven Seas Dark Blue Album and Slipcase as new. Stamp retail $825 plus Album is around $375 new. Total value here of $1200 for just $675

CD4) The above 2 lots, CD2 & CD3 for $1775, a further saving of  $95

CS29) France. Substantial 99% complete used collection to 2001 in 3 Lighthouse Illustrated Hingeless Albums, with slipcases. Huge catalogue/resale value, persons interested in a purchase into 5 figures which could be split into several payments should contact us. Price is negotiable.

MJL5) Mystery or Clearance boxes, seems every dealer has these, we are no exception! Stamps, Covers, Collections, Packets, huge variety & value. Better than the average clearance lot. Ask for Australia, Worldwide or Mixed. 2kg lot for $169, 5kg for  $395, Best value lot 10kg for $695

MJL9) Olympics and Sports, 1924 – Modern Collection in Brown Leather-look 32 page stockbook. Includes both mint & used sets, and is a bit disorganised, but I managed to count at least 175 complete sets. Most are Olympics but there are other sports issues and some bits and pieces of other countries/topics which are not counted in the value. Has to be easily worth $1.50 a set across the board. Price $259

MJL12) Ireland mini collection. All fresh mint unhinged, and mainly complete sets from the mid. 1980’s 50 different stamps. Price $49

MJL24) Papua New Guinea mint unhinged stock 1952 – 2002 in 2 x Brown Davo 64 page stockbooks. Massive lot ideal re-seller, Ebayer or hoarder! Pre-decimals are sparse, but then later sets up to 20 of each. I guestimate there would be 2500 sets total her if not more, with the average retail per set around $5. So that is around $12,500 retail. This is a real steal for someone at ONLY 20% OF RETAIL $2495 FOR THE LOT!

CJE2) Pitcairn Island. Mint unhinged collection 1967 – 1986, housed in near new Seven Seas Hingeless Green Padded Album. Cost $165 new. Sydney retail of the stamps is approx. $385. A total value here of $550 for just $389

CJE6) Australia Territories and Pacifics, mint unhinged sets. Countries include Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, Nauru, Samoa, Papua New Guinea plus maybe some from Fiji, Cocos and Pitcairn etc. Please let us know if you wish to have any country omitted.   Very high catalogue/retail. Wide range with plenty of thematic interest here. 25 different sets $49, 50 different sets $110, 100 different sets $225, 250 different sets $589

CO10) Australia Post 2006 Commonwealth Games folder, containing 17 sheetlets and 5 stamps released for the Commonwealth Games. The stamps are selling fine commercially used for around $2.50 each, which gives you a vast retail of $325, and these are mint unhinged.  My price for the lot of 130 plus stamps is $195

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