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Collections & Lots

Important: Collections and lots are returnable for credit only if significantly mis-described. No cash refunds on these.

CJE1) Australia 2007/2008 duplicated used ranges in Good Condition Black 32 page leather bound black  stockbook. Very good lot for re-seller as contains many of the harder to find items like the Zodiac series. Not a vast number of stamps, but the stockbook new is worth $75. Cheap price just $39

CJE2) Australia 1999/2003 duplicated used ranges in Red Lighthouse 32 page stockbook. Good lot for re-seller and contains many better values and full sets. Seems like 750 – 1000 stamps with some Faces of Australia, 2000 Olympics Winners, Paralympics etc. Got to be worth 5c a stamp, price $49  

CJE3) Barbados KGV - QEII modest collection in near new $30 red 32 page stockbook. Noted 1970 QEII Definitives to $5 complete MUH cat. £55, this alone worth our asking price for the lot, plus other ranges of mint & postally used. 120 different stamps. Priced well at $89 and the nice stockbook is free. 

CJE4) Norfolk Is. 1947 - 1988 Complete Mint Unhinged per ASC in Brown Padded Seven Seas Hingeless Album as new. Stamps retail $900 plus the album $450. A total retail here of $1350 for just $595 

CJE5) Nauru 1916 - 1982 virtually complete in Brown Padded Seven Seas Hingeless Album. Comprises KGV set to 1/- , Freighters to 1/-, 1935 Jubilee, 1937 Coronation. All of these are fresh mint lightly hinged. All of QEII 1954 - 1982 are mint unhinged. Missing only 6 stamps to complete the album, the 3 Seahorses and the 3 higher value Freighters.   Retail of the album new  is $185, plus the Sydney retail of the stamps approx. $500, so a total replacement value here of $685 for just $295 

CJE4) South Africa Homelands in Maroon Binder. Wide range 1976 -1993 comprising mint unhinged and used sets & singles plus minisheets. Roughly 850 - 950 stamps with a very high degree of completion. Probably close to  200 complete sets here. A very good lot for just $329 

CJE5) South Arica 1910 - 2002 in 3 large stockbooks. Very good degree of completion inc. KGV to 10/- complete defins. inc. coils, 1935 Jubilee (8) complete in singles postally used. KGVI is a mix of mint & used as is QEII with some MUH blocks of 4 . Many sets present in both MUH & Used. Easily 2250 - 2500 here with probably 500 complete sets/minisheets! Price $745  

CJE6) Hong Kong 1880 – 1997 British rule period, mostly used collection on leaves. Tidy lot with KGV to $2, KGVI appears complete simplified to $5 plus Centenary, Peace and UPU sets. QEII period also virtually complete inc. $5 1st definitives in block of 4, FFH, Red Cross, ITU, ICY & Churchill sets all there. 379 stamps, has to be worth $1 each! price $379

CJE7) Samoa. Seven Seas Album, near new 1962 – 1998 with virtually complete collection to 1982 Scouts, plus hingeless pages for all issues to end of 1998. 1962 – 1965 is fine used, then mostly mint lightly hinged to end of 1981. The last 3 sets are unhinged. Only 2 stamps missing, the $1 & $2 of the 1967 Birds definitives, the top $4 value is present in mint unhinged. Album alone would cost $450 new, plus there are 109 sets and minisheets. Great lot to build on, very cheap at under $2 a set and the valuable album comes free! Price $215

CJE8) British Commonwealth minisheets 1974 - 2000. A very nice collection of 50 different mint unhinged from around the Commonwealth. Very colourful thematic lot with emphasis on Pacifics. Noted Christmas Is., Norfolk Is., Pitcairn Is., Samoa, Solomon Is., Falkland Is. etc. (2 lots available) Price $98 

CJE9) Thematics, Worldwide sets & singles in Grey Padded 32 black page stockbook and small album. Ex. Part-Time dealers' stock. All better themes, inc. Dinosaurs, Elephants, Frogs, Turtles, Bears, Aircraft, Steam trains, Cars, Shells, Sailing ships, Soccer, Olympics, Horses, Disney, etc. Most cto, some mint. Duplication mostly 1 to 5 of each. Counted around 150 sets, singles and odds not counted. Under $1 a set, great value at $135 

CJE10) Latvia pre- WWII used stock in Elephant Leather Bound Green 32 page stockbook in very extremely good condition. Dealers favour these rugged books which seemingly last forever. Contains a duplicated used stock of mainly 1938 - 1940 issues most with readable and dated cancels. Around 600 stamps, with some better values. Great for study or postmark specialist. Must have at least £1000 catalogue value. Priced cheaply at $179
CJE11) Australian States, starter collection of 50 all face different, includes Imperfs, Perf OS, State Perfins, OS Overprints etc. May include shade varieties, but unchecked for perforations or watermarks. Very good lot with no heavy cancels, thins tears or creases. Under $2 each, price $98

CJE12)  Australian States, large starter collection of 100 all different, includes Imperfs, Perf OS, State Perfins, OS Overprints etc. May include shade varieties, but unchecked for perforations or watermarks. Very good lot with no heavy cancels, thins tears or creases. Under $2 each, price $195

CMM1) Worldwide carton lot, with Albums, Covers, Post Office Packs etc. Literally could be anything here, weighs 16kg. Contains 100s of Worldwide covers, commercial & first day, old fast bound Illustrated albums, Seven Seas Albums etc. etc plus some loose stamps. A REAL SORTERS PARADISE! Price $749

CMM4) Bhutan on album leaves, 1962 – 1970. Near complete for period mint lightly hinged with many complete sets. About 150 all different. Price $75

CMM5) Australia 1913 – 1990 mainly used collection in Green KEK Leather Bound 32 black page stockbook. Commences Kangaroos with values to 2/- brown, KGV to 1/4d (mint) 9d MacArthur, 2/- Jubilee & 1/- Anzac, all mint light hinge, then mostly complete ex. Robes, £2 Arms & Sterling Navigators. A good lot with mostly circular cancels. 2250 – 2500 mostly all different. About 7.5c per stamp. Price $179 

CMM7) United Nations New York 1951 – 75 mostly mint unhinged in older Lighthouse red padded 48 black page stockbook. Also International Labour Office ovpts. on Switzerland etc, and range of Geneva UNO again mostly MUH. Roughly 225 stamps mostly in sets, good value at $110

CMM13) Persia Collection on stockcards and leaves, mint and used 1879 – 1920. Many good sets and singles noted inc 1881 25c SG 61a mint cat £200, plus 1912 Officials set fine used cat. £145. The better items alone cat. total £885 plus reminders on album leaves not counted. Lovely lot, 150 to 200 stamps. Price $475

CMM16) Iceland 1876 - 1957. Very nice collection on 20 Hagner pages in near new Red Padded Hagner Binder. Most postally used with some mint. High degree of completion with a catalogue price of £3270 in SG Simplified Stamps of the World. However, there are many shades and perf. variations here that would bring that up to around £4000. Vary good value at around 30% cat. $2225

CMM17) Christmas Is. 1st Day Covers collection pretty well complete 1958 – 1992 in thick ring binder. Mostly unaddressed official covers inc. all definitive sets plus overprinted issues and the very scarce Abbots Booby WWF minisheet overprinted for the NZ 1990 Exhibition, 1st time we have sighted this cover! 117 cover in all, supplied with a priced list and dealer’s price list. Retail in excess of $700. Price $419

CMM18) Switzerland, lovely collection 1862 – 2000 in older Green Springback album. Appears 90% complete for the period. Noted 15c SG 132A cat. £42, 1900 UPU set, cat. £70, 3f Brown SG 157A cat £42, 3c Blue on Buff, SG 256a Cat. £38, 80c on 70c SG 301 cat. £32, 1923 Airs 35c, 40c & 2f, cat. £185, 1935 10c on 15c SG 358 cat. £60, 40c on 20c and 40c on 90c cat. £29 each, Pro Juventute issues virtually complete from 1918, huge catalogue in these. All this mostly used, then mixture of mint & used, some unhinged from about 1940. A lovely lot, probably close to 2000 stamps pretty well all different. Price $925    

CMM20) South Africa earlies on album pages in green binder. Commences Cape of Good Hope. Commences Facsimile 1/- Cape of Good Hope Triangular, then Hope types seated and standing  x 41 to 1/-, some nice shades here. KEVII also to 1/-. Natal Queen Victoria to 1/- x 14, KEVII to 6d x 9. Orange Free State and Orange River Colony x 26 to 1/- , Transvaal x 93 with KEVII set of 12 to 10/- plus extra shade of 2/6d plus 2/- SG 257, cat. £250 plus, also 1904 to £1 chalky paper, cat   £70. About 150, mostly all different with shade and postmark potential. Price $475

NO59) Massive Worldwide Postcards Collection 19th Century to quite recent, apparently all different (approx. 1200 items), many postally Used to Australia, may include inc. Cook Islands, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, Vatican & Vietnam. Wide range of views & scenes inc. many Tourist Attractions.  Mixed Unused /Used. Good overall condition. (1200+ available) Suit collector, hoarder, re-seller or Ebayer!  Just see what this stuff sells for online! Under $1 each! 100 for $89, 250 for $210, 500 for $399, 1000 for $759, the lot of 1200 for $869

CNO6) Gambia. Fresh Mint Unhinged collection 1979 - 1989 in an as new luxury $40 Green Padded Ka-Be 32 black page stockbook. Appears well complete for the period with 295 stamps & 38 minisheets. Very high retail/catalogue value and heaps of thematic interest here. Price $245

CMN4) Christmas Island First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1970 – 2000. 50 different for $89

CMN8) Papua New Guinea First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1967 – 2000. 50 different for $89

CNO17) Cocos (Keeling) Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1989 – 2011, commencing Sydney/Emden Gutter strip and minisheet. Great value and huge retail value. Price $125

CNO18) Cocos (Keeling) Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1981 – 1988, Inc. Coconut Minisheet. Great value and huge retail value. Price $99

CNO20) Christmas Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1996 – 2010, Inc. Chinese New Year issues & minisheets. Great value and huge retail value. Price $125

CNO21) Christmas Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1983 – 2006, Inc. Chinese New Year issues & minisheets. Great value and huge retail value. Price $119

CNO33) Canada Jan. 2009 – Mar. 2014 Mint unhinged, complete except for a very few booklet stamps. Housed in 94 brands new Lighthouse Illustrated pages retail $500 plus! (Binders and slipcases (2 required) could be supplied at additional cost) Also some extra stamps in 5 Hagner pages. Stamps retail approx $1500, so a total $2000 value here for just $1150.

CNO41) France. 1946 – 1960 Complete fresh mint unhinged. On as new Safe Dual pages. (Excludes the 1960 “back of book item” Council of Europe set). Cat. £3000 plus. Pages cost $250. Priced very cheaply at under 40% cat. $2195


CMS3a) Great Britain 1971 – 2002 Dealer stock in large Red Fil-I-Safe red stockbook with dust cover. Mixture of mint unhinged and used sets, with duplication up to 4 sets of each. Guestimate roughly 1000 complete sets! Must be easily $2000 - $2500 of retail value here maybe more. Very reasonably priced at $725

CMS3b) Old Spirax sketchbook with Colln. Australia pre-decimal mint & used. Commences Kangaroos ½d – 2/- Brown inc. some perf OS, noted 4d & 5d Large OS, 3rd wmk 6d Chestnut perf OS mint light hinge, 3rd wmk 2/- Maroon perf OS, etc. (32) KGV Heads x 135 inc. 3 x 1/4d, 6d Engraved Kooka average. Used,  1/- Anzac x 3 used inc. horiz. Pair, plus MLH. & lots more. Around 500 stamps, price $775

CMS3c) Mostly mint unhinged Australia pre-decimal in Green KEK stockbook. with many imprint blocks & blocks of 4 to 3/-. Too many to count as overlapped but must be 750 plus stamps. Well worth 50c per stamp average, price  $375

CMS4) British Commonwealth 1983 Commonwealth Day set of FDC’s in as new large blue padded album. 53 covers each with the full set of stamps, country coats of arms and coloured drawings of each parliament Building. Very clean impressive lot that cost the original purchaser about $500. Price just $69

CMS4a) Spain & Colonies, about 1,000 mostly all different postally used early to modern on 56 x near new 6 to 8 strip Hagner pages. Housed in equally near new Lighthouse Blue Padded 4 ring binder. New price for the binder & Hagners alone = $130 plus. Price for the lot $169

CMS5a) Australia collection, used 1913 – 1992. Housed on 61 x near new Hagner pages, 6 – 8 strip in Lighthouse Blue padded 4 ring binder, also near new. Cost of these alone when new $140 plus. Condition a bit mixed, especially in the pre-decimals, but a good range of decimals, and many complete sets. About 1000, mostly different. Price $149

CMS7) 1978/79 United Nations 25th Anniv. FDC collection in light blue padded album with Silver UN Logo. 62 covers from a range of countries. Nice clean lot, as new. Album cost $40, and covers $6.95 each, so a new cost of around $470. Selling at under $1 per cover, the album is free. Price $59

CMS11) Australia 1914 1d Reds, Single Wmk in Green Lighthouse 60 page stockbook. Approx 1,950 stamps. Came from a varieties collector, but stated to be unchecked for shades & postmarks. Very clean lot neatly set out. Priced at 50c per stamp $975.

CMS12) Australia 1914-1950’s OFFICIAL PERFINS ARRAY MOSTLY USED INCLUDING KGV SINGLE WMK PERF 'OS/NSW' 4d LEMON, 4d ULTRAMARINE (2) & 4½d VIOLET, PERF 'OS' ROUGH PAPER 5d BRIGHT CHESTNUT, SMULT P13½X12½ 4d OLIVE PERF 'OS' & PERF 'G/NSW' MINT, ROOS Sml MULTI PERF 'OS' 6d, 9d & 1/- MINT, 6d LARGE KOOKA PERF 'G/NSW' MINT (2), RANGE OF LATER 'G/NSW', 'VG' AND 'T' PERFINS; nice clean lot on leaves. (300+) Cheap at around $2.50 a stamp, $795

CMS13) South Africa earlies to 1994, mainly mint unhinged in large green stockbook. Odd stamp with some toning, but 99.5% are fresh mint unhinged. About 75 mint unhinged sets inc. Framas and several long definitive sets, plus 22 minisheets and 4 booklets. A lovely lot. Priced very reasonably at $195

CMS16) Great Britain 1981 – 1984 Benham Silk covers in huge Dark Blue Ring Binder, alone worth $75 new. 160 different covers plus some extras. These sell at $4 - $5 each on Ebay. A huge Ebay value here of $700 plus the album…nice lot, possibly suitable for re-sellers.  My price under a half, $349

CMS19) Fiji 1970 – 1999 mint unhinged collection in as new Lighthouse brown padded hingeless album. 130 complete sets/minisheets with a retail value of $895, plus a few extras, plus the album which cost approx $300. $1195 value here for way under half price…. $549 the lot.

CMS24) GREAT BRITAIN: 1968-2015 COLLECTION NEATLY PRESENTED in 16 mostly 16 to 64 page Lighthouse or Ka-Be Black page STOCKBOOKS WITH DECIMALS LARGELY COMPLETE FOR THE PERIOD MUH INCLUDING M/Sheets & SOME BOOKLETS, PLUS REGIONALS, IN ADDITION MANY SETS ARE DUPLICATED in very fine used to 2003 TOTAL Retail Value well exceeds $6,000 (1000’s) Amazing lot for the avid collector or re-seller. Price $3995

MJL1) Australia 1914 - 1965 complete Mint Unhinged collection (excluding Kangaroos and KGV Heads) in black padded Lighthouse Leather Grain Hingeless Album with slipcase. Absolutely compete, with 6d Engraved Kookaburra, Kookaburra minisheet, 5/- Harbour Bridge, Robes both thick and thin paper to £1, 3d White Wattles & Die 1a, Arms to £2 and 5/- thin paper, 5/- Stockman White paper, Navigators set of 8 inc. White Papers, also Helicon papers. The as new album alone retails at $375 and the stamps in excess of $5800, so a total of $6175 if purchased individually. Price $4750

MJL2) Austria Balloon Mails 1949 - 1956. Well written (typed) up collection in Olive Green padded 22 ring binder. 18 covers in extremely fine condition, including 1 to Melbourne. Mostly un-addressed or typed address. Very fine and scarce lot. Price $595

MJL3) Collection of Spanish Colonies stamps 1940 to 1961 - MUH & MLH SG value £370, inc. Morocco, Tanger, Rio Muni, Rio d'Oro, and IFNI A tough era to see offered, and a great lot on Hagners. Condition a tad mixed on some cheaper items, but all the higher cat sets are fresh clean superb MVLH or MUH. A terrific lot for Spanish Colony or Worldwide collectors - when do you see these better sets offered ANYWHERE? Cat £370 = $A740, and a nice lot at just $389

MJL8) San Marino 1967 – 1989. 103 x large Registered airmail covers to Melbourne from the San Marino Philatelic Bureau bearing multiple frankings of nice complete sets. Similar covers have been seen on eBay for as much as $60 each! Commences 1967 Flowers to 1989 Architecture block of 4. Lovely lot! Price just $15 each, $1545

MJL11) Luscious leftovers! Stuff we do not know what to do with. May contain any or all of the following: Small collections not large enough to offer individually, packets and loose both on and off paper, complete sets and minisheets mint unhinged, covers both philatelic and commercial, some from our own incoming mail, Post Office Packs, stockbooks of stamps early to modern. Ask for Australia only or all World. 5kg for $139, 10kg for $259, 20kg for $495

CA11) Singapore. Excellent collection mint and used KGVI – 2009 with a very high degree of completeness. KGVI has SG 1-15 and 16 -30 mint and used, 1948 Wedding pair mint, 1949 UPU mint & used etc., from QEII appears mint unhinged plus used of each in most cases. A great lot housed in around 75 as new Hagners and Black Padded Binder with Slipcase. Retail of these alone is $175! Just the better items have been catalogued, and these come to £1520, plus there are heaps not added into the total. Retail would be very high, in the order of $1650 - $1750. These lots rarely come along…great value at $995 the lot.

CA12) Norway 1855 – 1995 Used Collection in Davo Illustrated Album. Good range of Officials, Dues etc. SG Cat. in 2014 was £3500 plus. Includes a passable SG1 and is near complete 1938 – 1993. Norway collections are rarely available here in Australia. Album cost would be around $300 new. Very well priced at below 25% cat. Price $1549

CMF4) Papua New Guinea complete mint unhinged 2000 – 2011 in an as new Seven Seas Brown padded hingeless album with slipcase.  Retail for album alone is $250 plus and the stamps $2340, so a total of near $2600. Our price under a half at $1250.

CMF10) Australia or Worldwide, your choice. Mishmash of stamps, covers, post office packs, recent incoming mail from overseas etc, booklets, complete mint unhinged sets, minisheets etc. You name it, it may well be here! 1kg lot for $95, 2kg for $179, 5kg for $425, 10kg for $795. Massive 20kg lot for $1495

CMF13) Tasmania cds cancels circa. 1905 – 1909 on postcards in Orange padded Cover album. 36 cards in total with many better cancels. Includes Frankford, Jetsonville, Detention River, Zeehan, Bothwell, Mount Direction, Ranelagh Junction, Newnham, Richmond, Russell, Richmond Station, Broadmarsh, Bishopsbourne, White Hills, Latrobe, Levendale, Tunbridge,  Augusta Gate, Penguin, Hobart, Longford, Spalford, Woodsdale, Upper Huon, Burnie, Lefroy, Hamilton, Fern Tree, Woodbury, York Plains, Somerset, Railton, Pyengana, Scottsdale &  Westbury. Views include Falls Hut, Mt. Wellington, Fern Tree, Silver Falls, Penguin, River Tamar, Devonport, Hobart, Launceston, Hobblers Bridge & cataract Gorge in Flood. A fine lot! Price $1175

CMF15) Jamaica 1880’s – 1995 on 13 near new Hagner pages in black binder. One of a recently deceased part-time dealer’s display books. Mixture of mint, mint unhinged and used, priced up some years ago at around $380. Nice clean lot 138 stamps & 13 minisheets. Price $289

CMF18) Antigua 1915 - 1986 on 27 near new Hagner pages in black binder. One of a recently deceased part-time dealer’s display books. Mixture of mint, mint unhinged and used, priced up some years ago at $345 plus. Nice clean lot 340 plus stamps & 69 minisheets. Price $259

CMD11) World Cup Soccer 1982 Official First Day Cover collection housed in 2 blue Rexine boxes of issue with Gold Logo & Text. 70 covers, each with colour cachet of the country’s flag together with descriptive text on insert card. Each bear relevant stamp with First Day Cancel. Virtually as issued. Price under $1 each, $69 the lot.

CMD21) Falkland Is. & Dependencies. About 90 complete fine used (cto) sets 1935 – 1990’s on a stack of near new Hagner pages. Commences 1935 Jubilee, then 1949 UPU plus most sets complete with several long definitive sets. Huge retail/catalogue value. Priced to clear at under $4 a set. $359 the lot.

MF18) Australia Collection in Green Binder on Seven Seas Pages, contains lovely used collection, with many cto from Official folder. Noted, simplified Kangaroos to 5/-, 3d & 6d Kookaburras cto, KGV 4.5d Die II cto, Kingsford Smith pair ovpt. OS and nearly all KGV Commem period cto (No 5/- Bridge) Robes sets both thick and thin paper, Navigators set of 8 inc. white papers, then virtually complete to end 1975, all cto or very fine used. A great lot. Price $1425

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