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Mid - Late December 2020


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CMD1) World mostly postally used in 4 large stockbooks. Must be close to 6000 stamps all different. Mainly large, from 19th Century to quite modern. Weighs around 8kg. Very good lot and under 4c per stamp! Price $239 

CMD2) Our own incoming mail from about the past 6 months, plus maybe a bit addressed to others. Good lot of Australia & World. About 1kg, $95

CMS1) Australia “Junk” Box. Stamps, albums, stockbooks, Hagner pages, Covers, loose stamps on & off paper. You name it, it may well be included! Must be at least 15 - 20,000 stamps in a 20kg box for $495. Half size 10kg for $249. A great sorting lot.

CMS3) Australia Decimal Official Un-addressed FDC’s 1980 - 1988 just 50c each! Way, way below face value. 100 different for $49

CMS5) United Nations New York Office 1960’s – 1980’s Unaddressed First Day covers, mainly Official or Artcraft cachets. 100 different, less than 50c each, $49

CMS6) Netherlands 1970’s – 80’s Official NVPH Unaddressed First Day covers. 62 different. Under $1 each, price $59

CMS7) Netherlands Antilles 1962 – 1965 mostly Official Unaddressed First Day Covers. Hard to find, 15 different. Minor aging here and there. Price $29

CMS9) Stack of Album leaves, mainly British Commonwealth, strength in Africa. Nothing after about 1974. Noted Nigeria KGV to 6d mint, Singapore KGVI to $2, Rhodesia Independence Overprinted mint to 2/6d, Seychelles QEII Coronation plate block mint unhinged, Sierra Leone 1960/61 Self Adhesive Map and Mexico Olympics sets, several pages of South West Africa mostly mint. South Africa 1954 Animals compete to 10/- mint unhinged, Samoa KGV to 1/- & 1920 Victory complete mint unhinged, Sarawak 1949 UPU mint unhinged, Seychelles 1935 Jubilee mint, 1949 UPU Mint Unhinged, several more UPU sets, Gold Coast KGVI to 10/- mint unhinged, Nyasaland KGVI Tablets to 10/- Mint, 1945 to 20/- same, St. Vincent 1938 & 1948 £1 values mint and much, much more. Weighs 700 grams. 65 to 70 sheets, must be close to 1,000 stamps, mostly different. Odd bit of toning here and there, but mostly a very clean lot. High retail/catalogue value. Price $395   

CMS10) Australia decimal 1st Day covers 1967 - 1991.  Massive new issue dealer's stock of official mainly unaddressed covers in 4 giant brown padded ring binders on approx. 200 Hagner or similar stockpages, some double sided. Binders and pages alone would have cost around $450 - $500 new. Estimate 750 - 1000 covers, from 1 - 10 of each. Much better spotted like Living Together sets, booklet panes,  ATM triangulars x4, $10 Gardens x 4, Minisheets, Se-tenant strips and blocks, some AAT plus just a few Aerogrammes, Maxi-cards and PSE's. Great value for a hoarder or re-sellers  at $625 the lot.  

CMS11) Great Britain carton lot of FDC's 1963 - 2002 approx. Mostly Post Office covers, typewritten addresses to Australia. Also a few packs and PHQ Cards, roughly 300 to 350 items, weighs nearly 4kg. Great to soak off for fine used sets or just collect as is. A little duplication noted. Got to be worth 75c each, price $239. One lot only, be quick!

CMS12) Australia Carton Lot Decimal FDC's 1974 - 2007 approx.  Mostly Official Post Office unaddressed covers. Huge variety, some duplication but very wide variety. Great to soak off for fine used sets or just collect as is. Got to be worth 60c each. Weighs nearly 3kg. Approx 500 for $295, half lot for $150. 3 lots available.

CJL1) Pacifics MUH collection 1970's - '90s on Hagners in orange 4 ring binder. Approx. 140 complete sets & minisheets from Tokelau, Niue, Fiji, Pitcairn & Samoa. Pretty well all different, with a few extras, and including several complete definitive sets. Very clean lot and highly attractive with many good thematics. Under $2 a set, price $279

CJL2) Great Britain Yearbooks, with slipcases for 1985, 89 & 90. Retail for the stamps only is $230 plus, price $195

CJL5) Australian Territories and Pacifics fine used collection in Blue Padded Ancol Album, 1940 - 1990. Includes Fiji, Norfolk Is, Pitcairn Is, Nauru & Papua New Guinea. Most are fine used light corner cds, with almost a complete collection from decimals onwards. Must be 350 - 400 complete sets inc. all of the long definitive series. Very cheap at $749 the lot. 

CJL6) Australia KGV Period (No heads) 1927 Canberra – 1936 South Australia, mint lightly hinged on leaves. Complete without perf. & wmk. varieties, ex. 5/- Harbour Bridge & Kingsford Smith OS Ovpts. Noted 1/- Large Lyrebird in both shades plus ovpt. OS, Kingsford Smith complete inc. 6d Brown Air, both normal and ovpt. OS, 2d & 3d Bridge ovpt. OS, MacArthur set of 4 inc. 2d Dark Hills, Hermes no watermark, etc, etc. All beautifully written up in “Copper Plate” Fountain Pen. Lovely clean lot, great for those who do not have a Mint Unhinged fetish! Cheap at $179.

CJL8) 1981 Royal Wedding. Charles & Diana MUH collection in Green Springback Album. Organised A – Z. Includes both Commonwealth & Foreign issues with Sets, Minisheets & Gutter Pairs. Also a few FDC’s. Still very popular, and these always sell quickly. Counted 137 complete issues. Price under $1.25 each $169

CJL9) 1973 Royal Wedding (Anne & Mark) plus The Queen Mother’s 80th Birthday Omnibus in Maroon Springback. Crown Agents issues MUH plus a few extras with Sets and Minisheets plus a few gutter pairs. Around 80 complete issues here for $79  

CMAP4) Hong Kong 1862 – 1926 on album page & Optima stocksheets, mostly fine used. QV to 30c, KEVII to 30c & KGV to $2. Generally clean lot with some private perfins. Cat. £690 plus. 73 stamps. Price under $6 per stamp,  $425

CMAP5) Great Britain 1850’s – 1936. Highlight is 7 x QV 2/6d, 3 x 5/- (1 is a private perfin) plus KEVII 2/6d & 5/-. Others include 10d 1887 Jubilee private perfin, 1929 2½d UPU private perfin, various surface printed to 8d etc. Huge catalogue/retail. Even a facsimile 1d Black! 120 stamps, mainly good to fine used. Around $3.25 per stamp. Price $395

CMAP9) United Nations New York UNO Flags Maximum Cards, each with large coloured flag of the country and relevant stamp with FDI cancel. 16 different comprising Barbados, Brazil, Bulgaria, Byelorus, Canada, China, Great Britain, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Peru, Senegal, Somalia & Sweden. Price $96 (3 available)

CMAP10) United Nations New York UNO Flags series, 40 different FDC’s inc. some blocks of 4. all official unaddressed. Priced under $1.50 each, $59 (3 available)

CMAP13) Stack of 33 diff. 1960’s/70’s Bulgaria Illustrated unaddressed FDC’s. Don’t see these around much these days. Some good themes inc. Paintings, Madonna & Child, Wrestling, Circus, Knights in Armour, Olympics, 1966 World Cup Soccer, Christmas, Javelin, Running, Ski-ing, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating,  Swimming etc. Priced under 90c each, $29

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END OF YEAR DISCOUNT SALE, PART 2, MID - LATE DECEMBER 2020 Over 5000 eBay Auction lots starting from $3.99

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