Early February 2022


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Coins & Banknotes

CPM1) Treasure Trove! From retired treasure hunter who used to go out to Beaches & Fields with his metal Detector picking up whatever came into his hands. Mainly Australia Pennies & Halfpennies, but maybe a few silver coins, decimal, foreign, tokens…you never know what might be in this. Some is corroded, heavily so in some cases, some he has made an attempt to clean, others are in quite a good state. It really is a mixed bag. We have simply weighed it out into great value bags, adding extra bits and pieces here and there that we find along the way in the many lots which we buy each month. Only a few kg available each month as he supplies us to supplement his income. 1kg for $39

BN104) Australia 1968 Phillips-Randall $2, R83 superb unc. Cat. $110, price $80.00

BN33a) Australia 1967 Coombs-Randall $20, R402, superb unc. Serial XBR 801183 Cat. $7000. Price $5250
BN33b) Australia 1967 Coombs-Randall $20, R402, superb unc. Serial XBR 240825 Cat. $7000. Price $5250

BN103) Australia 1979 Knight-Stone $2, R87 superb unc. Cat. $35, price $28.50
BN77) Australia 1979 Fraser-Stone $10, R307b, superb unc. Cat. $140, price $90 

BN97) Australia 1982 Johnston-Stone $1, R78, superb unc. Cat. $10, Price $7.50

BN105) Australia 1991 Fraser -Cole $10, R313b without plate letter. Superb unc. Cat. $80, price $60
BN109) Australia 1992 Fraser-Cole $5 Polymer, R214i, superb unc. Cat. $110, price $80
BN17) Australia 1993 Fraser-Evans $10 Polymer, R316a in a superb unc. Run of 10. Cat. $70 each, price $575

BN98) Australia 2001 MacFarlane-Evans $5 Polymer, R219, superb unc. Cat. $35, price $28.50

BN107) Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank 1975 $5 superb unc. Price $22.50
CB16) Australia Halfpennies, starter collection 20 different dates price $39
CB2344) Australia 1930 ½d Good EF 8 pearls visible. Price: $249
CB2346) Australia 1931 1d Good EF 8 pearls visible. Price: $279
CB2352) Australia 1949 1d Planchette Flaw. Price: $475
CB1399) Australia 1952 Melbourne Penny, Choice Uncirculated with lovely Red Lustre. Price $95
CB3080) Australia 1934 3d PGCS graded and slabbed AU55. Nicely toned coin. Price $49

CB2259) Australia 1938 3d UNC. Price: $48.75
CB2263) Australia 1939 3d GEF. Price: $26.25
CB2266) Australia 1940 3d AUNC. Price: $37.50
CB2272) Australia 1942 3d AVF. Price: $52.50
CB2273) Australia 1942 3d VF. Price: $60
CB2285) Australia 1942S 3d CHUNC. Price: $75
CB2294) Australia 1943S 3d UNC. Price: $30
CB1867) Australia 1914 6d AEF. Price: $135
CB1876) Australia 1918M 6d VG. Price: $26.25
CB1916) Australia 1926 6d AUNC. Price: $150
CB1774) Australia 1952 1/- CHUNC Condition. Price: $80
CB253) 1934/5 Victoria Centenary Florin with full original lustre, GOOD UNC. price $725

CB3082) Australia 1915 London Florin, about VF with 6 pearls, some original lustre. Price $295

CB3083) Australia 1918 Florin, VF with 6 pearls and part centre diamond, price $82.50

CB3084) Australia 1923 Florin, fine with 6 pearls visible. Price $30

CB3085) Australia 1928 Florin, about EF, 8 pearls and full centre diamond. Nicely toned coin. Price $115

CB3087) Australia 1931 Florin, good EF with 8 pearls and full centre diamond. Nice light even toning. Price $99.50

CB3088) Australia 1934 Florin, good VF with 6 pearls and partl centre diamond. Some original lustre. Mall planchette flaw at crown. Price $89

CB3081) Australia 1939 Florin PGCS graded and slabbed AU53. Nicely toned coin. Price $249
Australian Decimal Coins
CB1280) Australia 1994 RAM Commemorative One Dollar Decade Uncirculated $1 Royal Melbourne Mintmark coin. In original display wallet. Price: $25
CB650) Australia 1995 RAM Waltzing Matilda S Mintmark Uncirculated $1. In presentation card as issued. Price: $30
CB2989) Australia 2000 RAM Proof fine silver 50c Royal Visit. Supplied in original case with outer packaging. Price $79
CB602) Australia 2015 Perth Mint Year of the Goat 1 oz .999 Fine Silver High Relief Proof coin. In original Packaging. Cat $102 Price: $82.50
CB1583) GB 2003 Royal Mint Royal Arms set of 10 Brilliant Uncirculated coins. In original display card. Price: $85
CB2332) Germany 1914-15 Silver pair of 2 VF 1 Mark. In Coin Sleeve. Price: $45
CB1575) New Zealand 1985 Royal Mint Uncirculated Year Set. In original Brown Wallet. Price: $58.50
CB1428) Papua New Guinea 1975 1st coinage proof set in case of issue with certificate. 1.67 ounces of silver Price $98

please contact Kevin Morgan on:
Phone:  0425 795 693

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

Early February 2022 Discount Sale

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All discounts can be applied to items from previous lists in order to achieve a higher discount level.
No discounts apply to layby items.

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Many smaller items, including a lot that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions

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