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Mid - Late December 2018

British Empire and Commonwealth

BC17) British Bechuanaland 1887 6d Reddish Purple SG 7. Overprint on Cape of Good Hope. Mint Hinged, full perfs.  Centred low.  Cat. £200, price $110

BC98) British Guiana 1875 1c Black ovpt. Official. SG 01. MNG centred low. Cat. £75, price $59

DB463) Brunei 1916 3c Scarlet Die II, SG 38. Mint lightly hinged example, centred right. Cat. £130, price $72

ML477) St Helena: small range of sets & mini sheets from 1937 Coronation, later definitive set to 2 pounds etc FU/CTO, see scans. Price: $35

DC67) CANADA 1859 SG36 10c brown fine used bulls-eye cancel. A little off centre. Cat. £80. Price $64

DC66) CANADA 1859 17c Deep Blue SG 42 fine used, barred cancel. Cat. £95, price $69

BC128) Ceylon 1935 definitives, SG 368/78. Fresh mint, very lightly hinged, cat. £60, price $60 

ML592) Another set as above, $60

ML591) Ceylon 1935-36 KGV 50c Wild Elephants fresh MUH, price $25

BC79) Cyprus 1880 Ovpt. on GB Halfpenny  SG1,  plate 15  mint OG. Cat. £120 but much scarcer than the catalogue might suggest. Price $169

BC145) Cyprus 1938 Definitives set, mixed mint & fine used. 45 & 90 pi are mint. Cat. £55 as a used set. Cheap Price, $45 

BC141) Dominica 1938 Definitives to 5/-, SG 99/108. All mint unhinged, except 3 of the lower values are lightly hinged. Cat. £65. Cheap price $49

BC126) Falkland Is. Dependencies 1946 Thin Map set, less 2d. SG Between G9- 16, mint hinged. Cat. £95, price $67.50

BC176) Falkland Is. 1989 DL size cover bearing 10p Steer Riding  addressed to “The Command Secretariat HQ BFFI RAF MPA” Has Pink Boxed Cachet “COMMAND SECRETARY 10DEC 1989 HQ BRITISH FORCES FALKLAND ISLANDS” Scarce military cover. Price $45 

BC100) Gibraltar 1886 SG 1/3 & 5/6, fresh mint lightly hinged. Cat. £550, price $295

BC99) Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1911 Ovpts. on Fiji, SG 1/7, very fine used. Exceptionally nice set, all with neat Protectorate ds cancels. Cat. £325, price $425

BC97) Hong Kong  1862 2c Deep Brown SG1 with blue B62 Barred Numeral Cancel. Fine used. Cat. £35, price $24

ML593) Hong Kong 1903 Edw. VII 30c SG 70 MVLH, cat. £65 price $60

BC93) India 1854 Half Anna Blue Imperfs. Dies 1 & 2, SG Nos. 2 & 6 fine used. The latter with huge margins. Cat. £170. Price $210

BC91) INDIA 1854 2a Green, SG 31, fine used with good clear margins, shows part watermark. Cat. £50, price $62.50

DB92) K.U.T. batch of postal history, various destinations worldwide inc. UK, Australia, USA, Morocco & India, but mostly to Jo'burg. KGV to early QEII to around 1955, inc. Censored, Registered, Taxed items, etc. Fascinating lot, with KGV (9), KGVI (10) & QEII (16) Would make a nice display! 35 covers, Price $695



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