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Early March 2020


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British Empire/Commonwealth

DB181) Antigua 183 6d Green, SG 8a. Wmk upright fine used with barred numeral 02, full perfs and good colour. Cat. £195, price $195

BC186) Bahamas 1863 1d Brown-Lake SG20 Nice fine used example.  Cat £70.  Price $85

BC55) Bahawalpur 1945 Officials complete to 1 Rupee, SG 01 - 06. Mint lightly hinged set, highly sought after. Cat. £110 price $115

BC56) Bahawalpur 1948 Definitives complete to 10 Rupee, SG 19 -32. Fresh mint unhinged set, highly sought after set, selling way above catalogue currently. Sighted on Ebay at up to $300! price $175

BC59) Bahawalpur 1948/49 Stamp Set Presentation Booklet. Green and Gold ties. Fresh mint unhinged. Price: $132.50

BC61) Bahawalpur 1948/9 Stamp Set Presentation Booklet. Red and Gold ties. Fresh mint unhinged. Price: $132.50

DB189) Bermuda 1866 2d Dull Blue, SG 3. Mint lightly hinged, with small part remainder, fresh full perf example, centred left, Cat.  £475, price $379

DB193) Bermuda 1918 10/- Green & Carmine on pale bluish green, SG54. Superb postally used with light steel cds 1923 cancel of Hamilton, well centred and with full perfs. Cat. £350, price $420

BC540) Canada 1928-29 KGV 1c to 20c Mint SG 275-283, the 2c used, 3c has toned perfs, some gum faults etc on some other values, Cat £120, Price $69

BC569) Canada 1930 $1 Olive Green SG 303, fresh mint lightly hinged. Attractive stamp, few nibbed perfs. at base. Cat. £130, price $129

DB194) Cayman Is. 1921 5/- Deep Green on pale yellow, SG 64a. Lovely looking fresh mint, well centred example with good perfs. Cat. £100, price $98

DB195) Ceylon 1859 6d Brown, imperf. SG6a. Nearly 4 margins, just touched at both sides of lower left corner. Postally used with lightish barred cancel. Cat.  £550, price $269

DB196) Ceylon 1857 1d Blue on blued paper, imperf. SG2b. 3 good margins, postally used with light barred cancel. Cat. £225, price $110

DB197) Ceylon 1857 2d Green, imperf. SG3. 4 good margins, postally used with lightish barred cancel. Cat. £65, price $69

DB198) Ceylon 1862 1d Dull Blue, SG44. Fine used with barred cancel. Straight edge at top and with partial offset on reverse. Cat.  £130, price $119

DB199) Ceylon 1861 9d Olive - Sepia, SG33b. Good used example with heavier cancel. Cat. £85, price $39

DB200) Ceylon 1857  10d Dull Vermilion, imperf. SG9. 2 margin postally used example, lightish barred cancel, with paper hinge remainder which should easily wash off.  Looks great from the front. Cat.  £325, priced well at $138

DB201) Ceylon 1866 5d Yellow - Olive SG54b. Used example with light indistinct cancel. Cat. £275, price $115

DB207) Another example as above, but with some minor gum toning, price $55

DB209) Cyprus 1880 4d Sage Green ovpt. on GB Plate 16, SG4. MNG, full perf. example centred high. cat. £140 mint £225 used, price $69

DB210) As above, but used with medium barred numeral 975. Cat. £225, price $169

DB213) Cyprus 1882 30 Paras on 1p Rose, SG 24. Nice fine used example, with light squared circle cancel at right, leaving profile clear. Well centred and with full perfs. Cat. £110, price $119

DB214) Cyprus 1894 6p Olive - Grey, SG36. Mint original gum example, well centred and with full perfs. Tiny insignificant minor scuff top left corner mentioned only for accuracy.  Cat. £250, price $195

BC10) Falkland Is. Dependencies 1954 Ships Definitives vfu, SG G26/40, cat £130, price $89

BC175) Falkland Is. Small commercial airmail cover to Hampshire UK. Bears 11p Ship Shore Communications and 1p Pig Vine cancelled by a single cds of Port Stanley, 16 NO 77. Clean and neat typed address. Price $29

DB165) Gibraltar 1907 2/- Green & Blue, SG 62a. Very fine used cds example with full perfs and good cantering. Cat. £150, price $149

BC244) Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1911 ½d - 1/- SG1/7 fine mint. Generally fresh, but gum toning to 6d & 1/-. Cat. £180. Price $189

BC297) Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1912 1d Red, both shades fine used, SG13/13a.  Fine used examples with cds cancels, cat. £32, price $39

BC246) Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1912 set to 5/- fine mint hinged. Inc. both shades of ½d & 1d. £100 plus.  Price $129

BC245) Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1924 10/- Green & Red on Emerald, SG 35. Fine & Fresh Mint Unhinged. Cat. £160 for hinged.  Price $395

BC298) Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1935 Jubilee set nice used with circular cancels. Few short perfs to base of 1/-. Cat. £60, price $59

BC299) Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1939 Defins. SG 43/54 mint lightly hinged. Minor thin to 5/-. Cat. £42, price $25 

BC736) Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1949 Silver Wedding 1d & £1 on typewritten fdc to Director of Police Nauru. Neat clean cover, price $67.50 

BC541) Gold Coast 1935 Silver Jubilee set Fine used, Cat £75, Price $89

LM54) Hong Kong 1926 $3 Green & Dull Purple SG 131. Superb well centred vfu example with full perfs and cds cancel of 11 MR 37. This value was not replaced in the KGVI set of 1938. Cat. £70.  A better example you will not find! Price $85

BC588) Hong Kong 1946 Surface Mail advertising cover for Tat Kuan & Co. to Melbourne. Bears solo usage 20c Black KGVI SG 147, cancelled by HK cds of 25 SE 1946. Neat typewritten cover to Broken Hill Co. Pty. Ltd. Price $25

DB171) Jamaica 1884 1d Blue, SG 17. Mint hinged example, centred left with good perfs. Some minor gum toning. Cat.  £325. Good value at 25% cat., $138

DB427) Johore 1912 10c Dark Purple & Black SG 84, mint unhinged. Fresh gum and full perfs. Centred right. Cat. £60 Price $59

BD740) K.U.T 1947-50 KGVI 3/- Deep violet-blue & black, both perfs, SG 147a & ac, Mint, Cat £135, Price $129

DB179) K.U.T., 1937 £1 Black & Red, SG 150. Fine cds used example, good perfs and cantering. Cat. £160, price $159

LM69) Malta 1928 2/- Black & Purple, SG 188. Nice postally used example with cds cancel. Cat. £70, price $45

BC737) Mauritius 1970 incoming First Flight Cover. Lufthansa 24.4.1970 1st Flight emanating Frankfurt. This cover Cairo to Mauritius via Entebbe, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam. Bears 80m & 30m UAR Airmails, cancelled by Cairo Airport cds and with Lufthansa printed and handstamp cachets. Very attractive cover, price $29 

LM68) Nauru 1923 2d orange Die II Central Ovpt. On KGV SG 5. Well centred vfu cds example with full perfs. Cat. £80, price $79

BC301) Nauru 1924/48 5/- Claret SG 38A fine used on piece from reg’d item. Cancelled by cds of 4 JA 27. Cat. £110, price $137.50

BC302) Nauru 1924/48 10/- Yellow SG 39A mint lightly hinged. Faint mark on front in grey which could be printing flaw? Cat. £130, price $119

NZ10) New Zealand 2004 Wearable Art set, SG 2701 – 2705, COMPLETE mint unhinged IMPERFORATE SHEETS OF 25 SETS. Rarely seen, these are a NZ Post limited edition reserved only for those who spent $2000 plus in the preceding 12 months with the Philatelic Bureau. Price $345.

We can also supply as follows:

NZ10a) Imperf Singles $27.50

NZ10b) Imperf Vertical Pairs $55

NZ10c) Imperf lower right corner block of 4 with Imprint and barcode $165

NZ10d) Imperf upper left corner block of 4 with barcode $110

NZ10e) Imperf lower left block of 6 with designer & printer and colour bars $165

NZ10f) Imperf upper right block of 6 with sheet value $165

DB246) Lagos, 1876 4d Carmine, wmk swys. SG 14a. Nice used example, with lightish barred "L" cancel. Well centred and full perfs. Cat. £130, price $110

BC581) Lagos 1879 1/- Orange SG 16 well centred used with light barred cancel, slightly aged and with a small thin. Cat. £85, price $52.50

DB245) Lagos 1884 - 1886 1d Rose, inv. wmk. SG 22w. Fine used example with light barred cancel, well centred and good perfs, cat.  £120, price $98

BC536) Lagos 1887/1902 QV Definitives to 10/- fine mint, inc. both shades of the 6d. Cat. £200 plus, price $249

BC535) Lagos KEVII Definitives to 10/- SG 54/63 mixed mint & used set. (2d & 2/6d are used, others fine mint, the 2/6d is harder to find used) Cat. £170 + Price $210

BC652) Mauritius 1926 REGISTERED 7 COLOUR FRANKING COVER SENT VIA "CLAN" STEAMER to Madagascar. Bears 1900 8c SG147, 1c, 2c, 6c & 8c 1910 defins, plus 1925 10 c & 15c surcharges all cancelled by Port Louis Centre cds’s of JA 29 26 and with blue reg’n label No. 4631. Reverse bears Tananarive arrival cds of Feb 1927 (date unclear) Very nice postal history item to scarce destination. Price $179

NZ33) New Zealand 1890’s pair of full colour undivided back Official Government Dept. of Tourism & Health Resorts postcards. Unused in very good condition, but bearing manuscript text on correspondence panel at front dated 1894 & 1905 respectively. Views are Lake Rotorua & Lake Manawapouri. Very attractive, price $98  

BC651) New Zealand 1931 1st Flight cover Invercargill – Auckland. Bears 2d Orange KGV 2d. & 3d Chocolate airmail. Cancelled by cds of Christchurch 11NO31– 2nd day of the 3d. Airmail. Signed M.C. McGregor - pilot. Only 66 flown. Triangular authentication certificate on reverse in violet from the Airmail Soc. Of NZ. Price $179

BC650) NIUE 1926 small registered cover to Chicago via Fiji. Bears ½d, 1d, 1½d,3d, 6d & 1/- defins, inc. 1½d Capt. Cook. SG 38/43 (between) All individually cancelled by Niue cds’s of 16.NO.26 and with reg’n label No. 197 similarly cancelled. Reverse bears Suva, Fiji double ring transit cds of 17 DEC 1926 and with arrival cds’s in violet of Seattle Registered Jan 7 1927 and Chicago Jan 10 1927. Stamps cat. £76.50 as used off cover. Price $269 

DB242) Northern Nigeria, 1911 10/- Green Red on Green, SG39. Vfu with light steel cds of 1912. Nicely centred with good perfs, cat. £48, price $45

BC551) North Borneo 1888/92 25c Indigo SG 45 mint hinged, small amount of gum loss and some gum creasing. From front very fine appearance with good perfs. & centring. Cat £110, price $98

BC552) North Borneo 1888/92 50c Violet SG 46 mint lightly hinged, very fresh and with full perfs.  Cat. £130, price $159

DB251) Nyasaland 1938 10/- Emerald & Red on Green, SG 142. Superb looking mint unhinged example, well centred and with good perfs. Gum a little aged. Cat. £55, price $48

PNG596) PNG postage Dues 3 x 1d in strip & 1/- on Authorisation card. I have never seen one of the before, so may have under-priced it, but there is currently one only elsewhere on eBay worldwide for AU$240, my price for this one AUD$225.

BC2) Pitcairn Is. 1953 Coronation unaddressed, illustrated FDC, lower marginal stamp, cover 100% fresh. Good value at $39

ROW209) Rarotonga, Cook Is. 1931 REGISTERED COVER SENT TO UK with ½d Capt. James Cook Landing, 2½d, 3d & 6d 1920 definitives SG cat. £60 for used stamps, on cover are very rare from this period. Cancelled by Rarotonga cds of 10 NO 31 and with reg’n label No. 137 similarly date stamped. Arrival oval registered cancel of Hendin NW$ dated 31 DE 31 on reverse. VERY SCARCE POSTAL HISTORY ITEM, a little aged. Neat typed address. Price $225

B256) St. Helena 1861 6d Blue SG 2a. Clean postally used stamp with lightish bar cancel. Cat.  £130, price $110

BC63 St Helena 1961-65 QE II Pictorial set of 14 to £1, CTO, Cat £45, Price $59

BC153) St Lucia 1947 1d scarlet perf 12½ SG 129b, complete sheet of 120, cat £180 as singles, some perf separation and creasing affecting two units at upper right, MUH. Price $119

DB411) Singapore 1969 Foundation set SG 121/6 Mint Unhinged, price $95

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