End of Financial Year Sale
Part 1 - June 2021


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APD775) Australia 1914 6d Engraved kookaburra CTO BW 60w, nicely centred, Cat $80, Price $69
APD774) Australia 1914 6d Engraved kookaburra BW 60, centred to the left, crisp cds cancel, Cat $60, Price $55
APD776) Australia 1914 6d Engraved kookaburra BW 60, centred slightly low, cds cancel, Cat $60, Price $55
APD520) Australia 1927 1½d Canberra, upper left corner block of 4, with most of the Plate Number "6" visible in the top margin. Very fine and fresh MUH. BW:132ze  Cat.$1750 as a Mint block (but unpriced for MUH). Only 15 examples of Plate No.6 stated to have been recorded. Rare, Price $1499
APD645) Australia 1930 Sturt 1½d top left corner Pate No. blocks of 4, Nos. 1 – 8, less No.6, plus Imprint Block. All nice mint unhinged except Imprint and No. 1 hinged in selvedge only. Scarce assembly, cat. $210, price $149.
APD644) Australia 1931 2d Kingsford Smith set of Matched top left Plate No. Blocks 1 – 8. Either fresh mint, hinged in selvedge only. Plate 8 thinned in top selvedge where hinge has been removed. Cat.$160, price $110

APD661) Australia 1931 6d Airmail in Imprint block of 6, mint unhinged. Cat. $375, price $279
APD662) Australia 1931 6d Airmail Ovpt. OS in Imprint block of 6, mint unhinged. Selvedge has pre-printing paper crease. The lower selvedge is reinforced.Cat. $475, price $295
APD656) Australia 1932 6d Typo. Kookaburra, Ash imprint plate 2 gutter block of 4. Mint lightly hinged on top two. Cat. $125, price $95
APD667) Australia 1935 Anzac 2d. Set of plate blocks 1,2 & 3 from all four corners of the sheets. Mint lightly hinged, 12 blocks Cat. $240, price $179
APD780) Australia 1935 Jubilee set of 3, very fine superb cds used 2d is cancelled to order, with gum. Price $45
APD670) Australia 1936 Cable 2d plates 2, 3 & 4 in all 4 corner blocks mint lightly hinged. Plate 4 lower left with the variety “Weak entry to top right corner” ACSC 169f. This block has a light vertical crease not affecting the variety stamp. Cat. $300, price $175
APD779) Australia 1937 Robes Thick Paper set 5/- - £1 superb used, full perf corner cds examples. The 5/- being cto with gum. Price $95
APD664) Australia 1937 Platypus Perf. 14 x 13½ Ash Imprint Block of 4. Fresh mint lightly hinged. Cat. $50, price $37.50
APD771) Australia 1938 1d Green Queen mother die II variety ‘White face’ BW 182cb, lightly hinged Mint, with normal for comparison, Price $39
APD649) Australia 1940 3d Blue KGVI Die III, Left corner Imprint Block of 4, mint unhinged. Minor perf faults at right, otherwise fine and fresh. ACSC 195z, cat. $325, price $195
APD778) Australia 1940 AIF 6d Brown imprint block of 4, fresh mint very lightly hinged on 1 stamp only. Well centred with full perfs. Price $149
APD636) Australia 1942 6d Kookaburra Perf. 14¾ x 14 No Imprint Block of 4 from right pane, gutter margin at left. Perf. pip at base. Includes the variety “Weak entry between Australia and right frame” Top 4 stamps only are hinge. ACSC 203f and 203zo. Cat $225. Nice fresh block, price $165

APD642) Australia 1942 6d Kookaburra Perf. 14¾ x 14 block of 4 form miscut sheet, with part imprint at top. Well centred with full perfs. MNG. Scarce block, price $69

APD663) Australia 1943 9d Platypus perf. 14 x 14¾, Corner No Imprint Block of 4. Hinged only in selvedge, but some minor paper adherance to left 2 stamps, and some perf separation. One toned perf. at top left. Attractive looking piece. ACSC 206zg, cat $175, price $99

APD781) Australia 1949 £1 Robes Thin paper. Commercially used block of 4, top right corner marginal. Cancelled by GPO Sydney 1950 cds. Centring typical of the issue. A few perf faults at left. Very Rare! Price $595
APD676) Australia 1949 1/6d Grey-Black Hermes, both thick & thin papers. Fresh MUH Imprint Blocks. ACSC 261 & 261a. Cat. $645, price $475

APD678) Australia 1949 2/6d Aborigine, both thick & thin papers. Fresh MUH Imprint Blocks. (The thin paper lightly hinged in left selvedge) ACSC 265zc. The thin paper not listed. Price $495

APD607) Australia 1949 5/- Arms imprint blocks of 4, both papers thick and thin. Thick paper is MUH with minor crease in selvedge, thin paper is hinged on top two stamps, and with diagonal creasing to left two stamps. Extrapolated Cat. = $660, Well priced at $495

APD680) Australia 1949 Arms 5/- Thin Paper, commercially used block of 4 with central Melbourne cds. Date unclear. ACSC 268a, unpriced as used. MUH is $250 for a single stamp. Price $495

APD682) Australia 1949 Arms £1 MUH imprint block of 4. ACSC 270z, cat. $400. Price $329

APD609) Australia 1957 3½d Christmas lower left corner MUH block of 4 with variety “Re-entry to Christmas, Australia & Star” Sheet A, row 10 stamp1. ACSC 338d, cat. $75. Price $55 (13 available)
APD777) Australia 1961 5/- Stockman, white paper. Fresh mint unhinged, well centred and full perfs. Impossible to better! Price $95
APD523) Australia 1962 QEII 2d Pale brown ACSC 348B, block of 6 with light, all over ink stripping resulting in a strikingly pale shade, unlisted in ACSC, with normal block for comparison, upper right hand stamp is VLH, others MUH, scarce, similar cat $150 - $275 each! Price $495

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Early June
End of Financial Year Sale - Part One
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