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Australia Pre- Decimal issues

APD484) Australia 1914 6d Kookaburra, centred to lower left, bold cds cancel, Price $49

APD545) Australia 1928 3d Kookaburra Minisheet First Day of Issue superb used! Cancelled by two beautiful complete strikes of the Red Exhibition Handstamps 29 OC 28, one of which is magnificent. Best I have seen in well over 50 years! The ACSC price for a First Day Cover is $1500, and these are usually long covers, often worn, toned and tatty! Price for this gem $1195

APD536) Australia 1928 3d Blue Kookaburra Minisheet Fresh Mint Unhinged well centred from top of the sheet. Sydney retail $325, price $243.50  

PD491) Australia 1929 3d Green Airmail type A, block of 4, well centred fresh MUH, Price $69

D317) Australia 1929 3d Green Airmails, Types A & B perf OS, CTO with unhinged gum.  Very Fresh, full perfs.  Cat $100, Price $79

APD494) Australia 1929 1½d WA Centenary Ash imprint block of 6, the lower left unit showing variety 'Re-entry to swan's neck & TR of Australia' ACSC 138zn (6 only) fresh MUH, centred low, Cat $325 as block of 8, Price $249

APD294) Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith's set blocks of 4 MUH with toned gum. 2 available. Price: $57.50

APD547) Australia 1932 1/- Yellow Green Lyrebird MISPLACED Ovpt. OS fine cds used. Well centred full perf. Stamp with overprint misplaced 3mm to the left so that the S is central. Unlisted in ACSC and not seen by us before. Other misplacements of OS overprints or surcharges are priced at 25 x to 125 x the normal stamp, and so would give this a minimum catalogue value of $2500. Possibly unique, price $1875

APD227) 1932 1/- Lyrebird with private perfin 'AM/&S', machine cancel, unusual, Price $24.50



APD480) Australia 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge 5/- Green, SG 143 Mint with lightly aged gum and a small thin spot, great value at $175

APD158) Australia 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge 5/- Green, SG 143. Fine postally used example. Far scarcer than cancelled to order. Price $450 

APD302) Australia 1934-48 1/6d Hermes SG153,1153a &153ab. All fresh mint unhinged.  Sydney retail $108 Price: $80

APD306) Australia 1934 McArthur SG150/2. All fresh mint lightly hinged. Sydney retail $71.00 Price: $53.00

APD268) Australia 1935 1/- Anzac with private perfin 'B/Ltd', machine cancel, private perfins are difficult to find on this value, Price $49

APD269) Australia 1935 2/- Jubilee with extensive ink stripping around the king and horse, unlisted in the ACSC, quite a striking variety, Fine used, Price $179

AB31) Australia 1935-37 2/- (12 x 2d) Black on Green Pre-Decimal Booklet Cover and interleave, without stamp panes. Cover with front & back advertisements reversed ACSC 81348Ab, interleave shows 'IMPORTANT. PLEASE NOTE SPECIALLY' and 'PRINCIPAL P.O. SERVICES-CHARGES' as per ACSC #B53. Price: $315

APD165) Australia 1937 3d Blue KGVI Die 1. Mint Unhinged Ash Gutter Imprint Block. Well centred and fresh with full perfs.  Very lightly hinged in gutter. ACSC 191z, Cat. $500 price $375

APD162) Australia 1937 3d Blue KGVI Die 1. Mint Unhinged top marginal block of 4. Centred upper right with full perfs. Very minor toning in selvedge at top. Cat. $400 as singles usual retail $300, price $149

APD35) Australia 1937 NSW Sesqui. set CTO, ACSC Cat $42, Price $29

APD573) Australia 1937 KGV 3d Blue Die 1a Perf 13½ x 14 MUH. Sydney retail $300, price $225

AB08) Australia 1938 2/- Black on Green Cover Pre-Decimal Booklet with Commonwealth Savings Bank advert on cover & postal rates on interleaves, SG #SB26ca, ACSC B48, containing 2d C of A wmk inverted stamps. One stamp removed. Price: $315 

APD577) Australia 1949 £1 Robes (Thin paper) MUH. Centred a tad low. Sydney retail $225, price $169

APD365) Australia 1948 10/- Robes thin paper and 1/- Lyrebird tied to a small piece by indistinct Melbourne cds, scarce thus Price $249

APD232) Australia 1941 3½d Surcharge with misplaced overprints. The black extends into the left margin and the gold extends left into the stamp design. Not listed in ACSC. Price $279

APD442) Australia 1946 5/10d pale blue Food for Britain label, mint unhinged. These labels were produced because of an enquiry from Myer of Melbourne handling large quantities of Food for Britain parcels. They were also used by Anthony Horden in Sydney, Fitzgerald in Tasmania and Elphinstones in Brisbane. This appears a complete Elphinstones label measuring approx. 1.75 x 2.25 inches on unwatermarked gummed paper. Crease at lower left not affecting stamp design. Complete with a card from Elphinstone’s reading “A small contribution to assist you in your food problem and to demonstrate in a very humble way our appreciation of your heroic efforts” Not listed or priced in the ACSC postal Stationery catalogue. None of the Tasmanian issue of 1000 labels appear to have survived and this may well be the sole survivor from Brisbane. Price $2500  

APD546) Australia 1949 £1 Arms THIN PAPER mint lightly hinged, well centred and with full perfs. In the distinct deeper shade that all thin paper varieties for this issue have (5/-, £1, £2) Supplied with normal for comparison. Small minor gum tone not visible from the front mentioned only for accuracy. ACSC 270Ba, cat. $1250. Price $749

APD363) 1949 3½d UPU lower right corner block of 4, the lower right unit showing a faint but distinct 'Kiss print' around the horses head, unlisted in the ACSC, however a faint kiss print for the 1946 3½d Mitchell is recorded in the ACSC, cat value $425, scarce and unusual, Price $349 

APD519) Australia 1950 £2 Arms Authority imprint block of 4, the two left hand units showing 'Roller flaw below E of Postage' ACSC 271zb, hinged in lower margin only, all stamps MUH, Cat $1350 as singles, Price $1099

APD228) Australia 1951 5/- Arms Thin Paper ACSC 268Ba vfu with light corner cds together with FU normal for comparison Price $98

APD170) Australia 1953 3.5d QEII Carmine Red, thin paper. Fresh mint unhinged block of 4, together with normal block for comparison. ACSC 296Aa, Cat. $160 as 4 singles, price $119

APD308) Australia 1953 Produce Food Blocks of 12 SG255 & SG258. All fresh mint unhinged. Sydney Retail $107.00 Price: $80.00

APD314) Australia 1953 Produce Food set Block of 24 SG255 & 258. All fresh mint unhinged.  Sydney Retail $154.00. Price: $115.00

AB18) Australia 1953-57 3/6d - 3½d Carmine-Red QEI Booklet (12 x 3½d), wax interleaving, not stapled with part Pink stitching, (not listed by ACSC), Blue line on cover, 1st pane misperforated to the right, Pfeffer #B58T Cat $150+. MUH. Price: $220

DC72) Australia 1962 Commonwealth Games 5d SG 346 mint unhinged block of 4 with major colour shift of red upwards affecting all stamps. Ex. Simon Dunkerley. Rare, price $295

AB14) Australia 1964-65 5/- - 5d Green QEII Booklet (12 x 5d), non helecon, Pink stitching, CTO '25OC65', (adverts 20,18a,44,58,59,6,19a,52,16c), Edition G1, ACSC #B67Bd, Pfeffer #B67Bd Cat $125. Price: $105 

AB15) Australia 1964-65 5/- - 5d Green QEII Booklet (12 x 5d), non helecon, Pink stitching, '25OC65', (adverts 20,18a,44,53,60,6,19a,52,16c), Edition N2, Pfeffer #B67Ce Cat $125, Green line on cover, with some stains. Price: $105

AB19) Australia 1964-65 5/- - 5d Green QEII Booklet (12 x 5d), non helecon, wax interleaves, Pink stitching, (adverts 68,18a,66,64,65,6,19a,52b,16d), Edition G6, Pfeffer #B67PdT Cat $285, gum stain from storage rubber band affecting entire booklet, MUH. Price: $90

AB22) Australia 1964-65 5/- - 5d Green QEII Booklet (12 x 5d), non helecon, Pink Stitching, (adverts 18a,52a,19a), CTO '13DE65', Edition S1, Peeve #B68Ad Cat $160, MUH, surface rub on back cover. Price: $90

AB24) Australia 1964-65 5/- - 5d Green QEII Booklet (12 x 5d) CTO, non helecon, tropical wax interleaves, Pink stitching, (adverts 20b,18a,44,58,59,6c,19a,52b,16c), Edn G1, Pfeffer #B67BdT Cat $125, aged cover. Price: $90

AB28) Australia 1964-65 5/- - 5d Green QEII Booklet (12 x 5d), non helecon, wax interleaves Pink stitching, CTO 'I3DE65', (adverts 20,18a,44,53,54,6,19a,52,16c), Edition G1, ACSC #B67Bev, Pfeffer #B67BeT Cat $280, Green line on cover. Price: $180

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