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Early February 2020


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Australia Postal History, First Day Covers & Stationery

APH171) Australia 1913 1d Engraved KGV, Rose Red plate 1 on small commercial use cover to UK. Cancelled by Sydney Machin Cancel of DE 13 1913, just 4 days after issue date, with arrival cds of West Norwood also cancelling stamp of JA 16 14 and with manuscript “New Stamp Just out” at top. 2 arrival cds’s on reverse. Stamp has coloured flaw to top right corner, which was later corrected by a retouch. Cover has a light central fold. ACSC 59B Cat. $750 on cover. Price $675

BD234) Australia 1914 small neat cover bearing 2.5d 1st wmk Kangaroo, Perth to USA. Franked by Machine canceller of 2 JUL 14. Cat. $150 on cover, this is way nicer than usually seen. Price $129

APH1023) Australia 1914 Interbranch postcard for Union Bank of Australia Ltd., Minyip – Hamilton Vic.  Receipt for £1:10/6. Bears 1d Red KGV cancelled by Minyip Duplex 888 of OC 20 14. Stamp has variety “Dot near 1” in right value tablet. Some toning to perfs. Duplexes on KGV & Kangaroos are rare and contrary to regulations. Price $59 

APH151) Australia 1915 small cover to Paris, France NOT CENSORED. Bears 2.5d 1st wmk Indigo Kangaroo cancelled by cds of Mosman NSW 6AU15. Quite late use for this, the 2nd wmk. being issued in July 1915. Clean attractive cover cat. $150, price $110

LM134) Australia 1915 small OHMS cover for Government Railways NSW to Somerset House London. Bears 1d Red Kangaroo…DRY INK…not recorded in ACSC and perf. OS NSW. Cancelled by Redfern NSW cds of 3 AP 15. Fine and rare, price $295

LM121) Australia 1916 small censored re-addressed cover to Germany, Via Switzerland. Mail for Germany from Australia & other countries was routed via Switzerland on a fee for service basis. Generally the letter was enclosed with the fee of 10/- or so for onwards consignment under new cover.  Bears 2nd wmk 2.5d Indigo Kangaroo, tied by Smithfield NSW cds of OC 5 1916, and with St. Moritz arrival cds of 23.XI.16 on front and reverse, together with Ruvigliana receiving cds on the next day for the re-direction. Black print “Opened By Censor” tape at left. A very rare survivor. Price $210

APH427) Australia 1921 small typed address cover to Germany with Die II 3d Kangaroo. 3rd wmk Die II 3d Olive solo use to Germany cancelled by Melbourne machine cancel of 27JA21. Stamp displays the die II elongated top 'ball' of the 3. The inner frame break (as displayed in many catalogues) is obscured by the postmark but the 'tear drop 3' is a more reliable test and is accepted by experts. Dated 27/1/1921 which is before the release of die IIB stamps. The top right outer frame is not rounded, and the date used completely rules it out. Cat. $500 on cover, price $395

APH526) Australia 1921 small surface mail cover to UK. Bears 2d Orange KGV cancelled by Binnaway cds of AP 28 1921. Scarce postmark on cover this period. Price $49

LM94) Australia 1922 small Orient Line cover bearing 2d Red KGV Single Wmk, cancelled by Paquebot machine cancel of Toulon 22 IV 22, addressed to Cambridge UK. Reverse bears the logo of “Orient Line of Royal Mail Steamships. Clean, attractive and rare! Price $110

APH429) Australia 1923 5d Bright Chestnut KGV Head Single Wmk Rough Paper Perf OS. Solo usage on long OHMS reg’d cover Perth to Victoria Park W.A. Office of titles cover with original Transfer of Land Act Caveat Document enclosed. Nicest of these I have seen, with Jumbo sized stamp neatly cancelled by Perth oval Reg’d cancel of 18 AP 23. Large red Perth Reg’d label No. 2781 and with “unknown” manuscript, boxed unclaimed and DLO rectangular handstamp in Violet on face. Victoria Park receiving cds on reverse of the same date, plus another on the face of 28 AP 23. Scarce, clean and attractive. Cat. $1500, price $1249

LM98) Australia 1923 late fee cover Tasmania – USA. Bears 4d Dull Blue KGV Head, ACSC 112C (3d Postage & 1d Late Fee) Cancelled by Launceston machine cancel of 24MAR23. Some minor damage to LH corners. Scarce stamp on cover. Price $129

LM130) Australia 1923 small cover to USA bearing 2d Pink, UNSURFACED PAPER, ACSC 96E and horizontal pair Halfpenny Orange KGV Heads. Cancelled BY CDS OF Albury 27? DE 23. The unsurfaced paper is a scarce stamp, catalogued at $150 used, unlisted on cover. Nice clean cover, flap is missing. Price $495

BD677) Australia 1924, superb small commercial (NOT 1st flight) Aerial Mail cover to W. D . & H. O . Wills Ltd. (Tobacco & Cigarette Company) Perth, W. A. Bears 4.5d Violet Single Wmk KGV Head, tied by cds of Carnarvon, W. A. 30 MR 24, and with incorrectly dated received stamp in violet of 1 APR 1925. (Some April foolery?) “AERIAL MAIL” straight line handstamp on front. Neat clean hand addressed cover , with “Copperplate” handwriting. (Cover has been opened on 3 sides) Carnarvon is some 900 km from Perth, so 2 days delivery time from posting is quite remarkable for the period. A scarce and attractive item. Price $389

APS5) Australia 1925 4½d Violet Registered Envelope used to UK, no Cross to Crown ACSC RE19a. Uprated by 1.5d red KGV and with Kilmore Vic. Cds’s of 17 AP 25 and Kilmore red Reg’n label No. 97. Reverse bears a Melbourne registered cds of the following day. Scarce and attractive usage, price $65

APH988) Australia 1925 4½d Violet Registered Envelope, variety “Pre-printing crease to flap.” Used Melbourne to Moe, Vic. Cancelled by Collins St. cds of 14OC25 and with R.6. Red Stock Exchange reg’n label No. 2798, overprinted with boxed Collins St. Melbourne in black. Reverse bears Melbourne Registered cds of the following day and Moe arrival cds also of the 15th. ACSC RE19d, no cross to crown. Great variety and have not seen this overprinted reg’n label before. Price $120  

APH1286) Australia 1928 3d Kookaburra Minisheet on Registered Commercial Cover. Legal size cover bearing 3d Kookaburra minisheet cancelled Hobart Registered cds of 16 APR 41 to local address. Reverse flap has the senders printed address as: E.C. Tredegar & Co. Pty. Ltd. Collins St. Hobart. Slightly reduced art left where has been slit open. Has GPO Hobart type R. 6. Reg’d label No. 7977. Well priced, the last similar one of these I sold went for $995. 

DB543) Australia 1929 Small Registered Cover to Yugoslavia. Bears KGV Halfpenny Orange single wmk x 3, plus 1d, 1.5d & 2d Brown Small Multi. Wmk. Perf 13.5 x 12.5 to make correct registered rate of 6d. All are tied by cds of Cumborah NSW 24SE29, and with red Cumborah Reg’d label No. 552. Reverse bears arrival markings of Sydney Registered cds 25SE29 and of Ljubljana in red, date not legible.  A very rare destination, with equally rare franking. Price $465

APH1010) Australia 1929 small surface mail cover to Torino, Italy. Bears 2 x 3d Airmail to make the 1oz airmail rate or 2oz surface rate. No airmail etiquette is attached, and has been sent by surface mail. Cancelled by Sydney No. 17 cds’s of 18OC29. Reverse bears Torino arrival slogan of 14 XI 29. Price $59

APH1025) Australia 1930 small  advertising cover for Tame & Co., Iron Merchants Melbourne, sent locally to Essendon. Bears 1d Green SMW perf 13.5 cancelled by Melbourne slogan of 25 JUN 1930 “COMMONWEALTH LOAN/BONDS NOW OPEN/APPLY AT ONCE” Price $29

APH199) Australia 1930 4.5d Violet Registered postal stationery cover, uprated by 5d on 4.5d Violet KGV. Cancelled by Tooraweenah, NSW cds of 14OC30, plus Violet Gilgandra double ring Violet cds of the following day, also Sydney registered cds of the 16th. Reverse has registered violet arrival cds’s of Seattle Term Station NOV 7 1930 and Berkeley, Ca. on the 9th. Also bears Tooraweenah Blue “Rat’s Tail” Reg’n. label No. 459. Tooraweenah is a small village just off the Newell Highway about 44 km north east of Gilgandra in the central west of New South Wales, Australia. This is a very rare item! Price $449

APH987) Australia 1930 small PS envelope to Carnarvon WA, 2d on 1½d KGV ACSC EP34, with Variety “Ovpt. Misplaced.” Uprated for airmail with 3d blue KGV smw perf. 14 die 1a, type B and cancelled by Perth slogan of 16 DEC 1930 “COMMONWEALTH LOAN/NOW AVAILABLE/APPLY AT ONCE” Stamp cat. $120 on cover, envelope cat. $200 for used. Very scarce and misplaced overprint previously not seen. Price $595  

APH1009) Australia 1932 Registered surface mail cover to Surrey, UK. Bears 1d Green KGV C of A wmk plus 3d Airmail & 3d Harbour Bridge (3d postage, 3d Reg’n & 1d Late Fee.) Each cancelled by Registered Perth cds of 4 APR 32. Reverse bears oval reg’d arrival cancel of Dorking dated 30 APR 32. Also Perth type R.6. Reg’n label No. 4046. Price $59

APH105) Australia 1933 small PTPO cover to London. KGV 2d red Oval PTPO cover for S. Cooke Pty. Ltd. Uprated to double airmail rate by 1/4d KGV C of A wmk & 1/6d Hermes. 1/4d is rare on cover and cat. $375 alone. Cancelled by Melbourne 2 line Slogan of 20AUG33 “Always buy Australian Products” Cover has been folded twice horizontally, but still highly desirable. Price $225

APH1026) Australia 1933 R.C.A. Photophone of Aust. Pty. Ltd. Small Advertising cover sent surface mail to New York via S.S. Mariposa. Bears 1d & 2d KGV C of A wmk, cancelled by Sydney slogan “POST EARLY/EACH DAY” OF 14 oct 1933. Price $39

APH568) Australia 1935 2/- Violet Silver Jubilee Solo Use Cover. Small airmail cover to Woodbridge Suffolk UK, re-addressed to Salop. Cancelled by cds of Downside? NSW of 24JE35, (Post office supposed to have closed in 1905) and also Woodbridge of 10 JY 35. Opened a little roughly at top. Very rare solo use, cat. $400 on cover. Price $280

APH225) Australia 1930’s Pink Parcel Post Customs Declaration Label, bearing 2/- Maroon C of A wmk Kangaroo Die II & 1/4d magenta KGVI. Cancelled by undated oval violet handstamp. Sent from Hawthorn Vic. Fire Station to The Red Cross at Ipswich UK, for a weight of 4lbs 1oz and with a value of 7/9d. Scarce complete label, price $125

APH992) Australia 1937 long airmail cover to Germany, via Italy. Bears 1/6d No wmk Hermes plus 4d Yellow Olive KGV C of A wmk. Cancelled by Sydney Airmail Section GPO machine cancel of 10 SEP 1937. Neat typewritten cover. Price $59  

APS43) Australia KGVI period OHMS un-denominated registered envelopes for the PMG’s dept. Two different. One with circular ad. For Bonds & Savings Certificates, the other without. Size 9” x 4” printed in Red on Buff. Not listed in ACSC, and the first we have seen. Slight faults. $119 the two.

APH609) Australia 1942 small censored surface mail cover to USA. Bears compete set of 3 1941 Surcharges, cancelled by Canberra cds’s of 5.JA.42. Red censor tape at left and with violet diamond h/s 2/PASSES/BY/CENSOR/1243. Neat typed address cover. Price $145

APH630-634) Australia series of 5 small surface mail covers, sent NAB to Batavia Java. Each bears 3½d KGVI surcharge with a different Sydney slogan on each sent between 31 Jan and 23 Feb 1942. All have 2 line “NOT TRANSMISSIBLE/SERVICE SUSPENDED” in violet and RTS finger in red. All additionally bear Sydney double ring DLO Office cds in red. All also with red censor tape. Probably a unique lot. Price $450

APH207) Australia 1947 small airmail cover to Ceylon. Bears 2d Mauve & 1/4d Bright Magenta KGVI cancelled by Ipswich, Qld. Slogan of 8 APR 1947 “SEND MONEY/BY POSTAL NOTE/OR MONEY ORDER” Price $35

TS895) Australia 1950 registered airmail cover to Dorset UK. Bears KGVI 1/4d + 1949 3½d UPU & 1d Princess to total 2/-. Cancelled by Guildford NSW cds of 28JA50 and with GPO Sydney Air transit cds of the same date. Also Guildford R.6 registration label. Neat typewritten address. Price $29   

APS6) Australia 1952 un-denominated Airletter, ovpt. “SPECIMEN” DIAGONALLY IN Violet. Fine mint, with variety “Postage/Paid” misplaced to right. Not listed in ACSC, however misplaced to left is priced at $150 for used. ACSC AO1B. Price $149

APH180) Australia 1955 small airmail cover to Austria. Bears 4 x 6.5d Orange QEII no wmk, overpaying the 2/- rate by 2d. This stamp is scarce as a solo usage on any domestic cover, and incredibly rare to find in multiple use on overseas mail. Cancelled by a Sydney Two Line Slogan of 15 JLY 1955 “ENLIST IN THE/ REGULAR ARMY” This is a slogan I have not seen previously. Reverse bears an arrival cds of Lustenau of 21 7 55. In 1951, during the Korean War, national service was introduced under the National Service Act (1951). All Australian males aged 18 had to register for 176 days training (ninety-nine days full-time) and two years in the CMF. Later the obligation was 140 days of training (seventy-seven days full-time) and three years of service in the CMF. The regular military forces were kept as voluntary. Fine and rare neat typed address cover, price $149

APH26) Australia 1960 small Airmail commercial use 5d Turquoise QEII pre-stamp envelope uprated by 1/6d Christmas Bells and COIL PAIR of 2d Green QM, SG 237a to Malvern UK.  Cancelled by Woomera S.A. cds.  Correctly paying the 2/3d Airmail rate. Woomera Village initially operated as a "closed town" between 1947 and 1982, when the facility supported the operations of the Woomera Rocket Range during the Anglo-Australia Project.  Only Australian Government personnel (mostly Defence) and contractors to the Commonwealth are able to live at Woomera on a permanent basis. The current permanent population of the town is 136 (2015). The Woomera Range was first established in 1947 as a Department of Defence rocket testing range. Since its construction over 1947–53, Woomera Village has essentially operated under a specialised Commonwealth/Defence township management model rather than a local government (council) model.  This is very late usage for the QM Coil pair, which is unpriced on cover by the ACSC, and an extremely scarce combination franking. Price $265

APH984) Australia 1962 triple rate airmail cover to Germany. Bears horiz. Pr. Of 2/6d Aborigine NO Wmk., 1/-  Colombo plan, 8d Tiger Cat and 1959 1d Purple QEII to make 6/9d = 3 x 2/3d letter rate. Cancelled by cds’s of Strathfield NSW 31 JY 62. Neat typewritten cover, opened a little roughly at right. Price $59

APH991) Australia 1963 triple rate airmail cover to Germany. Bears 5/- Stockman, 1/- Colombo plan, 8d Tiger Cat and 1959 1d Purple QEII to make 6/9d = 3 x 2/3d letter rate. Cancelled by cds’s of Strathfield NSW 27 JY 64.  Neat typewritten cover, opened a little roughly at left. Price $59 

APH605) Australia 1964 small window advertising envelope for Eltham Engineering, Vic. Bears 2/3d Airmail, marginal horizontal pair of 2/3d Cable & 9d Sepia Kangaroo cancelled by cds’s of Eltham 3SE64. Total of 7/6d paid…..for what? postage paid for bulk mail? 7/6d is 18 x the 5d letter rate. Price $79

APH359) Australia 1970 American Express printed Airmail long commercial cover to USA. Bears 5c & 20c Expo pair to make correct 25c rate. RARE COMMERCIAL USE! Cancelled by cds of Melbourne 19 AP(?) 70. Price $129

APH181) Australia 1982 small underpaid cover South Wagga Wagga to Sydney. Bears pairs of the 2c & 10c Flower coils (Late use) to registrar of Births Marriages and deaths, cancelled by 3 line slogan of 5 JUL 1982 “POST EARLY/AND SOEEO/YOUR MAIL” Whatever that may mean! Postage rate was increased to 27c on 19th April 1982 and so this is underpaid 3c. Bears a 3 line violet handstamp “UNDERPAID/Postage/Collected from Sender” with 23 in manuscript. Attractive item, price $49

APH602) Australia 1974 – 1999 lovely range of 11 Tourism Greetings envelopes from Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Gosford, Jenolan Caves, Perth. Western Australia, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Surfers Paradise, variously to UK(9) & Denmark (2) All bear better usage of higher value commems, defins. Price $72

APH176) Australia 1985 Tourism greetings envelope, Toormina to Tamworth. Bears strips of 3 each of the 1971 flower coil stamps, plus 2 x 2c & 1 x 5c additional to make 30c correct domestic rate. Very late commercial usage of this issue. Cancelled by cds of Sawtell NSW 25 JA 85. Price $39

APH457) Australia 1986 Greeting card size Airmail cover S.A. to W. Germany. Bears strip of 5 x 36c Animals to make double 90c rate. Cancelled by Adelaide Pictorial Slogan “ Get Stuck Into Stamps” of 21 SEP 1986. Very rare commercial usage unlisted as such in ACSC. Price $49

APH604) Australia 1986 Christmas card size Airmail cover Perth to UK. Bears strip of 5 x 36c Animals to overpay by 30c the double concessional rate of $1.20, or underpay by 50c the zone 5 double airmail rate. Cancelled by Perth cds 9.DE.86. Very rare commercial usage unlisted as such in ACSC. Price $49

APH603) Australia 1986 Greeting card size Airmail cover Perth to UK. Bears strip of 5 x 36c Animals to make double 90c rate. Cancelled by Perth cds 10.FE.87. Very rare commercial usage unlisted as such in ACSC. Price $49

APH475) Australia 1989 small airmail cover to Finland. Bears 4 x 39c Living Together cancelled by MAR 1 1989 slogan cancel of Hunter Region Mail Centre NSW 2310 “COLLECT/AUSTRALIAN/STAMPS” Have worked out the rate as double the Zone 3 Surface Air Lifted of 80c, underpaid by 4c. (Unless anyone else knows better!) Rare usage of the domestic letter rate. Price $29

APH473) Australia 1990 small airmail cover to Denmark. Bears 80c 1989 Christmas and 30c Living Together to make $1.10 Airmail rate. Nice combination. Cancelled by Geelong Vic. Pictorial cancel “City By The Sea” 2 JAN 1990. Clean and attractive, price $29

APH490) Australia 1992 small airmail cover to Denmark. Bears $1.05 1992 Australia day and 15c Living Together to make $1.20 Airmail rate. Cancelled by OC 1 1992 machine cancel of Victoria 3077 (Northern Mail Centre) Clean and attractive, price $29

APH187) Australia 1990 28c Salmon Gums perf 14.6 x Imperf, make up rate from vending machine booklet. Solo usage on small commercial cover Terrigal – Punchbowl NSW. Handstamp at left states ‘UNDERPAID POSTAGE COLLECTED FROM SENDER” Postage at the time being 43c. Scarce attractive cover on written up album page. Cancelled by Terrigal Handstamp of 20 JUN 1991. RARE! Price $89

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