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 APH1628) Australia 1913 small typewritten cover to American Library Assn. Chicago, from The Public Library, Museum and Art Gallery of South Australia. Bears ½d and horiz. pr. 1d Die 2 Kangaroos cancelled by machine canceller of Adelaide 15DEC13. Clean attractive cover, unusual franking. 2½d Roo. Solo use is much more common. Price $185.
APH1801) Australia 1914. ½d Green Kangaroo on colour PPC of George St. Sydney, cancelled by Telegraph Branch R of Sydney cds 28 JA 14. Fine & fresh, minor faults to card. Price $75
APH1770) Australia 1915 Orient Line Paquebot cover to Gothenburg, Sweden, re-addressed to Halmstad. Bears 2 x 1d Kangaroos Die IIA, cancelled by Colombo Paquebot cds’s of 10 JA 15. Reverse bears arrival cds’s of Goteborg 9-2.15 & Halmstad 11 2 15. Rare genuine Paquebot complete cover usage of Kangaroos. Price $295
APH1788) Australia scarce 1916 double weight cover to Stockholm. Bears horiz. Pair 2nd wmk. 2½d Kangaroos cancelled by Mosman cds of 1AU16. Manuscript “Letter for Germany” at top and censor tape in purple at left.  A few wrinkles and minor crease to top right corner. To avoid difficulty in sending letters to Germany during WWI were often routed via Switzerland. This is the first sent via Sweden that we have seen.  Price $295
APH1769) Australia Rare 1917 WWI small cover to Canal Zone. Bears 3d 3rd wmk. Kangaroo Die 1 cancelled by Brisbane cds of 12 DE 17. Rare destination. Price $295
APH1754) Australia 1917 C6 size envelope to Samoa. Bears solo use of 2d 3rd wmk. Kangaroo cancelled by cds No. 50 of Sydney of 23MY17. Flap bears the logo of “Henry Bull & Co. Ltd., Sydney, London, Brisbane” Neat typed address cover, light fold does not detract.
(The Henry Bull & Co Building was erected on the corner of Market and York Streets in the city in 1904. Beautifully crafted with an Edwardian style facade, it was one of the tallest buildings in Sydney at the time - only the 56 metre Hotel Australia was taller. It was built with 6 storeys to a height of 53 metres to its corner copper cupola - a water turret - which emulated the dome of the Queen Victoria Building across the road. In 1913, during a renovations, it had 4 floors added to take it to the 45m height limit in place.
Like many warehouse buildings of its era, the Henry Bull Building was timber frames with a crafted stone base and brick and stone facework non the upper levels. Twin stone kangaroos stood over the corner entrance. The building was demolished in 1972 to make way for St Martins Tower.
Henry Bull & Co. was incorporated as a limited liability company of 28 Milton Street, London, UK. as Australian merchants and manufacturers of flannels and blankets at the Challenge Mills, Liverpool NSW. The mill was established by Henry Bull & Co on the site of the paper mill of Collingwood Paper Works. It remained operational until 1975. Part of the old Challenge Woollen Mill still exists on Shepherd Street, Liverpool.
For photo see here:
Scarce destination, price $165
APH1758) Australia 1917 small Censored cover to Amsterdam. Bears solo use 2½d 2nd wmk. Kangaroo, cancelled by Brisbane machine canceller of 7.JUL.17. Red Censor tape at left. Amsterdam arrival cds on front of 22 IX 1917. Neat, typed cover. Price $165

APH1755) Australia 1919 small cover, Sydney – Samoa. Bears 2½d 2rd wmk. Kangaroo cancelled by Sydney Slogan of OC 25 1919 “HELP REPATRIATION/BUY/WAR SAVING CERTIFICATES” Stamp is well centred with full perfs. Reverse bears logo of C.E.Waters & Co. Ltd. Sydney. Neat, typed address cover, part flap missing. Douglas Mawson was agent for C. E Waters, here is an extract from The Sydney Morning Herald, 21st June 1919. “SHIPPING ARRIVALS – JUNE 20. Carina, s, 5399 tons, Captain Heddle, from Saigon, via Melbourne. C. E. Waters and Co. Ltd., agents Douglas Mawson{“
Scarce destination cover, price $165
APH1772) Australia 1921 small cover to Japan. Bears 3d Die I, 3rd wmk. Kangaroo cancelled by machine cancel of Sydney JE 7 1921. Reverse has arrival cds of Kobe 9.7.21. Also imprint of Yamashita Kisen Kaisha Ltd., Sydney on flap. Scarce destination and with address in both English and Japanese. From the Australian Financial Review of June 19 1989, we found this: “EIE Development Company Ltd, Japan's highest profile investor in Australian real estate, is reorganising its Australian holdings by selling the Regent of Sydney hotel. It is also understood to be negotiating the purchase of Bond Corporation's 50 per cent stake in the Bond University on the Gold Coast. The Sydney Regent is to be bought by a mid-sized Japanese shipping company, Nisshin Kisen Kaisha Ltd, for about $270 million, almost double the price EIE paid in March 1987.” Price $165
APH1774) Australia 1923 small, registered cover to Germany. Bears 4d Dull Ultramarine KGV Harrison Plate & 3d Olive Kangaroo 3rd wmk, die IIb, cancelled by Brisbane Registered cds’s of 5 SE 1923, and with Brisbane R6 Red reg’n. label No. 2096. Reverse bears Hannover arrival cds of 23.10.23. The Harrison plate of the 4d blue is much scarcer on cover than the Cooke. Price $375
APH1776) Australia 1928 small cover to Rome. Bears 6d Chestnut 3rd wmk Kangaroo with variety “Damaged lower left corner” ACSC 21(U) G. Bears Perth slogan of JAN 9 1928 “COMMONWEALTH LOANS/NOW OPEN/APPLY AT ONCE” Reverse bears Rome arrival slogan of 6 II 1928 (February) “Salsomaggiore Spendendo POCO? ALBERGHI TERMALI” Which translates “Spend a little time at Salsomaggiore” Salsomaggiore Terme is a town and commune in northern Italy. It is located in the province of Parma, in the Emilia-Romagna region, located at the foot of the Apennines. It is a popular Spa town. The water is strongly saline. Price $175

APH1757) Australia 1928 small, registered cover from Bowral, NSW to Switzerland. Bears 6d Brown 3rd wmk. Kangaroo solo use cancelled by Bowral cds of 8JE28. Has Red R6 Bowral reg’n. label No. 1437. Stamp has the unlocated variety ACSC 21(U) g, “Damaged lower left corner” Reverse bears Sydney reg’d cds of the following day, plus Zrurich arrival cds of 23.VII. 28. Neat handwritten cover. Price $165
APH1686) Australia small surface mail cover Geelong, Vic. To Nairobi, Kenya. Bears solo use of 1½d Swan cancelled by Geelong Slogan of 11OCT29 “INCLUDE POSTAL DISTRICT/NUMBER IN MELBOURNE/SUBURBAN ADDRESSES” See below for info. on addressee. Scarce destination, price $49
APH1679) Australia 1930 long registered surface mail cover Melbourne to Uplands Kenya. Bears 5d Pale Chestnut KGV SMW Perf 14 Solo use of cancelled by Melbourne GPO cds 14 NO 30. Reverse bears transit cds of Dha-Nushkodi India of 4 DEC30 With arrival cds Mombasa Registered 26 DE 30 and oval Registered cancel of Nairobi the following day. Scarce destination. Uplands industry consisted of a Railway Station, a Bacon Factory and a Sawmills at that time. See below for further info. A little aged consistent with being well travelled. Price $149

APH1682) Australia 1936 long registered surface mail cover Preston Vic. to Kenya. Bears 2d & 3 x 3d (pair & single) S. Aust. Centenary cancelled by cds’s of Preston 18 NO 36. Arrival cds of Uplands, Kenya on front 20 DE 36. Reverse bears Nairobi transit cds of 18 DE 36 and oval Registered cancel of 19 DE 36. Scarce destination. Uplands industry consisted of a Railway Station, a Bacon Factory and a Sawmills at that time. See below for further info. Some creasing and a tiny tear at base, consistent with being well travelled. Price $149
The addressee of the above three covers, William Tunstall was the son of W.G. Tunstall, Lance Corporal 4067, East African Supply Corps., East African Forces who died on Saturday, 22nd April 1916. Age 58. Son of Jeremiah Yates Tunstall and Mary Tunstall; husband of Henrietta Tunstall of Uplands, Kenya. Born at Darlington, England, and arriving from Wiltshire with his wife and family he became Manager of Uplands Bacon Factory and at some stage was a Sawmiller with the Morson Sawmills. Nairobi South Cemetery, Grave Ref: IV C 5
Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Dagoretti - W. Tunstall
Barnes - Nairobi South Cemetery - Henrietta Tunstall, died 4 Dec 1940 aged 79 and William George Tunstall , husband of Henrietta Tunstall, of Uplands, Kenya.
Children: William, Bryan Blatchford d.1959 , Edward, Alfred (c.1902-1976), Lucy Elinor (Macdonald), Muriel b. 5.2.1898 (Morgan), Mary Catherine.
APH1570) Australia 1937 small airmail advertising cover for Brico Piston Rings, of Camperdown NSW. Superb Illustrated cover in colour bearing image of swimsuit model holding a giant piston ring. Bears Horiz. Pair 9d C of A Kangaroos, small pre-affixing faults. Cancelled by Camperdown cds of 3SE37. Neat typewritten cover, opened 3 sides. Price $119
APH2013) Australia 1937 OHMS long envelope Canberra to London. Bears 1/4d C of A wmk.  KGV & 2d NSW Sesqui., cancelled by AIR MAIL CANBERRA cds of 29OC37. From Dept. of Commerce to Director of Australian Trade Publicity, Australia House. Nice inter-departmental cover. A few very minor faults, and central filing crease which does not detract. Price $249
APH1625) Australia 1938 Solo airmail usage of 5d Ram on mall advertising cover for The New York Junk Co. Collingwood Vic., to International Smelters Ltd, London. Cancelled by cds of Abbotsford 13DE38. Scarce solo usage. Neat typewritten cover. Price $39
APH1576) Australia 1946 Small forces charities RAAF Concession Airmail Cover to Christchurch NZ. Bears 3½d Peace & ½d orange Kangaroo. Cancelled by RAAF cds of Narromine NSW 11MR46. Also with RAAF Concession Rectangular Cachet in Violet. Neat & clean typewritten cover. Price $49

APH1571) Australia 1950 real photograph postcard of Mount Guthrie airmailed to Schaffhausen Switzerland. Bears solo use of 9d Platypus perf. 14 x 14¾ cancelled by Mt. Kosciusko cds of 18.8.50. Scarce destination, cancel and usage. Price $39
APH1641) Australia 1965 long airmail cover to The Citroen Car Club, UK. Bears solo use of 2/3d ICY cancelled by Brisbane slogan of 22 SEP 1965 “RECRUITS UNDER/21 GET ADULT/PAY IN THE/ARMED SERVICES” Small tear at right does not affect stamp. Scarce Vietnam War period slogan. Stamp cat. $65 on cover. Price $49
APH1557) Australia 7th May 1966 small Returned airmail cover to Germany bearing late usage of pre-decimal 2/3d ICY. Cancelled by Melbourne slogan “YOUR HANDY GUIDE/THE PINK PAGES” Face also bears cds’s of Luneburg 23.5.66 and Lehrte 25.5.66. Scarce and attractive cover, price $125
APH2026) Australia 1992 International Registered uprated 20c Crimson Rosella PSE, bearing 90c Parkinson & $10 Gardens to New Zealand. Cancelled by Dee Why cds of 17DE92. Nice scarce usage, price $79

Early July 2022

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