Early March 2020


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Australia KGV Heads

Breaking superb KGV Collection, starting here with the 1d Red Shades, mainly mint with certificate

GG4) Australia 1918 1d Rosine Mint Lightly Unhinged.  ACSC 72 l (G68) Fresh centred to right with good perfs.  Supplied with Drury 2015 Certificate. Cat. $700, price $525

GG6) Australia 1918 1d Rosine Mint Unhinged, perf. OS.   ACSC 72ibb (G68) Fresh, centred lower left with full perfs.  Supplied with Starling 2014 Certificate. Cat. $875, price $649

G280) Australia 1916 1d Carmine rough paper perf. OS. Used example with STUNNING MISPERF! Misperforated with around 10% of the adjoining stamp at right visible. Far great than the usual off centre stamps from this period. Price $249

GS23) Australia 1917 1d Orange Red KGV. Post Office fresh Mint Unhinged. Nice full perf example, centred left. ACSC71P, (G24.5) Cat. $600. Supplied with Drury 2004 certificate. Price $475

GS17) Australia 1918 1d Rose Pink Rough Paper KGV. Post Office Fresh mint unhinged, nicely centred with full perfs. ACSC 72H (G67) Cat. $1500, very rare stamp, Supplied with Drury and Bozic 2011 Certificates. Price $1195

G232) Australia 1918 1d Rose Pink Rough Paper KGV perf OS. Fine used example centred right with good perfs. Cancelled by Melbourne Ship Mail Room cds of 22MY20. ACSC 72H (G67) Cat. $250, rarer shade, price $149

G638) Australia 1918 1d Carmine red Rough paper Die II  ACSC 72(p)i, Very fine used, centred to right, with 2015 Drury certificate, Price $29

G382 Australia 1914 1d Carmine smooth paper punctured ‘OS’ Die II ‘Merged’ spur (position 56 – see ACSC page 4/52). Centred to right, Mint very lightly hinged, Price $275


G467) Australia KGV Single wmk, range ½d Green – 4d Blue, with some nice shades of the 2d Reds and Oranges. All perf. OS NSW, plus 2d & 4d C of A wmk. Perf. G NSW. 19 stamps all nice used, many with cds. Cat. as normal OS $225. State perfins are much scarcer. Price $149

G514) Australia 1915 ½d Pale Green single line perf. Fine used example, cancelled by Lang Lang Vic. Cds of MR 29 16. Centred upper right with full perfs. Tiny pinhole bottom right does not detract from fine appearance. ACSC 64B cat. $1,000, advertised retail $625 for the cheaper shade. Price $475  

G641) Australia 1918 KGV Single wmk 1d Carmine-red Die III variety 'Watermark inverted' ACSC 75Da, machine cancel, nicely centred & good perfs, Cat $150, Price $109

G361) Australia 1924 1d Green single wmk block of 4, upper l/h unit variety ‘Wattle line’, lower l/h unit variety ‘Flaw under neck’ and upper r/h unit ‘Nick near top of left frame’ ACSC 77(4)f/g/h, upper units MLH, lower units unhinged, centred a little low, Cat $200 as hinged, price $149

G645) Australia 1922 1d Deep violet single wmk ACSC 76B marginal block of 4, very faint gum bend affecting the left hand pair, toning band in margin only, well away from the stamps which are fresh MUH, attractive block, Cat $160, Price $89

G634) Australia 1920 2d Orange KGV Single ACSC 95E wmk block of 6, fresh, with 4 units being unhinged, other VLH, one of the hinged units with slight gum bend, centred low, Cat $200, Price $129

G468) Australia 1920 2d Orange perf OS wmk. Inverted. ACSC 95Eba inv. Cancelled by Melbourne Sept 1922 cds. Well centred and with good perfs. Non OS inverted wmk is cat. $8000. Price $125

G456) Australia 1920 2d Orange perf OS Grossly Misperfed. ACSC 95Eba. Used with partial machine cancel and showing part of adjacent stamp at right. Price $49

G455) Australia 1924 2d Deep Red Brown perf OS Grossly Misperfed. ACSC 97Bbb. Used with slogan cancel and showing part of adjacent stamp at top. Cat. $50 for used in the lighter shade. Price $79 

G452) Australia 1914 – 20 KGV 4d Orange-Yellow shades, range of 10 between ACSC 110A – E, H & I. All fine used cds and cat. $700 plus. Includes the rare Lime Yellow cat. $600 alone. Price $475

G466) Australia 1914 – 20 KGV 4d Orange shades, range of 10 different all perf. OS, does not include Lemon or Lime yellow. All fine used with cds cancels. Price $98   

G321) Australia 1915 4d Orange KGV variety ‘Watermark inverted’ CTO ACSC 110Ha/w with full slightly ‘suntanned’ unhinged gum, centred to right, Price $49

ML530) Australia 1921 4d Violet single wmk. Nice mint unhinged example, well centred. Has 1 nibbed perf at top, together with a light gum bend also at top. ACSC 111A, cat. $75, price $30

G258) Australia 1923 4d Bright Ultramarine Single wmk. Mint unhinged block of 4 with selvedge at left from gutter. Light gum toning. Well centred with good perfs, cat. $250 each as singles. ACSC 113A, priced very reasonably at $325

G258) Australia 1923 4d Dull ultramarine Single wmk. variety 'Watermark inverted' ACSC 113aa, centred to the right, fresh MLH, Cat $200, Price $169

G352) Australia 1918 5d chestnut Single wmk with variety ‘Broken NH corner’ ACSC 122Ah, centred to lower left, light gum ‘suntanning’ Mint Cat $200, price $75

G643) Australia 1918 5d Bright chestnut Single wmk rough paper, single line perf punctured 'OS' ACSC 124, unusually well centred for this issue, light cds cancel, a premium example of this scarce stamp, Price $249

DB491) Australia 1920 1/4d Turquoise KGV Single wmk. Mint unhinged Block of 4 perf OS, with variety “Thick 1 at right” and grossly misperf’ed showing parts of additional stamps at right. Cat $1500. Lovely fresh condition.  Supplied with certificate. Price $1150

G19) Australia 1920 1/4d Turquoise KGV Single wmk. Mint unhinged, centred lower right. Fresh full perf example, advertised retail $650, my price just $295

G632) Australia 1918 ½d Green Large mult wmk block of 4, upper left unit variety 'Thin fraction at right' ACSC 63(5)s, centred to upper right, lower units MUH, Cat $200+, Price $139

G633) Australia 1918 1d Carmine-pink Large mult wmk Cooke printing (confirmed with 360nm UV lamp) ACSC 73A, centred to right, some hinge remains, fresh Mint, a scarce stamp, Cat $500, Price $429

G622) Australia 1924 no watermark 1½d red interpane block of 30 [LP4-6 TO 28-30, RP 1-3 TO 25-27], left pane variety "white spot over roo's foot" [L4], right pane variety "white flaw over roo's ears" [L23], perf. reinforcements and lower-left unit thinned, BW:90 - CAT. Very scarce multiple. Cat. $1500 as single stamps without varieties. Priced cheaply at $425

G593) Australia 1926 1½d Rose Red on translucent paper. Plate 1a top right block of 4, with plate dot. Fresh mint unhinged, with some gum disturbance to lower right unit. Centred left. Rare! Cat. $1000 as hinged on normal paper. Translucent ought to be 5 x that. ACSC91aa(1a)z. Price $2495

G639) Australia 1927 1d Green Small mult wmk perf 14 variety 'Watermark inverted' ACSC 80a, centred a little to the left, fresh MUH, Price $39

G14) Australia 1927 4d Olive KGV Sml. Multi. Wmk perf. 14, SG 91 fresh mint unhinged. Centred left with good perfs. Advertised retail $300, price only $149

G642) Australia 1926 1d Green KGV Small mult wmk perf 13½ x 12½, die I & II pair ACSC 81(1)ia, centred to the left, fresh MUH, Cat $150, Price $109

G640) Australia 1926 1d Green KGV Small mult wmk perf 13½ x 12½ variety 'Watermark inverted' ACSC 81a, centred a little high, light machine cancel, Price $69

G326) Australia 1927 4d Greenish Olive KGV Sml. Multi. Wmk perf. 14, Ash imprint pair ACSC 115(3)z (pair), centring a little mixed as usual, fresh MUH. Price $795

G381) Australia 1927 2d Red-brown KGV SM Wmk perf 14 Mullett imprint pair ACSC 98(16)z (pair), centred low, very faint gum ‘suntanning’, very lightly hinged Mint, Cat $1000 for imprint block of 4, Price $149

G70) Australia 1927 3d Dull Blue KGV smw. Perf. 13.5 x 12.5 die 1a. Mint unhinged gutter block of 4, 2 x vertical pairs of type A & B. ACSC 107c, cat. $1150 as two pairs. Very scarce, price $725

G637) Australia 1932 1d Green C of A wmk, ovpt. 'OS' Ash imprint block of 4, lower line of imprint partially trimmed, fresh MUH, Cat minimum $100 for hinged, Price $109

G458) Australia 1932 1d Green C of A wmk, ovpt. OS, Grossly Misperfed. Also with ovpt. Misplaced a little to left. Cancelled by wavy line machine canceller. Misplaced perfs. show part of adjacent stamp at right. Price $49

G636) Australia 1933 3d Blue KGV C of A wmk ovpt. OS, variety 'Hollow S' ACSC 109(OS)n, centred to right, light Adelaide corner cds, Cat $100, Price $79

G9) Australia 1927 5d Brown KGV Sml. Multi. Wmk perf. 13.5 x 12.5, SG 103a, mint unhinged. Centred to upper right, with good perfs. Fresh gum with very light overall toning. Advertised retail $110, price $54.

G646) Australia 1932 5d Brown C of A wmk optd 'OS' with the overprint being under inked, also skipped vertical perfs at base resulting in a jumbo stamp! Attractive and unusual stamp LH Mint, Price $79

G5) Australia 1932 1/4d Turquoise KGV, C of A wmk. Mint unhinged. Full perf. fresh gum example centred left. Small crease at top left corner. Advertised retail $400, price for this one just $129

G391) Australia 1932 1/4d Turquoise KGV C of A wmk Ash imprint block, ACSC 131Az, one unit MUH, others MLH, stamps centred towards gutter, Cat $1000, Price $725

G392) Australia 1932 1/4d Turquoise KGV C of A wmk Ash imprint block, ACSC 131Az, some perf re-inforcing, mainly in lower right margin, stamps centred towards gutter, Mint, Cat $1000, Price $625

G393) Australia 1932 1/4d Turquoise KGV C of A wmk Ash imprint pair, ACSC 131Az (pair) some very light gum bends, stamps centred towards gutter, lightly hinged Mint, Price $229

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