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Australia Kangaroos


K565) Australia 1913 – 48 Kangaroos perf. OS NSW. Mixed set of 1st & 3rd wmks. 13 stamps, ½d – 2/- inc. both colours of 6d & 2/-. Selected examples from our stock, mostly circular cancels, scarce assembly. Price $459


K490) Australia 1913 1st wmk Kangaroos set to 1/- nice fine used all circular cancels and several dated examples, inc. 3d Die II. Melbourne retail $440 +, 11 stamps, price $310


K493) Another as above without Die II, price $135


K1088) Australia 1913 1st wmk Kangaroos set ½d to 2/- punctured large ‘OS’ (ex 2½d), all with cds cancels, mixed centring, odd perf fault, Cat $1100, Price $699


K570) Australia 1915 2nd wmk. Kangaroos, complete set 2d – 5/- all perf OS,  good to fine used. Advertised retail for fine used $1000 plus. Well priced at  $495


K1097) Australia 1932-36 10/-, £1 (two units very lightly mounted) & £2 blocks of 4 with Type D 'SPECIMEN' Overprint ACSC #50xf 54xa & 58xa, mint unhinged, very minor toning to centre perfs of the 10/- block. The £2 is VERY RARE UNHINGED. Extrapolated cat. value $9785. Price $5400

1st Watermark

K1053) Australia 1913 1d Red Kangaroo Die 2. Dry Ink, perf small OS. Not listed in ACSC. Cancelled by Bundaberg, Qld. Cds of 18JE14. Centred a little to the right, one nibbed perf. Top right and minor toning to perfs. lower left. Nevertheless an attractive example of an unlisted variety. Price $249


AU12) Australia 1913 1d Red Kangaroo, Die IIA, fresh used example, with large part original gum, and Strong Offset on reverse under the gum. Cat $600 for mint, unpriced used. Lovely item. $495


K248) Australia 1913 1d Red Kangaroo Die II, Prominent KISSPRINT. Fine used perf OS with light machine cancel. Supplied with normal for comparison for. The Double print (Kissprint) is only listed as Die IIA at $6500 for used in ACSC. Price $2950


K425) Australia 1913 2d 1st wmk grey Kangaroo used on Thursday Island. Marginal example from centre of sheet showing part gutter at left. Well centred stamp cancelled by full cds of Thursday Is. 1913, full date unclear. Also 1932 9d C of A wmk, similarly cancelled dated 6 JE 38. Price for the 2, $200


K86) Australia 1913 2d Grey 1st wmk Kangaroo Fresh Mint Unhinged, Centred to right, good perfs. Cat. $300, price. $119


K369) Australia 1913 3d olive die II Kangaroo ACSC 12B, cat $400 blue Brisbane cds, FU. Price $199


ML533) Australia 1913 First watermark 3d pale olive green die I, CTO with gum, indistinct corner CDS centred top right, one slightly nibbed perf at top. ACSC  12E, Cat. Min. $50, price $29


K749) Australia 1913 First wmk 3d olive Kangaroo, variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 12Aa, well centred with two crisp cds strikes, Cat $225, Price $119


AP49) Australia 1913 1st wmk 3d Yellow Olive Kangaroo, Die I, perf small OS, neat cds cancel. Cat. $100, my price $75


K88) Australia 1913 4d Analine Orange Kangaroo, mint very fresh light hinge, almost imperceptible. Centred to top right with good perfs. ACSC 15B, cat $2000 excellent price $595


K1041) Australia 1913 4d Orange Yellow Kangaroo, fine used. Cancelled by Hobart cds of 21 NOV 13. Centred to upper right and with good perfs. Minor toning to 1 perf. ACSC 15E cat. $250, price $165


LM12) Australia 1913 5d Chestnut Kangaroo, “Kissprint”. Nice well centred example with full perfs, fresh mint very lightly hinged. Coastline appears doubled almost all around. Cat $250 as normal. Price $495


ML538) Australia 1913 6d ultramarine CTO with indistinct corner cds, the letter 'S' is just visible, indicating it may be a Brisbane CTO, attractive stamp! $99


K320) Australia 1913 9d Pale Violet  Kangaroo 1st Wmk. PERF SMALL OS. Superb fault free MINT UNHINGED example well centred and good perfs., with doubling of perfin on one hole between 1 & 2 o’clock on the O of OS.  ACSC 24Bbb, Cat. $1500 as the cheaper Violet shade, price $1250


K356) Australia 1913 2/- Dark Brown 1st wmk Kangaroo.  Attractive postally used  example with good perfs. Centred to top left. Better shade, ACSC 35B cat. $300. Price $129


SE29) Australia 1913 2/- Brown 1st wmk. Kangaroo superb postally used, with centrally struck “Socked on nose” Perth cds, 5 FEB 15, well cantered and with full perfs, a premium stamp. Cat. $300, price $249


MY43) Australia 1913 1st wmk  2/- Brown Kangaroo, perf small OS postally used with 28 MY 15 cds of Melbourne. Well centred and with good perfs. Cat
$400. Price $345


K1051) Australia 1913 1st wmk  2/- Brown Kangaroo, perf. Large OS postally used with Melbourne cds. Centred upper right with reasonable perfs. Cat $500. Price $199

2nd Watermark

K1050) Australia 1915 9d Violet 2nd watermark Kangaroo ACSC 25A, good to fine used. Cancelled by rubber cds, well centred. Couple of short perfs lower left. Cat. $90, price $45


K1043) Australia 1915 9d Violet 2nd watermark Kangaroo ACSC 25A, good to fine used. Cancelled by 2 partial cds’s rubber cds, centred a little low with one short perf at base. Cat. $90, price $36


NO8) Australia 1915 2/- Brown 2nd wmk Kangaroo. A lovely well centred full perf. example, with slightly heavy partial Sale, Victoria cds. Cat $350, my price under a half…$169


K172) Australia 1915 5/- Deep Grey & Yellow Kangaroo 2nd wmk perf OS.  Very fine well centred light cds used.  Very well centred and full perfs, try to find better! ACSC 43Ab, cat. $700, price $495


MD36) Australia 1916 2/- Brown Kangaroo, 2nd wmk, lovely used example with Registered 8 DE 15 cds. Good perfs, centred a little right. Cat. $400, price under a half  at $195


MMY28) Australia 1916 2nd wmk 2/- Brown Kangaroo, good – fine used with 2 partial cds cancels, well centred and with good perfs. Cat $350, price $195

3rd Watermark

DB686) Australia 1915 3d Olive Kangaroo 3rd wmk, Die II. Fine postally used with cds of Moonee Ponds, Vic. July 1918. Cat $200, price $119


MMY45) Australia, absolutely magnificent, best I have ever seen! 1915 3rd wmk 3d Olive Die II Kangaroo, with perfect  centring and perfs. With light cds cancel. Cat $200. Price $149


K747) Australia 1915 6d Ultramarine 3rd wmk, ACSC 19A, centred to upper right, few nibbled perfs at top, lightly hinged Mint, Cat $225, Price $99


M11) Australia 1915 2/- Brown 3rd wmk Kangaroo, with “S” Flaw, very scarce stamp, lightish parcel used,  cat $450. Price $335


K93) Australia 1918 3d Yellow Olive 3rd wmk Kangaroo Die II, Mint Unhinged. Centred left with full perfs, has light overall gum toning. Cat. $1000, bargain at $225


D29) Australia 1918 3rd wmk 1/- Emerald Kangaroo, very fine postally full perf example
Part cds, Watermark Inverted. Cat $200. Price $110


K1274) Australia 1918 3d Olive Kangaroo third watermark CA monogram block of 4 with the two lower units including the monogram and the upper left unit being Die II & the upper right unit being die I, plate 1 left pane, positions 51, 52, 57 & 58, very faint gum ‘suntanning’ lines, upper units & margin Mint with light hinge remains, lower units MUH with light diagonal bend, a rare positional piece, Cat $3900 as monogram single etc, Price $2499


K1099) Australia 1918 5/- Grey & Yellow Kangaroo Perf. OS with SIGNIFICANT MISPLACEMENT OF THE KANGAROO. Unlisted as such by ACSC. A mint example, not per. OS with a slightly more exaggerated downwards misplacement is listed as ASCS 44ca at $10,000. This example is cancelled by cds of ? Rly. Stn. 15 SE 21, centred to lower left and with a blunt top right corner perf. Price $2695


K23) Australia 1918 5/- Grey-Black and Chrome Kangaroo 3rd wmk. Perf OS, well centred cto stamp. Few ragged perfs at top left side. No gum. Attractive looking. ACSC 44wa Cat. $300, price $149


K1100) Australia 1918 10/- Grey & Analine Pink Kangaroo, INVERTED WMK. IN addition has large white void at top of Kangaroo’s leg (not a thin) and a pink spot to left ear (both unrecorded varieties) Cancelled by Hobart cds. Has a blunt top left corner. Well centred stamp cat. $3500 without the varieties. Price $1495


K1049) Australia 1919 2½d Deep Indigo 3rd wmk. Kangaroo ACSC 11D fine used. Well centred good perf. Example cancelled by central strike of Sydney cds of 13NO19. Also unlisted varieties “Extra Islands” Cat. $275, price $210


K1281) Australia 1919 9d Violet Kangaroo third watermark Die IIB punctured ‘OS’ CTO BW 17wa, centred a little to upper right, with full unhinged gum, Cat $75, Price $69


K424) Australia 1919 £2 Purple Black & Rose 3rd wmk. Kangaroo, ACSC 56C(D)h. Attractive used example with no faults. Cancelled by Port Pirie S.A. cds of 7OC31. Centred to top with full perfs. Has variety “Broken Coast in Bight” Cat. $5500, price $3600


ML419) Australia 1924 Third watermark 2/- maroon well centred FU, cancelled partial cds of Maryborough Vic. 6FE28. Price $30


K1285) Australia 1924 2/- Maroon Kangaroo third watermark CTO BW 38w with full unhinged gum, some light gum bends, nicely centred, Cat $100, Price $59


K1288) Australia 1924 2/- Maroon Kangaroo third watermark punctured ‘OS’ CTO BW 38wc centred to lower left, Cat $100, Price $69


K157) Australia 1924 £1 Grey 3rd wmk. Kangaroo Ovpt. Specimen type C. Fresh mint unhinged example with full perfs, centred a little to lower right. Cat. $850, price $650


K1104) Australia 5/- Grey – Black & Yellow Orange 3rd wmk. Kangaroo. Scarce shade, cat. $275. Well centred with cds cancel., just some ragged perfs to base. Price $165

Small Multiple Watermark

K751) Australia 1926 1/- Blue-green Die IIB, punctured ‘OS’ ACSC 33Aba, one nibbled perf. at base, centred low, MUH, Cat $375, Price $179

K1282) Australia 1929 6d Chestnut Kangaroo small multiple watermark overprinted ‘OS’ CTO BW


K1284) Australia 1929 9d Violet Chestnut Kangaroo small multiple watermark CTO BW 28w, short perf at lower left, well centred, Cat $75, Price $49


MN50) Australia 1929 5/- grey and yellow Kangaroo, perf OS, postally used. Normal price $160, we have four grades to offer: a) Fine used circular date stamp, with clear usage date $129, b) As above but date not clear. $99, c) Light parcel cancel $79, d) Slight seconds with heavier cancels/and or perf faults $39


K1291) Australia 1929 1/- Blue-green Kangaroo SM watermark CTO BW 34w, centred a little to the right, Cat $75, Price $49


K1290) Australia 1929 1/- Blue-green Kangaroo SM watermark punctured ‘OS’ CTO BW 34wa with full gum, centred a little low, Cat $60, Price $39


K1289) Australia 1929 1/- Blue-green Kangaroo SM watermark punctured ‘OS’ CTO BW 34wa with full gum, centred to the right, Cat $60, Price $39


K1286) Australia 1929 2/- Maroon Kangaroo SM watermark CTO BW 39w with full unhinged gum, light corner bend, centred to the right, Cat $125, Price $69


K1287) Australia 1929 2/- Maroon Kangaroo SM watermark punctured ‘OS’ CTO BW 39wc, nibbled perf at base, unusually well centred Cat $100, Price $59

C of A Watermark

K1045) Australia 1932 6d Chestnut C of A wmk. Kangaroo, mint lightly hinged. Well centred, full perf example cat. $50, price $37.50


K385) Australia 1932 6d Chestnut Kangaroo Ovpt. OS. Mint unhinged top marginal block of 4. Fine and Post Office fresh with full perfs, centred to top. ACSC 23A, cat $500 as singles, blocks are scarce. Price $419


K383) Australia 1932 9d Violet Kangaroo, C of A wmk. Well centred mint block of 4. Lovely fresh looking block. Top two stamps have the merest touch of a hinge, lower two have been twice hinged. Blocks are scarce, especially so well centred. Price $349


K1048) Australia 1932 10/- Grey & Rose Crimson C of A wmk Kangaroo, ACSC 50B. Fine used with registered cds of 9 AP 39. Centred right with full perfs. Cat. $275, price $185


K332) Australia 1932 10/- Grey & Analine Pink C of A wmk Kangaroo. Lovely shade, ACSC 50D, cat. $750. Centred low, with good perfs,  cancelled by slightly smudgy cds. Hard shade to find. Price.  $395


K245) Australia 10/- Grey & Pink Kangaroo, type C Specimen. Fine and fresh well centred example with good perfs. Only 1200 produced of this rare C type specimen. ACSC 50A Cat. $850. This is an exceptionally fine example, price $795

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