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Australian States


NSW46) New South Wales 1862-86 1d Brownish-red completely imperf all around with large margins and full gum, has only a single horizontal line watermark, small thin at top Mint, does not appear to be listed in SG, Price $495

NSW15) New South Wales 1867 Queen Victoria 10d Lilac, striking Imperforate pair:  Watermark “10” in single lined figures, SG watermark number 35.  Fresh attractive unused pair, with no thins, creases or hinge remains. From an Estate.  SG 205a, cat £3,000 for imperf between pair. Probably from same error sheet. Nice rich colour, and most attractive for something 150 years old now! $3250

NSW4) NSW 1875 small re-addressed cover to Aldershot Camp.  Bears 6d QV Bright Mauve, SG 216 Endorsed “via. San Francisco” in Manuscript and tied by Sydney Duplex of JA 15 75, and with arrival cds on face of Farnborough (Hants) Station MR 8 75. Also reverse cds of Aldershot Camp of the same date, and of Chatham Kent the following day. Addressed to Colonel Jfy. Kent of 77th Reg’d at Aldershot Camp and re-addressed to Exeter Devon.  The 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot was a line regiment of the British Army, raised in 1787. Under the Childers Reforms it amalgamated with the 57th Regiment of Foot to form the Duke of Cambridge's Own in 1881. Nice scarce military item. Price $179

NSW42) NSW 1885/6 NSW £1, rare clear DOUBLE SPECIMEN overprint! SG 240a, perf 12 with BLACK POSTAGE overprint. SG does not even list a Specimen overprint for this stamp, and the normal non-specimen is cat. £10,000. Mint lightly hinged, with minor gum aging. Price $10,000

NSW50a) New South Wales 1888-89 Centennial of New South Wales imperforate 5/- colour trial in Dull Violet on ungummed unwatermarked paper. Price: $200

NSW50) 1888-89 Centennial of New South Wales all-different imperforate colour trials on ungummed unwatermarked paper comprising 1d x4, 2d x6, 4d x6, 6d x10, 8d x8, 1/- x6, 5/- x 3 & 20/- x11, all but one 2d with full margins, a couple of minor blemishes. Largely complete & colourful array. Most of these are Ex John Bell (NSW). [65 different proofs have been recorded, with between 6 and 12 of each extant, some of which remain in blocks of 4] (Qty 54) Price $11,250

NSW116) New South Wales 1890 Centenary perf 10 5/- Lilac SG 263s overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ in black, Stated to be one of 100 stamps overprinted in August 1892. Couple of minor thins, Mint, Price $199

NSW84) New South Wales 1890 Centenary perf 12 x 11 20/- Ultramarine SG 264cb, Fresh Mint, Cat £375, Price $429

NSW39) New South Wales 1903 uprated postal stationery cover to Germany. Bearing: 3d Red Registered Postal Stationery and 2.5d Deep Blue. Cancelled by CDS of Sydney, MY 11 03, arrival CDS of Leipzig 16 6 03 Registered cover. Price: $60

NSW58) New South Wales 1905 20/- Cobalt-blue perf 11 SG 350, centred a little to the right, fresh Mint Cat £375, Price $399


SA5) South Australia 1904 1d Scarlet SG 179a, wrong perf! Fresh mint unhinged example, perf 12 all around instead of 12 x 11.5. This perf. not recorded by SG. Price $149

SA19) South Australia 1911 long OHMS envelope from Surveyor’s dept. Bears 1d Red QV Sideface 1d Rosine perf. SA, cancelled by Adelaide double ring cds of DEC 21 1911 and with oval Surveyor General’s Dept. h/stamp in blue of the same date. Neat handwritten cover in fine condition, just a small tear top left. Price $36


T16) Tasmania 4d Bright Red Orange Courier, Die 1. Unused cut to shape on small piece. SG 5, Cat. £8500 for cut square. Good spacefiller at well under 5% catalogue, price $595

T40) Tasmania 1855 - 64 Imperforate, 1d Dull Vermilion Chalon. Mint without Gum 3 margins, SG 28 - ASC 3a. Price: $225

T81) Tasmania 1865-71 1d carmine perf 12 SG 70, showing a spectacular vertical mis-perforation resulting in the stamp being only 20mm wide, Mint no gum, striking ‘miniature’ stamp with strong colour and full perforations. Price $99

T53) Tasmania 1880 Postmasters Letter Bill from Campbell Town with 'CAMPBELL TOWN JN 9/80' cds rated 'R', and partial Brighton cds rated 'RR' some damage from opening, scarce and attractive. Price $179

T34) Tasmania 1879 Postal Fiscals 2/6d George & Dragon overprinted “Reprint” half sheet of 60 perf 12 on thin card with full unhinged gum. Originals cat. as SG F13 at £350 each = £21,000 as mint hinged. Price $1995


V162) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 3d Bright blue, SG 4, 3 close to good margins, just touching at left, area of thinning at left, still a very attractive example with bold colour, faint indistinct Butterfly cancel, Cat £600, Price $349

V163) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 3d Blue SG 4a, close margins at top and base, touching at sides, small repaired thin at left and small repaired tear at lower right, indistinct Butterfly cancel, Cat £450, Price $249

V164) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 1d red-brown SG 5, margins close to touching all around, repaired lower left corner, very faint indistinct cancel, Cat £450, Price $149

V165) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 1d red-brown SG 5, uneven margins close to cut into, indistinct Barred oval cancel, Cat £450, Price $299

V169) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 1d Dull orange vermillion SG 8, 3 good margins with part of the adjoining stamps at left and at base, cut into at top and missing lower right corner, Cat £650, Price $299

V171) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 1d Brownish red SG 9a, margins close to touching all around, Barred oval 1 cancel of Melbourne, Cat £180, Price $149

V172) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 1d Dull rose SG 9b, close to touching margins all around, lower right corner fault & a small nick at top, indistinct cancel, Cat £180, Price $129

V175) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 3d Pale greenish blue SG 11b, margins close to touching on 3 sides, uneven margin at right with a small nick, indistinct Barred oval cancel, Cat £170, Price $129

V176) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 1d Reddish brown ‘White veils’ SG 12, 3 large to just touching margins, cut into at base, Barred oval 1 cancel of Melbourne, Cat £170, Price $129

V178) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 2d Drab SG 13, margins close to touching, small nick at base and small central thin, indistinct Barred oval cancel, possibly ‘54’ – the ‘5’ is clear but not the other numeral, which is rated RRRR, Cat £190, Price $99

V182) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 2d Red lilac, SG 15, close margins on three sides, thinned and small fault at top, Butterfly 1 cancel of Melbourne, Cat £325, Price $129

V183) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 2d Grey, SG 15b, margins touching all around, small thin at right, Butterfly 15 cancel of Geelong, Cat £425, Price $249

V191) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 2d Olive drab SG 17d, good margin at left, other close to just touching, indistinct barred oval cancel, Cat £190, Price $179

V192) 1850 QV Half-length Ham printing 2d Buff SG 17e, cut into slightly at left, other margins close to touching, indistinct barred oval cancel, Cat £250, Price $149

LM13) Victoria 1854 6d Dull Orange Imperf Woodblock on cover, SG 32a. Neat small cover Melbourne to Dublin via ship Colombia. Nice 4 margin stamp affixed inverted, possibly to warn of bad news.  Cancelled by barred numeral 1, and with arrival stamp MR 16 1858. Price $395

V124) Victoria 1884-96 10/- Brown/rose wmk V over Crown perf 12½, Stamp Duty, SG 240b. Nice postally used with Ballarat duplex, centred to top right, unpriced in Gibbons. Price $249

V133) Victoria 1896-99 4/- Orange wmk V over Crown Stamp Duty SG 346, MELBOURNE CTO with slightly suntanned gum, light vertical bend, centred to lower left, Cat £50, Price $39

V119) Victoria 1884 – 1900 £50 Dull-Lilac SG 284. Clean fiscally used example. Good perfs, well centred. No pinholes. Price $349

V144) Victoria 1897 Charity set, the 1d CTO, the 2½d with indistinct cds, attractive set, Price $179

V111) Victoria 1901 QV 2/- blue/pink SG 382 Mint, advertised retail $150, some hinge remains, Price $79

V21) Victoria 1893 small cover to House of Commons, London. Bears 2 x 1d QV SG 332a, cancelled by Melbourne duplexes of JE 13 93, and with arrival cds on reverse of London S.W. JY 17 93. Addressed to James Hogan MP. James Francis Hogan MP (29 December 1855 – 9 November 1924) was an Irish history professor at University College Cork, author and Member of Parliament for Mid Tipperary 1893–1900. Born in County Tipperary in 1855, to Rody and Mary Hogan, he had one sister, Margaret. The family emigrated to Melbourne in 1856, when he was at the age of 1, and lived in Geelong, attending St. Mary's Catholic School there, before a year at St Patrick's College, Melbourne. He graduated and began to teach in 1872. He began writing in local newspapers on Catholic topics, before later editing the Victorian Review. Joining the Victorian Catholic Young Men's Society in 1884 he admired the legacy of Daniel O'Connell and campaigned to erect a memorial to him. He published works on the Irish colonisation of Australia, including “The Gladstone Colony: An Unwritten Chapter of Australian History and The Irish in Australia” in the late 1880s. He then returned to England, and in 1893 was elected unopposed to the House of Commons as MP for Mid Tipperary. He served as secretary of the Colonial Party under Sir Charles Dilke. Following retirement as an MP in 1900, he moved to Ireland to teach at the University College, Cork. There, he became associated with the Blueshirt movement, advocating a Christian democracy which clashed with the more right-wing aims of their leader Eoin O'Duffy. He remained unmarried at his death, and was survived by his sister. Great historical piece, $249

V78) Victoria 1898 small cover to USA. Bearing: Orange on Yellow 2.5d. Cancelled by 14 A CDS of Melbourne, VIC, FE 11 98, hand addressed cover. Price: $40

V80) Victoria 1905 postcard of Fire Brigade Station, Melbourne to South Africa. Bearing: 2.5d Blue SG 388a. Cancelled by CDS No. 14 of Melbourne, 16 6 05. Price: $120


WA80) WA 1854 1d Back Swan Rouletted SG 2. Complete roulettes easily visible on 3 sides. Shows part of adjoining stamp at right. Tiny thin at base. Cancelled by light barred numeral (number no legible) Cat. £700. Price $675

WA73) WA 1861 1d, 2d, 4d & 1/- Swans fine used, each with neat Commissariat puncture. Scarce. Price $295

WA69) WA 1893 Swans Half Penny & One Penny surcharges on 3d Mint, some HR. Price $34.50

WA119) Western Australia 1902-11 9d Orange-yellow Swan wmk V over Crown perf 12½ variety watermark upright, SG 122a, hinged Mint with one lightly toned perf at top, Cat £120, Price $79

WA118) Western Australia 1905-12 2d Yellow Swan wmk Crown over double lined A, variety watermark upright, SG 140a, central horizontal crease, indistinct cds, a scarce stamp, Cat £350, Price $179

WA15) Western Australia 1905 undivided back Sepia Picture Postcard of Barrack Street Perth incorrectly addressed to Niagara Falls. Bears Halfpenny Green and 1d Carmine Swans cat. from x 12 on cover, tied by cds of Town Hall Fremantle JU 30 06, and Niagara Falls arrival machine cancel, plus cds of AUG 6 1905 and similar return cds of the following day. No indication of its final resting place as it bears no sender’s address. Scarce and attractive, price $179

WA51) Western Australia 1907 coloured picture postcard to Victoria of Miss Marie Studholme.  Bears Penny Swan, SG 139, cat. from x 12 on cover. Cancelled by Brownhills cds OC.26.07. Nice clean card, minor crease to top left cnr. Price $60

WA49) Western Australia 1910 Booklet ACSC B5B(W) Rare booklet cat. $15,000. Has scuffed front cover. 8 x Halfpenny stamps and 14 x Penny Stamps remaining. Price $6000

WA143) Western Australia 1910 Colour Picture Postcard, general view of Albany, used Perth – USA. Bears ½d Green & 1d Rose Pink Swans on face, SG 138/9 cancelled by Perth cds of 16.MY.10. Cat. x 12 on cover. Price $149

APS48) Western Australia Postal Stationery 3d Green H&G #4 Western Australia Postal card circa 1890/1899. Fine mint tiny nick to top right hand corner, mentioned only for accuracy. Price $85

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