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AFD1632) Australia 1964 Navigators £2 King on registered WCS FDC. Price $99
MAFD281a) Australia 1997 Australian Legends - Don Bradman PNC / FDC, Price $26.25
MAFD175) Australia 1997 First Day Covers FDC (7 covers). Includes: Australia Day, Wetland Birds, Queen’s Birthday, Roses, We Serve Lions, Breast Cancer, & Christmas 1997. Price $24
MAFD177) Australia 1999 First Day Covers FDC (6 covers). Includes: Romance, 100 Years of Test Rugby, Christmas ‘99, Children’s TV, Coastal Flowers, & Celebrate 2000. Price $30.35
MAFD282) Australia 2003 QE II Jubilee-Coronation PNC / FDC, Price $30
MAFD180) Australia 2012 First Day Covers FDC (6 covers). Includes: Farming Australia, Australian Zoos, Australian Waterbirds, Australian Nobel Prize Winners, Australian Olympic Team The Road to London, & Medical Doctors. Price $41.25
MAFD284) Australia 2012 International Year of the Cooperatives PNC / FDC, Price $26.25
MAFD285) Australia 2013 Queen’s Coronation PNC / FDC, Price $33.75
MAFD192) Australia 2013 Battle of Beersheba - Israel Joint Issue FDC, Price $37.50
MAFD183) Australia 2013 Historic Railways Stations w/ Fridge Magnet FDC, Price $37.50
MAFD181) Australia 2013 First Day Covers FDC (6 covers). Includes: Botanic Gardens, Age of Dinosaurs, Birth of a Price, Carnivorous Plants, Surfing, & Indigenous Leaders. Price $38.25
First Flight Covers
AFC393) Australia 1919/1920 1st Aerial Post Vignette on cover to Queensland. England – Australia Ross Smith vignette applied on arrival and tied “FIRST AERIAL MAIL/RECEIVED/26FEB1920/GREAT BRITAIN TO AUSTRALIA” OVAL DATESTAMP with another neat strike alongside. AAMC27. The cover is well travelled and flap missing. Nevertheless rare. Listed in AAMC as cover 265 and Frommer 290. Accompanied by 2011 Foret, Paris Certificate 1953. Price $6995
AFC374) Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith set on early use cover, 18MR31, one day before official stamp issue. On fully illustrated registered cover showing flight record of Charles Kingsford Smith, sent Melbourne – Sydney, with Sydney arrival cds of 19MR31. Additional violet oval cachet. Very fine & clean printed address cover. Minor crease to top right corner does not detract. Scarce! Price $350
AFC384) Australia – England 21/4/31, small cover to Bank of Adelaide London, re-addressed. Bears solo use of 2/- smw Kangaroo cancelled by Melbourne slogan “ADDRESS MAIL TO/PRIVATE BOX NUMBER-/IT EXPEDITES DELIVERY. Also with official cachet in black, rather than the more usually seen violet. Neat cover, minor aging, small part flap missing. AAMC 188 Price $39
AFC1414) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight Vienna-Manila, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a, Price $26.25
AFC1413) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight India-Vienna, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a, Price $26.25
AFC1412) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight Vienna-Singapore, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a, Price $26.25
AFC1411) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight Vienna-India, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a , Price $26.25
AFC1410) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight Vienna-Cairo, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a, Price $26.25
AFC1409) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight Vienna-Pakistan, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a, Price $26.25
AFC1408) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight India-Vienna, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a, Price $26.25
AFC1407) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight Philippines-Vienna, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a, Price $26.25
AFC1406) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight Irain-Vienna, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a, Price $26.25
AFC1405) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight Hong Kong-Vienna, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a, Price $26.25
AFC1400) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight Vienna-Hong Kong, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a, Price $26.25
AFC1399) Australia 1965 Inaugural flight Vienna-Irain, Qantas covers, AAMC 1547a, Price $26.25


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Mid-Late September

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