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Early January 2020


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Australia First Day Covers

APH107) Australia 1930 Sturt pair on small plain typewritten fdc from Geelong Vic. to a local address, cds of Geelong 2 JE 30. Price $149

ML574) 1938 4d Koala on Haslem FDC, some minor soiling/toning & flap damaged - A rare cover. Price: $150

AFD403) Australia 1945 Duke of Gloucester set on small registered Medawer FDC to UK. Cancelled by GPO Sydney cds of 19FE45. Scarce and attractive, price $39

AFD899) Australia 1946 Peace set on registered Smyth FDC, small tar at top, Price $39

AFD907) Australia 1946 Peace set on A.C. Campe FDC (Indian Ocean variant) with Sydney machine cancel of the 18th Feb 46, Price $49

AFD909) Australia 1946 Peace set on registered Kugel or Smyth FDC, some toning around adhesives and reg. label, a scarce cachet, Price $24

AFD895) Australia 1946 Mitchell set on registered FDC by unknown maker (probably Hunter Stamp Co as it is addressed to them), design features a map of Qld, attractive and scarce, Price $59

ML577) Australia 1947 Newcastle set on PSA generic FDC with Exhibition postmarks, scarcer cachet. Price: $30

AFD901) Australia 1947 Newcastle set on Exhibition FDC with Exhibition postmarks and Provisional Exhibition registration label, scarce, Price $49

AFD898) Australia 1947 Newcastle set on registered Hunter Stamp Co FDC, addressed to ‘T. William Mappin’ Price $39

AFD902) Australia 1948 2½d Farrer on Hunter Stamp Co FDC, interestingly ‘Farrer’ is incorrectly spelt ‘Farrar’ on the cachet, scarce, Price $49

AFD903) Australia, a similar Hunter Stamp Co. FDC but registered and with 5 2½d Farrer stamps affixed, slight wrinkle, Price $49

AFD906) Australia 1948 2½d Farrer imprint block of 4 on early Wide World FDC, scarce & attractive, Price $39

AFD905) Australia 1949 3½d UPU on Menz ‘Darling Downs series’ FDC, scarce cachet, Price $49

AFD915) Australia 1954 Royal Visit set on three unaddressed Royal FDC’s, each with different coloured cachet (red, blue-green & yellow, latter with slight toning), Price $59

AFD913) Australia 1954 Royal Visit set on unaddressed Royal FDC with red cachet, Price $24

AFD914) Australia, a similar Royal Visit FDC to above, but with blue-green cachet, Price $24

AFD916) Australia 1954 Royal Visit on unaddressed Miller Bros. FDC, Price $24

APD908) Australia 1957 QE II 10d definitive on Arnold Wheeler & Co generic FDC, Price $39

AFD413) Australia 1961 Cattle Industry Northern Territory Black and Orange Boomerang and Shield cachet Royal FDC. Bearing: 5s Red-Brown Northern Territory Cattle Industry. Cancelled by CDS of Philatelic Bureau Melbourne, VIC, 26 JLY 61, unaddressed cover. Price: $25


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