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Australia Postal Stationery


APS175) Australia ACSC P14b, 1d Picture Postcard of Queen Mary in Brown. Used Perth Ship Room cds 6 6 11 to Germany and taxed 10 centimes. Blue and violet crayon marks "10" in manuscript as well as "T10" handstamp. Nice clean card, price $59

APS174) Australia ACSC P23 Rose red 1d KGV. Used by full clear strike of Pinaroo S.A. Squared circle to Eudunda S.A. JY 27 11. Nice clean card. Price $39 

APS177) Australia ACSC P7B type 1. 1d Picture Postcard of KGV in grey.  Used Hamilton Vic. cds of 28 SE 11 to Condah Vic.  Nice clean card, tiny light stain at top. Price $29

APS173) Australia ACSC P21(6) 1d Picture Postcard with view of River Yarra in Sepia. Used with duplex of Alexandra (602) MY 1 12 to St. Kilda. Nice clean card, price $39


APS155) Australia ACSC LC8 1d KGV in Purple Brown, with view 78A, Mosman’s Bay, NSW. Sent Blumberg to Eudunda S.A. and cancelled by full strike of Blumberg Squared Circle SE 13 11. Very fine condition, price $59 

APS157) Australia ACSC LC8 1d KGV in Blue, with view 3A, Albert Bridge Queensland, used to Leeds, Yorkshire. Cancelled by Sassafras Tasmania small cds of FE 26 12, and with arrival cds of Leeds 7, MR 20 12. Very fine, price $59

Registered Envelopes

APS171) Australia 1913 4d Kangaroo reg'd envelope ACSC RE3 used with clear strike of White Cliffs NSW cds, to Adelaide dated 15 NO. 14. Also Manuscript No. 1111 in pencil. Reverse has the same cds plus Broken Hill transit cds of 18NO14 and Adelaide receiving cds of  the following day. Scarce cancel. Very fine condition. Price $150 
APS165) Australia 1917 use of 4d Orange Registered Envelope ACSC RE6A used to Melbourne. Cancelled by Milson's Point cds of 26.JY.1917 and with Red Reg'n label No. 219. Reverse bears same cds plus Sydney reg'd cds of the same day and arrival cds in Violet "M.O. RICHMOND VIC. 28 JL.17” Price $59

APS167) Australia 1917 use of 4d Orange Registered Envelope ACSC RE6B used to Melbourne. Cancelled by Adelaide Reg’d cds of 22DE.1917 and with Red Reg'n label No.94. Reverse bears same cds plus Melbourne arrival reg'd cds of 24DE.17 (Christmas Eve) Price $59

APS166) Australia 1924 use of 4½d on 5d Chestnut Registered Envelope ACSC RE17d with variety “envelope” instead of envelope. Sent Hamilton South NSW to Sydney. Cancelled by Hamilton South cds of 6 MY 24 (GB 1840 1d Black & 2d Blue issue day) and with NSW R.6 red “rats tail” reg’n label No. 10, cancelled with the same cds. Also Sydney Registered cds of the following day. Reverse bears Hamilton transit cds of 6MY24. Scarcer cancel and early usage of the reg’n label. Price $59

APS164) Australia 1925 use of 4½d Violet Reg’d envelope, ACSC RE20A. Sent Adelaide to Wincanton, Somersetshire (sic) UK. Cancelled by Adelaide Reg’d cds of 11. MAR. 25. Front also bears Wincanton arrival cds of 15 JU 25 also Red Adelaide type R.6 Reg’n label No. 7033. Reverse also bears the Adelaide outwards cds. Very fine condition, opened at right. Scarcer than the catalogue suggests. Price $59   

APS152) Australia 1929 use of 4½d Violet Oval Reg’d envelope, ACSC RE21. Sent Fremantle to Darwin via Sydney. Cancelled by Fremantle cds of 1 JE 29 and uprated by 3d Green Airmail type A. Front also bears Reg’d Perth cds of June 3rd and Sydney Registered F cds of 8JE29. Also Red Fremantle type R.6 Reg’n label No. 6115. Reverse bears Darwin arrival cds of 16JL29. A 40 day journey! Unless the date stamp should have read June. (Not much different from Australia Post’s current performance!) Very fine condition, opened at top, as stamp is over the flap, and re-sealed. Scarcer than the catalogue suggests. Price $59  


APS159) Australia ACSC EP13, ½d Green & 1d red Die 3 used by full clear Tarrington Vic. Cds of 17 MR 20 (St. Patrick’s Day) to Concordia Lutheran College, Unley, S.A. Neat copper plate address, scarce cancel, price $120


APS181) Australia ACSC WS12, 1d Green KGV Die 1, stamped to order wrapper. Cancelled by Sydney 32 cds of 23 OC, year unclear. Used either by Sydney Stock Exchange or The Sunday Times. Gestetner addressed to Lindfield NSW. Very clean, un-torn wrapper. Price $149


APS184) Australia ACSC EO1A 1d Kangaroo OS, Type 1. Education Dept. Melbourne long OHMS envelope uprated by ½d green KGV single wmk. Cancelled by Booroolite Vic. (now Boorolite) cds of 10 AU 19 to Director Education Dept. Melbourne. Scarce cancel on rare envelope. Price $295

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