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Mid - Late December 2018

Australia Postal History, Inc. 1st Day and Exhibition Covers

For Queensland Provisional Registration Label Covers, see Queensland under Australian States

DB477) Australia 1914 small cover bearing 2.5d Indigo Kangaroo 1st wmk, franked by machine cancel cds of Sydney DE22 1914 to Beverley, Mass. USA. Neat & clean typed address cover. Price $110

DB481) Australia 1915 small Censored cover, bearing 2.5d Indigo 2nd wmk Kangaroo. Franked by Melbourne machine cancel cds of 10.SEP.15. additionally with violet "PASSED" handstamp on front. Neat typewritten address to Taunton, Mass. USA. Cat. $180 on cover. Price $110

APH595) Australia 1915 KGV 1d carmine punctured 'OS' on Customs 'OHMS' postcard. Price $34.50

DB489) Australia 1916 OHMS long printed cover, with 1d KGV & 2d 1st wmk Roo BOTH PERF "T" Very scarce cover cancelled by Hobart machine cds of 21.JAN.16 to Constable Brown at Police Station  Kempton. Opened a little raggedly at right, but does not affect stamps. Price $219

BD381) Australia 1917 Kangaroo UNIQUE FIRST DAY COVER? Censored cover to Sweden bears Horizontal Pair (double rate) of 2.5d Indigo 3rd wmk. Kangaroos, cancelled by Ship Mail Room cds of Melbourne dated 3 JL 17, and confirmed by Gothenburg receiving cds on reverse of 21.9.17. Reverse flap has logo of C. STEAKMEST, 26 Market Street, Melbourne, and with “PASSED” handstamp in violet on face. Kangaroo First Day Covers are very rare and this is dated 2 months earlier than the previously recorded date  in ACSC. Catalogue No. ACSC 9A. There is virtually no possibility that an earlier cover than this exists. All Kangaroo First day Covers are priced in the ACSC catalogue at $15,000 each. Price $9950

APH593) Australia 1920 KGV 2d orange punctured 'OS' on 'Commonwealth of Australia/Customs and Excise, Melbourne' 1921 postcard. Price $49

APH91) Australia 1922 Registered Cover Sydney – Longueville MSE. Bears 4d Blue Cooke Printing & 1d Violet KGV. Cancelled by Sydney cds of  8 JY 22, and with red Sydney registered “Rat’s tail” label No. 7735. Opened roughly at left, and light vertical filing crease does not affect the adhesives. Clean and attractive with typed address. Price $115

NO36) Australia 1923 6d Chestnut 3rd wmk. Kangaroo, on small registered 1925 cover Footscray Vic. to Chicago with Red Reg. label No. 3290. Cancelled by Footscray cds of 6 JA 25 and Melbourne Registered backstamp of the following day plus USA arrival cds’s of 14th, 17th and 18th February 1925. Scarce and attractive cover, the stamp being cat. At $150 for solo use. Priced very reasonably at $119

APH428) Australia 1925 OHMS Postcard with 1d green No wmk KGV perf. OS. Cancelled by Melbourne cds of 21MY 1925 from the Secretary to the Dept. of Public Health to the Shire of Minhamite (  The Shire of Minhamite was a local government area located about 270 kilometres (168 mi) west of Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, Australia. The shire covered an area of 1,365.62 square kilometres (527.3 sq mi), and existed from 1871 until 1994.) card is in pristine condition. Stamp catalogues as a single on cover at $400, but this is pretty academic since very few are in existence.  Price $645

APH561) Australia 1929 3d Kookaburra Horizontal Pair on small Airmail cover to Orange, N.J. USA. Cancelled by Brisbane Machine Cancel of 16 APR 1929 and endorsed by red manuscript “via Charleville”  and with Charleville cds of the following day on reverse. This cover was flown on the inaugural Qantas Brisbane – Charleville flight, and then onwards to the USA. These covers are rare without the Vignette, and any non-internal destinations are rare. Multiples of the 3d Kookaburra on cover are equally rare. Cat. in the AAMC as 133aa from $200. Price $179

M3) Australia 1930 Magnificent Airmail Cover  Perth – Yalbalgo Station, Carnarvon, with cds of Perth 4NO30 bearing strip of 3 x 5d KGV Small Multi Wmk, and 2 x halfpenny orange to make 1/4d Airmail rate. Very scarce cover, we sold a similar item recently for $395. This one $349

APH598) Australia 1931 Registered Long Airmail Canberra – San Francisco. Bears 2 x 9d SMW Kangaroos plus 3d Green Airmail one 9d & the 3d cancelled by cds’s of Canberra F.C.T. 25 MR 31 and with Blue Canberra N.S.W. reg’n label No. 940. A further 9d was added later to increase to the Airmail rate on top of the Red Crayon Line and is cancelled by a Sydney registered cds of the following day. Reverse has Sydney Reg’d cds of the following day and San Francisco Violet Reg’d cds of APR 16 1931. A long time for Airmail even in those days, presumably awaiting a flight, or sent Surface. Odd toned perf. and 3d has a blunt lower right corner. The 9d is cat. $350 alone on cover. Neat typewritten cover. Rare! Price  $395.

APH438) Australia 1931 Bushells Fremantle small advertising window envelope. Bears 1d green KGV smw. Perf. 13.5 x 12.5. Cancelled by Perth 3 wavy line slogan of 6 NOV 1931 “ADDRESS MAIL TO/P.O. BOX No./IT EXPEDITES DELIVERY” Price $29 

MJL6) Australia 23 AP 31 Experimental Airmail cover Registered Melbourne to Westmorland UK. Bear full set of Kingsford Smith, plus 3d Airmail and 1/4d Turquoise KGV smw perf 13.5 x 12.5. The 1/4d cat $400 on cover. Neat and clean with nice vignettes  and cachet. Cheap price $179

APH102) Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith set on small plain FDC to India, addressed to Rev. H.  Westropp, East India Railways, Jamalpore and re-addressed to Jhapha (Jhapha is a Village in Bochahan Block in Muzaffarpur District of Bihar State, India) Cancelled by Sydney cds of 19MR31 and with arrival cds of Jhapha 7 APR 31. Small tape repair at right and very minor tear at top, not affecting stamps. Rare survivor!  Price $279

MM36) Australia 1931 Airmail Cover, Carnarvon, WA to Yalbalgo Station Carnarvon. These covers are highly sought after. Yalbalgo is one of the largest sheep stations in WA, and the mail must have been delivered by aircraft. This cover bears 6d & 1/- Kangaroos, plus 3d KGV all with small multiple wmk, Perf 13.5 x 12.5. The 1/- is cat.  $250 on cover, and the 6d at $150. Nice clean, fresh item. We sold a similar cover recently for $395, this one is just as nice, price $349

APH227) Australia small registered surface mail cover to Czechoslovakia. Bears 1d Green C of A wmk KGV plus 2d & 3d Vic. Centenary perf 11.5 to make correct registered rate of 6d. Cancelled by Sydney registered cds’s of 24OC34 and with Prague arrival cds’s  of 25.XI.34. Scarce destination and usage. Price $85
APH31) Australia 1934 small airmail envelope bearing 2d Light Hills & 9d MacArthur to Burnley, Lancashire. Cancelled by Melbourne 3 line Slogan of 16 NOV 1934 “VICTORIA AND - CITY OF MELBOURNE  - CENTENARY 1934 – 5” Appears to underpay the airmail 1/6d rate by 7d. No reverse markings. 9d MacArthur alone on cover is cat. $400. Price $279

APH243) Australia 1935 small airmail/seamail advertising cover for Swift & Co. Sydney, to Glasgow. Bears 3d MacArthur plus 1d Green & 2d KGV C of A. Cancelled by Airmail cds’s of Sydney 7FE35. Typed address and also endorsed “ Per Adelaide – Perth Air Mail to connect with/R.M.S. “ORMONDE” At Fremantle”   Reverse has the address of Swift & Company Ltd. In bold black type on reverse.   No arrival markings. Unusual. Price $75 

APH226) Australia 1935 small airmail cover to Czechoslovakia via Athens. Bears 1/6d Hermes No Wmk. & 3d 1935 Jubilee. Cancelled by  Melbourne Ship Mailroom cds of 10SE35  and arrival cds’s of Athens 21 IX 35 and Prague 24.IX.35. Clean and neat with typed address. Scarce destination. Price $120

APH228) Australia 1935 small airmail hand addressed cover to Czechoslovakia via Athens. Bears 1/6d no wmk. Hermes and 3d Blue Vict. Centenary perf. 10.5. Cancelled by cds’s of Air Mail Brisbane 12SE35. Revers has arrival cds’s of Athens 21.IX.35 and Prague 1.X.35. Scarce destination. Price $75 

SE26) Australia 1936 Business sized envelope, trimmed at left, bearing 1/4d & 1d KGV C of A wmk, cancelled by clean cds Ship Mail Room Melbourne, 9 SE 36, typewritten address to radio station in New York. The 1/4d cat. $300 on cover.  Price $98

APH601) Australia 1936 long Airmail Tait Bros. cover to Germany. Bears irregular (1 x 3) block of 4 1/4d KGV Turquoise – Blue C of A wmk, plus 3d Blue KGV. The 1/4d cat. $300 alone on cover. Rare triple rate cover via Italy to Germany, travelled on QANTAS flight IW424 (left Brisbane March 4) was delayed Mar 9-10 with engine trouble at Akyab India. Neat typed addressed cover, very minor aging. Price $1150

APH638) Australia 1939 Real Photograph Sepia Postcard of the Floral Clock at Taronga Zoo. Sydney – E. Malvern Vic. Bears 1½d Red-Brown KGVI cancelled by Sydney Slogan of 30 JUN 1939 “POST EARLY/EACH DAY”. Neat & clean, scarce. Price $39 

MAP40) Australia 1939 Dual Reign small Airmail cover  bearing 1/4d Turquoise KGV  And 3d Blue Die II thick paper KGVI. Scarce combination to New York via England overpaid by 1d, cancelled by neat cds of WATSONS BAY NSW AUST  3AU39 stamps appear hurriedly applied and envelope a bit roughly opened, but a very scarce item indeed. 1/4d cat. on cover at $300 as the cheapest wmk (C of A) Price $249

JL73) Australia 1942 1.5d Green Queen Elizabeth on plain “Accidental” first day cover, Melbourne Machine cancel of 1 Dec 1942 to Burwood E.13. Vic. On small commercial envelope. Cat $800! Price $595

MM35) Australia 1945 (Mar) OHMS Dept. of Air Redirected Cover to RAAF HQ Prahran. From Group 10 Darwin to Officer In Charge Records RAAF Headquarters Prahran Vic then cancelled and inscribed D. Manning with 5½d indigo Duke and Duchess of Gloucester with CDS ""AIR FORCE P.O./8MR45/NO. 20" and 3 x indistinct CDS "AUSTRALIA/??" with reverse inscribed "PEACE 1945" and "2½ SURCHARGE" Nice military/aviation item. Price $79

SE40) Australia, Thursday Is. 1951 Airmail cover to Trinidad from Bowden Pearling Co, Thursday Is., to a Yacht, “Seven Seas II” c/o the US Consul in Port of Spain. Bears 2 x  9d Platypus & a 4d Koala, making 1/10d, possibly 1d overpaid? Cancelled by Thursday Is. Cds 24 AP 51, and with arrival SLOGAN  “Save Precious Water” and cds on reverse, Port of Spain 14 MAY 1951 and company name and address on flap. There is a fascinating book “Life on the Water” depicting the life of a Pearl Fisherman in the Torres Straights who worked for the Bowden Pearling Co.  A scarce and attractive cover, price $159

DB488) Australia Kookaburras on cover. Wide range of destinations, with covers from 1935 - 1958, solo usage and in combinations, some with 2/- Kangaroos. Includes registered items, double and triple rate covers, censored covers, used in Papua New Guinea, overpaid, first flight and much more interesting stuff, including an early coloured Sydney lettercard. Fascinating stuff, and ideal for expansion into a nice display. 19 items. Price $695

APH186) Australia 1952. Pictorial view folder of Tasmania, sent Hobart – Camperdown NSW. Bears 5½d Emu & 3½d Sideface KGVI cancelled by slightly smudged cds of Hobart 9JU52.  Pays the 9d ½oz to 1oz letter rate. Nice combination, price $29 

APH684) Australia 1955 use of 1949 10/- ARMS on airmail commercial registered cover to New York. Sent by Douglas Wilkie of the Sun Newspaper Melbourne to Philip Horton Senior Editor of The Reporter. Douglas Wilkie (1909 – 10 April 2002) was a respected columnist for The Sun News-Pictorial (Australia). The son of travelling Shakespearean actors Allan Wilkie and Frediswyde Hunter-Watts, he began his newspaper career as a copy boy with the Hobart Mercury. This period was followed by Sir Keith Murdoch appointing him as Geelong correspondent for The Herald. Wilkie is best remembered for his political commentary for The Sun News-Pictorial for which he wrote during 1946–1986. Philip C. Horton was a professor of public diplomacy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy before his retirement in 1977. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island and was a graduate of Princeton. He taught English at Harvard and served as curator of poetry at Harvard's Widener Library from 1937 to 1942. During World War II he served in the Office of Strategic Services in Washington, London, Germany and Paris. In 1946 he became the first station chief in Paris of the Central Intelligence Agency. In 1947 he joined Time magazine as an associate editor and two years later left for The Reporter, where he became executive editor, a post he held until the magazine ceased publication in 1969. Cover bears 10/- Arms and 9d Platypus cancelled by cds of Collins St. 1.FE.55 and backstamped Melbourne Registered of the same date and NY Grand Central Stn. Double ring cds in violet of FRB 4 1955. Also bears Collins St. blue reg’n label No. 9288. Rate appears to be 5 x the 2/- Airmail rate, plus 9d for Registration/Insurance. A rare cover of some historical significance. Price $295 

APH599) Australia 1955 long airmail Taxed cover, Sydney – Wanganella. Bears 3d & 3½d QEII cancelled by Sydney 2 line slogan “VISIT YOUR SCHOOLS/EDUCATION WEEK” of 5 AUG 1955,  ALSO WITH VIOLET BOXED 1/5d TAX,  and block of 6 (3 x 2) and a pair of 2d plus 1d Redrawn C of A Dues, cancelled cds’s of Wanganella 10 AU 55.  Attractive cover, part flap removed. Not priced in ACSC  on cover. Worth an absolute fortune if wmk. Inverted! Price $149

APH148) Australia 1956 Olympics on Christmas card size Airmail cover to Jersey. Underpaid by 1/-, and cancelled by cds of Enquiry Counter Launceston, Tas. 28NO56. (They should have known better!) Superb Exhibition item for usage or Olympics theme. Price $265

APH192) Australia 1957 small surface mail cover, Parramatta, NSW to Miami Beach, Florida USA. Bears 7½d Blue KGVI cancelled by slogan of Parramatta “SEND MONEY/BY POSTAL NOTE/OR MONEY ORDER” dated 9 JAN 1957. Neat & clean with typewritten address.  Very late use for this stamp. Price $29

APH164) Australia 1965 small airmail cover to UK. Bears solo use 2/3d ICY cancelled by Salisbury SA cds of 5OC65. Very rare solo usage, cat $75, price $69

AFD700) Australia 1966 4c Red QEII booklet pane “Registered Post is Safest for your Gifts”  complete with top selvedge on Wesley FDC, addressed by small label to cover producer J. M. Gower. Presumably he did not produce booklet panes himself, and this was by arrangement  with Wesley Cover Service. Cancelled by Cocos (Keeling) Is. Cds’s of 14FE66. Rare item, never previously seen by us. Price $295

AFD741) Australia 1966 Decimal Navigators set of 6 on two APO Shield long type covers with Grey Cachet, unaddressed. Cancelled by Vermont Vic. cds’s  Unaddressed is scarce. Price $110

APH600) Australia 1966 small well - travelled  Christmas card with letter in small Airmail envelope to Canada. Bears 20c Golden Whistler cancelled by Sydney 4 line slogan of 18 DEC 1966 CHRISTMAS GREETINGS/FROM THE AUSTRALIAN/POST OFFICE. Has RTS finger is black, plus Sydney DLO Oval in Pink of 8MAR 1967, and again Sydney DLO, RTS finger in pink. Reverse has “Montreal slogan bilingually French& English “SPEED DELIVERY/USE APT. NUMBER” DATE NOT VISIBLE, but still 1966 at that point. Then undeliverable mail cds of Montreal dated JAN 16 (No Year!) and similar of Vancouver dated Feb 1 1967. Nice item! Price $59

MSP8) Australia 1969 Tourism Cover of Caloundra, Queensland, commercially used Moorabbin Victoria 21 NOV 69 to Switzerland franked 15c Timber and the 1969 set of 3 x 5c Flight as singles. All of these stamps are scarce on cover, we recently sold a solo use of the 15c Timber for $119. Price $129

APH168) Australia 1970 Small airmail cover to Switzerland. Bears 50c Navigator  plus 7c Sugar and 3c QEII Coil to make 60c double rate. The first 2 stamps cancelled Perth 5 line slogan of 23FEB 1970 “SENDERS ADDRESS/ON BACK OF ENVELOPE/ENSURES/PROMPT RETURN OF/UNDELIVERABLE ARTICLES” (You don’t say! ) Coil stamp was uncancelled and has been cancelled by GPO Sydney cds, date unclear. All 3 of these stamps are scarce on commercial cover, to find them together is remarkable. Price $129    

APH167) Australia 1970 small airmail cover to Switzerland. Bears 20c Expo & horiz. Pair of 5c Royal Visit to make correct 30c rate, perhaps they ran out of the 30c Royal Visit 3 days after issue!  Cancelled by Royal Visit slogan of Perth 2 APR 1970. 20c Expo is rare on commercial cover. Price $129 

APH694) Australia 1970 APO set of 22 Royal Visit Covers dated 31 March – 30 April. Each bears relevant town hand cancel and 5c Royal visit stamp. Superb unaddressed as issued. Rare as such, individual town covers sell at up to $25 each! Very cheap at $110 the lot. 

APH515) Australia 1970 AMAZING SPECIAL DELIVERY COVER. Commercial Airmail Special Delivery Cover, Pyrmont NSW – Finland. Kauko Australia Advertising cover to Parent Company in Helsinki. Bears 30c Cook, plus 2 x 20c Expo & 10c Anenome Fish for correct Special Delivery rate. Cancelled by cds’s of Pyrmont 20MY70 and with Helsinki receiving cds on reverse of 25-5.70. Also bears red rectangular Special Delivery Labels  both back & front. Rare cover, price $149

APH84) Australia 1970 20c Expo on small cover to Ireland, with 10c Anenome Fish to make correct rate of 30c. Cancelled by 5 line  Adelaide  slogan of 3 JULY 1970 “ SENDERS ADDRESS/ON BACK OF ENVELOPE/ENSURES/PROMPT RETURN OF/UNDELIVERABLE ARTICLES” (You don’t say! ) The 20c is virtually impossible to find on commercial  cover. Price $129

APH610) Australia 1971 small airmail Rotary advertising cover to USA. Bears 24c RSPCA plus 5c Ports and Harbours and 1c QEII to make correct 30c rate, cancelled by Alderley Qld. Cds’s of 24NO71. Rotary Club of Brisbane North advertising cover to Rotary International at Evanston, Illinois. Scarce. Make up rate, the 24c being rare on cover. Price $95

APH642) Australia 1972 small airmail cover to Portugal, to passenger aboard SS Fairstar. Bears 35c solo use of 35c Aboriginal art, grave posts  cancelled by Melbourne slogan cancel of 10 APR 1972  (Slogan unclear)  Original correspondence enclosed, proving commercial usage. Clean and neat. Rare destination, Price $33

APH640) Australia 1972 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears solo use of the 35c Beef, cancelled by Blackburn Vic. Slogan of 20 JUN 1972 “PLEASE POST/ Early/BEFORE LUNCH/AND BEFORE/FOUR O’CLOCK” original correspondence enclosed, proving commercial usage. Opened a little roughly  at top with part of flap missing. Rare solo use.  Price $33

APH644) Australia 1972 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears solo use of the 35c Beef, cancelled by North Brighton Vic. cds of 25 JY 1972 original correspondence enclosed, proving commercial usage. Opened a little roughly  at top. Rare solo use.  Price $39

APH646) Australia 1972 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears solo use of the 30c Fish, underpaying the airmail rate by 5c. Untaxed and Cancelled by Perth machine cancel, date illegible but original correspondence enclosed dated 11 Nov. 72, proving commercial usage. Clean and neatly opened at top. Rare solo use.  Price $89

APH639) Australia 1972 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears 30C Fish and 5c Pioneer Life to make 35c airmail rate, Cancelled by Camberwell Vic. Slogan of 16 DEC 1972 1972 “PLEASE POST/ Early/BEFORE LUNCH/AND BEFORE/FOUR O’CLOCK” original correspondence  enclosed, proving commercial usage. Net and clean. Scarce combination,  Price $33

APH643) Australia 1972 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears 20c Fruit plus 15c Pioneer Life to make 35c airmail rate, cancelled by Brighton Vic. Slogan “CHECK ADDRESS/IF INCORRECT/ADVISE WRITER” of 24 NOV 1972. Original correspondence enclosed proving commercial usage. Roughly opened at top and a few tone spots to left, stamps unaffected. Scarce usage of the 20c Fruit. Price $63 

APH423) Australia 1972 Returned to sender Airmail cover Melbourne – Paris. Bears 2 x 15c & 5c Pioneer life to make up correct 35c Airmail rate. Addressed to a hotel, and the guest had clearly already checked out. Scarce frankings, the 5c cat.  $15 and the 15c  $10 each on cover in the now 16 year old ACSC.  Cancelled by Melbourne slogan 19 DEC 1972, plus a cds of the following day on the otherwise unfranked 5c. Bears boxed instructional marking and manuscript “Retour a l’envoyeur” (Return to the sender) Very attractive cover, price $75    

MY38) Australia Northern Territory. Darwin to Finland Registered letter MR 6 73 serviced with $1.21 via an NCR label in red. These are becoming quite popular as they are rare to find. See Rod Perry’s column in May Stamp News. Price $42

APH641) Australia 1973 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears solo use of the 35c Olympics.  Cancelled by South Yarra Vic. Slogan “HAPPINESS IS/SUPPORT FOR/St. VINCENT’S” of 28 JNE  1973. Original correspondence enclosed proving commercial usage. Clean and neatly opened at top. Rare solo use. Price $79

APH645) Australia 1973 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears solo use of the 35c National Development, cancelled by Melbourne Slogan “CORRECT ADDRESSING/SAVES US/GUESSING” of  21 AUG  1973. Original correspondence enclosed proving commercial usage. Clean and neatly opened at top. Rare solo use. Price $89

APH511) Australia 1974 Commercial Airmail Overseas Express Special Delivery Cover, Sydney – Finland. From Kauko Australia to Parent Company in Kilo. Bears $1 Navigator plus 10c & 60c Pioneer life for correct Express Special Delivery rate. Cancelled by cds’s of GPO Sydney 7JE74 and with Helsinki receiving cds on reverse of 13-6.74 and Kilo of the same day.  Also bears red rectangular Overseas Express Delivery Labels  both back & front. All are scarce stamps on cover. cover, price $119

APH465) Australia 1975? Messenger delivery Advertising Airmail Cover, Qld – Vic. Bears $1 1974 Painting solo use cancelled by heavier cds of Alderley Qld. 13MR7(5?) to Mordialloc Vic. Solo usage of the $1 on domestic mail is scarce. Price $79

APH169) Australia 1976? Small advertising cover for “The Australian Wine Research Institute” Glen Osmond SA to Cowandilla SA. Remarkable franking of 1c, 2c & 5 cx 3c Crabs to make 18c rate. Cancelled by Adelaide machine cancel of 6 APR, year not visible, but assumed 1976. Envelope has been folded centrally  and affects  the 2c and 1 x 3c stamps. Rare survivor. Price $39

CLB231) Australia 1976 small cover to Bendigo Vic. Bears National Stamp Week single 18c stamp, ACSC 754c ex minisheet. Very rare commercial use, cancelled by ineptly worded 5 line slogan of Ashburton Vic. 5 NOV 1976 “PLEASE POST/EARLY/BEFORE LUNCH &/BEFORE FOUR O’CLOCK”  (Must be one of those stamp dealer types they are aiming at, as I often do not lunch before 4pm!) Cat. $20 on cover in 16 year old ACSC Decimals cat. Price $29

CLB8) Australia 1976 small cover to East Oil, Essendon Vic. Bears National Stamp Week single 18c stamp, ACSC 754ca ex minisheet. Very rare commercial use, cancelled by 3 line slogan of Blackburn Vic. 31 OCT 1976 “POSTING QUANTITY/ OF MAIL? USE A /POSTAGE IMPRINT” Cat. $20 on cover in 16 year old ACSC Decimals cat. Price $29 

APH422) Australia 1980 Waltzing Matilda Strip of 5 Commercial  Airmail cover to UK. Cancelled by Janalli NSW cds’s of 2JE80. The strip is not listed by ACSC on cover, but the now 16 year old cover lists domestically used singles at $5 each. This is incredibly scarce. Price $75

APH481) Australia 1983 Small airmail cover to Finland. Bears 1c Living Together, 39c Australian National Gallery and 70c Australia Cricket. Cancelled by CDS of Kingsgrove NSW 17 MR 83. Scarce destination. Price: $29

APH83) Australia 1987 Small Airmail Cover to Belgium. Bears 80c Wildflowers booklet pane, plus 20c Bird,  Little Grebe. Neat and rare commercial usage of this booklet pane. Price $54

APH517) Australia 1988 Airmail cover to Finland. Bears solo use 63c Living Together (Police) cancelled by Brisbane Slogan for Expo 88 of 8 APR 1988. Overpays the 60c Airmail rate by 3c. Rare usage for this stamp. Price $59

APH463) Australia 1991(?) Small Economy Air Cover to Denmark. Bears 43c Siege of Tobruk & Women’s Wartime Service plus 4c Living Together to make the Zone 5  90c Economy Air Rate. Cancelled by cds of Greensborough Vic, date unclear. The Economy Air letter service was hardly used, and covers are scarce. Price $49

APH462) Australia 1991 Economy Air Hallmark Greeting Card Cover to Denmark.  Bears solo use 80c Living Together Cancelled by Bendigo North Circular Handstamp of 25 NOV 1991. The Economy Air service was much underused, and this is underpaying the correct Zone 5 rate by 10c. Very scarce usage for this stamp, price $59

M7) Australia 2000 Olympics Athletics PNC. Very scarce, and cat. $120. Price $95


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