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Early February 2020


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Accessories & Publications

Stockbook and Binder spectacular! Mix and match for the deal that suits you best, way cheaper than eBay! All famous German made brands.

SSP8) Giant Binders and slipcases, Lion Brand. We used to sell these years ago, superb quality, and double the size of the equivalent Seven Seas Product at a cheaper price! 50mm spine padded binder and slipcase in Black, Blue, Brown, Green or Burgundy. Gold blocked on spine with the Lion logo. Price each $49.50, 3 for $139.50, carton of 6 for $269

SSP1) Lighthouse LUXURY METALLIC FINISH GOLD, SILVER OR BRONZE 64 black page padded stockbooks RRP $90 each, price on eBay $88.95 post-paid, price here $77.50 each

SSP2) Ka - Be, one of the most respected German manufacturers now has a 64 black page padded binder stockbook, with double linen hinging. Price on eBay $79.50 post paid, my price $62.50 each Colours available are Black, Blue, Green or Maroon

SSP3) Prinz 64 black page hard cover stockbooks RRP $81.75 each, price on eBay $87.50 post-paid, price here $73 each, Black, Brown Blue, Green or Maroon

SSP4) Prinz 32 black page hard cover stockbooks, price on eBay $49.50 post-paid, price here $35 each 3 for $100, Black, Brown Blue, Green or Maroon.

SSP5) Mix and match any three 64 page stockbooks from the above list and save $5 from each stockbook

SSP6) Mix and match any five 64 page stockbooks from the above list and save $7.50 from each stockbook

SSP7) Mix and match any ten 64 page stockbooks from the above list and save $10 from each stockbook


RAP1) Rapkin 1930’s/40’s Brand New red medium size springback album complete in original cardboard box. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore! Similar today would set you back $75 plus, price $39 

ACC17) VST Pre-Decimal Coin Album, post type with spaces for all Australian coins 3d to Crown 1910 – 1964. Available in Black, Blue, Brown, Green or Burgundy. Price on eBay $54.50, price here $39.95

ACC15) Pre-owned empty stockbooks in decent condition. Good brands, no oriental rubbish! Mix of sizes and brands. Cheap storage! 5kg lot for $99, 10kg for $195

YB1) Australia Post Yearbooks, 2000 – 2012 minus the stamps. In original plastic sleeves and slipcases, as new. A mine of information here. Leave as is or fill up at your leisure. $65 the lot.

ACC11) Recraft Magnifying Aid with Adjustable Stand Dies Cast Metal Base (100mm Lens 2.5x Mag) Price $39.50 (1 only)

ACC12) Stamp Tweezers – Pouched. VST Brand Solingen Stainless Steel, 150mm Pointed End. Listed retail $18.70, price under a half….One pair for $9.50, 2 for $17.50 Dealer special, 5 pairs for $40, 10 pairs for $75

ACC9) Super Clip-on Eye Glass Magnifier - with Protective Pouch - 2x Magnification, Clear acrylic Optical clarity for everyday usage Distortion free Shatterproof price $17

ACC6) Lumagny - 6x Illuminated Magnifying Glass - 1.25inch Diameter. Compact High power For artists, engineers, hobbyists, photographers, scientists, stamp collectors and students Takes two AA Batteries (not supplied) Price $18

ACC10) 75mm Diameter 5x Magnification Stand Loupe Prefocused dual Hands-free observation Clear acrylic base permits ambient light to illuminate subject for clear, bright, viewing. Price $35. Also available 7 x Magnification 50mm diameter for $29, 10 x Magnification 30mm diameter for $25

ACC1) Prinz Guillotine 7004 - 170mm. The Cutting Machine with many advantages: *High precision cutting *Simple handling *Solid construction *Self-sharpening stainless steel blade. Price $75

ACC2) Prinz Guillotine 7001 - 100mm. PRINZ cutting tools are an indispensable tool for all collectors who want to cut their Prinz strips themselves. The encapsulated measuring scale and the movable stop angle allow precise, quick cutting to any desired size. The blade made of special stainless steel sharpens automatically at the edge of hardened steel with every cut. The sturdy stand and the even stronger cutting lever. Max. 100 mm cutting width. Price $47

ACC3) Hands-Free Magnifier - Bi-Focal Lens - 110mm. Comes with adjustable around the neck cord for a comfortable fit. Magnification is 1.5X with 4.25X bifocal segment for fine detail. Price $25

AAP15) Seven Seas Hingeless Album 1914 – 1987 complete, inc. Dues, Framas etc. in Deep Green Padded Binder, near new, cost $299. Lacks pages only for Kangaroos & KGV Heads. Bargain price only $149

AAP17) PW Postcard Album, brand new. Burgundy padded 4 ring binder with gold blocking. Spaces for 60 postcards to view both sides, and 120 single sides. Listed price $69, only $39 to clear.

AP13) Ka-Be Stockbooks. Clearing our shelves of almost as new (some may just be old stock that got a little shop soiled) 64 white page padded cover, available in Black, Green or Blue. Retail $64. Half price, $32 each, carton of 5 for $155

AAP11) Scott Specialty Album for AAT & Christmas Island 1957 – 2011 near new. Regular for earlier years, then Hingeless from 1990. Supplied in Heavy Duty Dark Green Binder. Current retail around $295, price $149

PZM1) Prinz Mounts, clear, mixed sizes, as they come, big bag of 500g, elsewhere $89, my price $69…will keep you going for ages!

AMMY2) As new Stocksheets, some never used. Mix of brands like Hagner, Prinz & Eureka. Now at UNDER HALF NEW PRICE OF $175 per 100 our choice of sizes. Single sided sizes available 1 - 3 strips, $72.50 per 100. Double sided available in 1 – 5 strips, $137.50 per 100.

ACC1) Australia Comprehensive Catalogue Hard Bound Edition, with Spiral Bound Update. This is the most recent edition with most prices still being current.  Prices for all Australia, Australian States and AAT in semi-specialised listings, every stamp illustrated in full colour. Contains issues to 2010. Originally sold via Bookshops and Newsagencies at $99, clear-out price of less than 25%, and $24 per set. Re-sellers special….5 sets for $99!

MN41) Magnificent Magnifier: Large 110mm Illuminated Magnifier with Stand This magnifier can be used with or without the base. It is suitable for stamp and coin collectors as well as art and craft, artists etc. Magnification: 2.5x, plus 4x Spot. Diameter: 110mm, bigger than the Lighthouse similar product. Battery operated: 2 x AA (not included). Adjustable height up to 200mm and angle to 45 degrees. RRP $36.95. Price each only $15, under 50% retail! $69 per 5 why not gives away to friends and relations, or does some trading?

AAP7) Schaubek Drying Books, A4 with 12 drying sheets, just arrived. We only have 10 of these. On eBay at $27.99 plus $5 postage, my price $30 post free, two for $55.

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